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Draco comes outside where everyone else is to see Voldemort and the death eaters. He sees Hagrid standing with Harry in his arms already knowing he's dead before Voldemort said anything. 


"Holy shit; after all these years Harry Potter is actually dead. I actually feel really bad after he just saved my life from the fire earlier", he thought with no emotion on his face.


He was distracted when his parents started to call him over to join them. He had some hesitation by the looks of it as other students turned their heads to Draco wondering if he was really gonna do it.


"What the hell. I don't want to be a death eater I just want to be normal. But if I don't go my father will be very disappointed, but my mother not so much"


Draco walked over knowing that he had no choice.


Draco POV


I walked over there with nothing but shame and embarrassment. Ashamed since I didn't try to stand up for myself. Embarrassed since everyone was watching me make the wrong choice and knowing this is not what I want at all. Then I saw Potter get out of Hagrid's hands. He was alive! I quickly ran over to grab his wand and threw it to him so that he can fight Voldemort. My father ashamed and mad at me told my mother we should go. As I walked away leaving Hogwarts, I felt sad because this is NOT the way I wanted to leave Hogwarts. My mother holding my hand, told me it would be okay as she saw the sadness in my eyes. As we walked home I couldn't help but think about how Harry was alive. But my mother explained everything on the way home. It was starting to rain as I got inside. When I went in my room I went to lay on my bed and look outside to see the rain knowing it was the only thing right now that would kind of put me in a better mood. I grabbed a muggle book that Bellatrix gave to me as a joke. It was surprisingly interesting as it was called The Graveyard Book. 


A month later Draco wrote a letter to Harry saying he was sorry for what happened and for who his parents killed explaining he didn't want to be apart of it. Harry wrote a letter back apologizing and saying they were on good terms. Draco felt relief to know this as considered Harry as a friend.

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