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Draco was looking outside the window in deep thought. It was raining hard that day and he loved when it rained. He got distracted by it when he was supposed to be packing his stuff for Hogwarts. He was looking for his wand which he would always loose but find it again last minute every year. He instead grabbed and old book that he had made from his 1-4 year. He didn't find it last year thinking he lost it which he was upset about. The book had pictures of him and his friends. 5 year wasn't there since he obviously lost it, and was looking back at old pictures from the yule ball. He looked like he wanted to smile but continued flipping through pages. He was already told the news about him having to kill Dumbledore and becoming a death eater. What made him more sad was that this year was going to be different. Narcissa knocked on his door.


"Come in" he said while still looking at the book.


"Oh I remember this, I saw it once in your room but never mentioned it to you since you'd think I'd be going through your stuff" she said with a chuckle.


"Why, why does it have to be me mum... I'm just a kid and you know I'm not really as tough as i seem" he said shaking his head with confusion.


"I know, I really wish it wasn't you either. But you will always be a strong tough person, even if people see the soft side of you. I know you hate when people are gonna see your not as tough as you may seem but at least they'll understand." she said trying to reassure him.


After a moment of silence she said,"I know you might act like your all grown and stuff but your still just a boy."


That hit him hard in his heart. Not because he didn't like that she called him a boy, but because he knew it was true. He knew that he was still young and in school but he was given a hard task that he can't deny. His eyes watered fast and started crying quietly. Narcissa hugged him as tear streaks rolled down her cheek holding his head on her shoulder. They sat there for a while and she got up to leave.


"Don't worry Draco, I understand you and will always be here for you" she said calmly as she closed his door.

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