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Holy shit I am pregnant what the hell. This is crazy this all seems like a dream I-I can never see myself with a kid! I'm honestly super worried about how Draco will react to this. What if he doesn't even want a kid at all? Also what will my parents think. What if they tell me that I should've used a pill or even some type of potion or spell to get rid of the baby. That's it. Do I even want a baby? yes I do. Okay I want a baby. As I got out of bed after contemplating about whether or not I should have a kid, I had a very strong craving for some chocolate ice cream. This was very weird since I didn't really like ice cream, and hated chocolate.. but it just sounded SO good right now. We had some in the freezer luckily since that was Draco's favorite. Now that I think about it, I feel like my baby is already starting to make me crave both of mines and Draco's favorite foods; wow. I sat on the couch and went on my laptop to watch some YouTube waiting for Draco to come home. I took a nap shortly after and don't really remember what happened.


Draco POV-

I can't really focus at work. All i'm thinking about is things that can possibly be wrong with "Y/N". But luckily I only have an hour left of work so I get to see her soon and take care of her. Oh shit. I checked my phone and saw 2 messages 45 minutes ago. I quickly opened up the messages.


Message- I have some news to tell you when you come home which will be a shock for you.

                     I figured out why i'm sick btw..that's what i'm talking about.... hopefully you know what i mean? okay bye <3.


Draco POV-

I honestly think that's a good thing hopefully. 


1 hour later


Draco POV-

I got on the train back home but I decided to make a stop earlier and get her some of her favorite candy. I got a message from her right now saying she took a nap and just woke up. It's adorable when she takes naps even though she feels insecure when she sleeps thinking she looks ugly. 



I looked outside the window and saw him coming inside the house. I got soooo nervous now that I would have to tell him. I could tell him tomorrow but then I would get nervous again and try to do it the next day after that and so on until he finally finds out i'm in labor. Well now I'm starting to regret wanting to have a child. 


"So I have some news for you", I said with a shaky voice.


"Oh yeah I saw your texts", he said looking at something on his phone."So what is it that's making you feel sick?"



I felt even more sick than I did at first. Oohhh shit here i go. Oh my god why am I so scared.


"I'm pregnant", I said feeling relieved. 


Draco POV-

Wait...what the hell? I swear if she is lying to me....


"Your what?", Draco asked in a tone of verification.


"Yep... I know I was shocked at first too but it all makes sense now?", I said trying to reassure him of what I had just told him was something good.



He looked at me suspiciously kind of glaring just to see if I was telling the truth. Then to my surprise his eyes started watering and tears were going down his cheeks. He laughed, so I knew it was tears of joy. He hugged me so hard kind of still kind of crying as I hugged him back. I started crying as well since I just felt so relieved and it felt so good just to tell someone that.


"I'm gonna be a dad! And your gonna be a mom!", Draco said with excitement.


"I thought you were gonna be mad at me", I said still crying with a huge smile on my face.

"Why would I be mad?", he said."This is the best thing I've ever heard. And your gonna be a great mum too. He or she is gonna be the most beautiful child ever." 



I started crying more hugging him again. Those words made me so happy. And from that I was able to tell how much of an amazing dad he is going to be.

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