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I've been feeling sick for so long. For 3 weeks I been feeling sick or exhausted, shit I don't remember how many times I threw up anyways. Draco thinks it was the seafood we ate 2 weeks ago but it would've been over by now right? I woke up to hearing Draco in the shower playing music even though I told him it was loud. I got up to brush my teeth and I can't believe he didn't hear me even though the faucet was loud. I went to the kitchen to make coffee and get ready for another day of laying around the house doing nothing. Good thing I didn't use all my hours at work or else I'd be screwed. I turned on the news as usual to see what had happened so far today.


Draco POV-

As I got out the shower I still felt worried for "Y/N". She had been so sick for so long and I hope she doesn't get too sick and end up in the hospital. I checked the clock realizing I was gonna be late. I quickly rushed to put on my clothes and got my phone and keys. 


"Draco your hair is still wet", "Y/N" said with a laugh. "I made breakfast for you it's on the table"


Draco POV-

She didn't make me breakfast she just poured me cereal. It was adorable how she was still trying to do things for me when I'm supposed to be doing them for her.


"Thanks darling", Draco said happily."You really didn't have to do this since your sick and all, you should be getting rest".



It was so adorable when he gets nervous. He cares for me so much but I'm starting to feel better. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. After he left I went to the bathroom to do a pregnancy test I got yesterday. I just wanted to see if I was since this had been going on for quite a while. It came back positive. I couldn't believe my eyes. Tears started to fill my eyes with joy just knowing that there was a small little baby forming inside of me. I didn't know who to tell first. My mom, Hermione, Draco, or if I should keep it to myself for a while. But what I want to know is how long?



I went to the doctors to find out how long I been pregnant. I was so excited ever since I found out I was pregnant and felt better knowing all of this was for a good reason.


"You been 3 weeks pregnant", she said. "Come at least 2 weeks later so I can give you updates on the baby"



I couldn't believe it. It all felt like this was a dream. I just honestly can't wait until Draco gets home.


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