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Hi guys! Thanks to Ginny Jean Lovegood for reviewing. I'm actually really liking writing Luna POVs, do you think I'm doing all right? Please review!






We've been at school a while now, and it hasn't been half bad. Ginny has been very nice, and Hermione has become, surprisingly, almost as much of a friend as Ginny. I'm very excited today, it's a Hogsmeade weekend, and Ginny's friend Demelza asked me to go with her. I suspect Ginny told her to ask me, but it was nice all the same.



I put on my radish earrings for good luck, and almost put on my Spetrespecs as well, but then decided to pocket them instead. Spetrespecs can be very good for spotting Nargles, but it was fairly cold, so they might not want to come out, and Spetrespecs do make your eyesight a bit blurry.



I decided to go down to breakfast a little early, because people can only call me 'Loony' so many times before it grows old. When I went down to breakfast, there were only about fifteen people there, all eating breakfast. I went to go sit at the Ravenclaw table, and then heard a nervous voice. "Er, Luna? Can I... sit here again?"



It was Hermione, balancing a plate of bacon and a bowl of porridge. She seemed to think that I would say no, but after thinking it over, I agreed."Okay."



She sat down next to me and put down her breakfast. "So,er, how's it going?"



"Oh,fine." I said."Daddy sent a letter to me letting mt know that he's getting closer to finding a Crumple-Horned Snorkak. He's going to bait one with a Dirigible peach-"



"I fought it wath a diwigible plum?" Hermione interrupted through a mouthful of porridge. She immediately looked very embarrassed. She swallowed."I mean, wasn't it a dirigible plum?"



"Oh, there's the Dirigible plum and the Dirigible peach," I informed her.



She actually looked interested. "Do you have a Dirigible peach?"



I took a yellow-orange, ripe Dirigible peach from my bag and put offered it to her. But the peach zoomed down the table and knocked Marietta Edgecombe's plate off the table. It was an accident, of course, but Marrietta looked very mad anyway about the eggs down her front. She got rid of them with a little charm(scourgify), but she still glared at me as Cho offered her some toast. Marietta was part of the reason we couldn't continue the DA, so I wasn't particularly happy with her, either. She had told Professor Umbridge about the DA and had gotten us all into trouble. I thought she deserved to have SNEAK written across her face even now, when Madame Pomfrey got rid of it. I looked down at my own sausages and decided I wasn't that hungry."Luna?" It was Hermione.




"Oh yes, so my father planted some Dirigible plums and peaches," I told her.



She glanced down the table at Marietta with a look of disgust on her face."Don't worry, I'll get it back."




"No, it's fine-" But she had already went to fetch it. As I watched her, I caught sight of the big Gryffindor that almost became the Keeper. Hermione had Confunded him to make sure Ron made Keeper. "Should I tell her?" I wondered aloud. "Tell who what?"




Hermione was back. "Oh, it's nothing." I decided. The big Gryffindor seemed a bit rude and wouldn't listen to me when I tried to tell him he'd been confunded the other day, and he was a little hot-headed.



"I'd better go," Hermione said. "I need to meet Harry and Ron in Hogsmeade. Harry wants to tail Draco Malfoy, you know."



"That Slytherin boy that Ginny hit on the train?"



"Did she, now?" Hermione looked half impressed, half pleased."Anyway, he thinks Malfoy's plotting something, he even tried to spy on him on the train."



I looked up at the clock."We'd both better go to Hogsmeade, it's getting a bit late."



As I left the Great Hall, I found my path blocked by a Gryffindor Chaser, Demelza Robins."Er," she looked even more nervous than Hermione."Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?"



I spotted Ginny nodding vigorously behind her back, arm in arm with Dean Thomas. Then I knew Ginny had made Demelza ask me in an attempt to make sure I didn't go alone."No, thanks."I told her."Maybe next time."



She looked rather relieved as she headed back to a disappointed looking Ginny.



I headed out to Filch, who was checking us for dangerous dark objects before we exited. Ron said something that must have been amusing, because a Gryffindor girl giggled. Hermione's face darkened and she glared. "Who's that?" I asked Ginny, who was walking by with Dean and her new Pygmy Puff."The one with the curly hair? That's Lavender Brown, she fancies Ron. Hermione does too, that's why she acts like that." She suddenly looked horrified. "I shouldn't have told you that."



"Don't worry," I assured her."I won't tell anyone."



She looked mollified. "Okay then. Are you sure you don't want to come with me and Dean?"



"I'll be all right."



I entered Hogsmeade after Mr. Filch jabbed me with his weird stick that was supposed to detect Dark Magic.



It was very chilly, and the wind was rather strong. I walked by Zonko's shop, which was closed. I wasn't going to go in there anyway, because my father told me that their edible tricks were made to cause lung cancer and swine flu. I decided to go to the Three Broomsticks, which was warm and cozy as usual. I ordered some bubble juice, as it tasted very good with juiced Gurdyroots. Just as I stirred some Gurdyroot juice into my bubble juice, I saw Katie Bell,a Chaser on the Gryffindor Chaser, entering with her friend Leanne. They were both laughing and were already holding butterbeer cups. They handed their cups over to Madame Rosmerta, who filled them up with butterbeer and handed them back. I also saw Ginny and Dean in a corner, sharing a firewhiskey. I finished my drink and headed throught the door toward Honeydukes.



I decided to buy some toothflossing stringmints and a new kind of fudge, and headed back to the castle. I heard someone yell,"It's got nothing to do with you, Leanne!", and I looked back. Katie Bell, who had a glazed look on her face, was fighting her friend over a package that split open and fell on the ground. Katie Bell's glazed look melted away, and she suddenly rose into the air, with her arms spread out and her eyes closed. Just when I began to worry that she wouldn't get down, she stopped rising and her eyes opened. She let out a terrible scream, and began to thrash and fight. Leanne pulled her ankles and screamed too. Harry and Ron joined in the struggle, and Katie fell on top of them, still thrashing and screaming.



I ran back to the castle to fetch Madame Pomfrey, but was stopped midway due to the fact that Hagrid crashed into me on the way. After I arrived, I ducked Filch's stick and was met by Ginny, who was wringing her hands and looking worried. She looked up as I entered. "Katie's in the hospital wing," she said miserably. "Harry's absolutely certain that Malfoy gave her that necklace."



"Oh, was that what was in the package?"



"Yes," Ginny started wringing her hands again."And Harry reckons Malfoy gave it to her."



I considered the possibility. "Well, it is possible."



Ginny sighed."Luna, Malfoy wasn't even in Hogsmeade today."



Even I had to admit it wasn't likely that Malfoy could have given her the necklace.



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