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Hope you like it, please give some constructive criticism, since this is my first HPFF story, and  give me some ideas on what should happen next :)


The darkness is deafening.....

I can't hear or see a thing.....

I wonder if this is what it feels like to be dead, but I expected to see James and Lily.

I worry about Harry, and how he's doing.

About the Order, and Dumbledore, but mostly Harry.

I wish I could've stayed with him.....

It was like this for so long, until I saw the light growing brighter, and brighter.....


            Suddenly he fell onto a ground of stone, and wondered if he was finally dead. After a couple minutes, he realized that he would have to get up to see everything around himself. He groaned as he shoved his hands underneath himself, and pulled himself into an upright position.

"What?!" Sirius exclaimed with surprise, though the words were barely audible as he hadn't spoken in what he knew as a long time. The walls around him weren't what he thought they would be, the ceiling a different color. Seats surrounded him, and he was sitting next to the veil he had fallen through. He heard whispers of voices long gone, and to his surprise, he could tell what they were saying.

"I need to come back...." a man's voices whispered.

 "Let me out....." a little boy tried.

"I want to see my daughter...." said the soft voice of a mother giving up hope.

"I wish I could help you..." Sirius whispered to the voices.

After that, they went silent.


            After the next couple of minutes, Sirius found the strength to crawl. He needed to get to Harry, to see his face. With a grim look of determination etched into his face, he set off towards the door. After what seemed like many excruciating hours, Sirius found himself at the top of the stairwell, looking up at the door. Exhaustion and pain combined forced him to stop, but he needed to keep going. At that moment, he realized he would either have to yell, or crawl all the way back down the steps to his wand to be able to get out. With a sigh of resignation, he collapsed.


           Many hours later Sirius lay awake on his back. He hadn't found his voice yet, so he determinedly half crawled, and half fell down the steps. "So much for getting up there," he muttered under his breath. As soon as he reached his wand, he whispered "Aguamenti" and water started to pour out of his wand. Still on his hands and knees, he directed the wand tip towards his mouth and drank gratefully. He stopped the water flow with a flick of his wrist, and immediately felt refreshed. He looked into the puddle of water he created, and realized that he didn't look very different. If any time had passed, it couldn't have been long, because he looked exactly the same as he had before he had slipped away. His long, unruly hair, was the same, and his gaunt, sunken face, reminded him of his thirteen years in Askaban. He had a small cut on his cheekbone, from falling multiple times on his way down the stairs. His shoulder ached as he had slept on it wrong, then fallen on it multiple times. Honestly he felt horrible. But still, he needed to get to Harry.


          Noting that he wouldn't be able to make it up the stairs with all of his injuries, (as Sirius was sure that he had more than the ones he noticed), he pointed his wand at himself and murmured "Vulnera Sanentur" and immediately felt himself knit back together. As he climbed up the stairwell once again, he wondered what year it was. It couldn't be later than 1998, and Sirius wouldn't be surprised if it was still 1996. Still contemplating the date, Sirius got himself to the door. 


         "Alohomora" He said, before checking if the door was unlocked. Sirius turned the handle, and pulled the door open. Luckily the Ministry of Magic hadn't thought it to be important to block unlocking spells. He stumbled through the doorway and saw a steady stream of people walking past him into multiple doors in a circular room. As soon as he crawled out of the doorway, the wizards and witches around him stopped and stared. A couple of the more wary people pulled out their wands unsteadily.


          Suddenly whispers broke out around him, and one forceful voice was loudest among them all. "Step back everyone! Let me through!" Said a gruff voice. As the man stepped through the crowd of people, you could see his tall, blonde hair above all the rest. As he got to the front of the group, Sirius saw that he was a tall, skinny, rather young looking fellow with a chevron mustache, though he did look rather frail despite his age. 


           "My name is Zyair Fernsby, head of the Department of Mysteries! State your name and reason you are here!" said this now known Mr. Fernsby.


           "My name is Sirius Black, and I need to see my godson." Sirius said, looking at the ground. He felt too weak to move, but they certainly wouldn't believe him, since they couldn't see his face.


           "Sirius Black is dead! Don't you fool me!" Mr. Fernsby shouted at Sirius. "Tell me your real name!"


           "My name is Sirius Black, and I need to see my godson, Harry Potter." Sirius said, now getting more desperate, and as he didn't know how long he could keep this up, so he shakily lifted his head up, towards the stares of many people. As he took the scene in, he noticed that he didn't recognize anyone there.


           "But you're dead!" Mr. Fernsby said, with a shocked look on his face.


           "Oh, I am? Well, this certainly isn't what I thought being dead would be like." Sirius said sarcastically. "So let me see my godson!" He said much to loudly, as his throat hurt very much afterwards.


           "Sallow, Dankworth, escort this man to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, he's clearly not supposed to be here." Mr. Fernsby said uneasily, not completely sure on what to do.


           A witch and a wizard came and each took one of Sirius' arms and put them over their backs, and positively dragged Sirius out the door and down the corridor towards the lift. As the gate lifted, and Sallow and Dankworth dragged Sirius in, he couldn't help but wonder how much had changed while he was gone. How come he didn't recognize anyone here? Could it have been longer than only a couple years? Sirius continued to ponder the thoughts in his head until there was a loud "CLOMP" and the lift stuttered to a halt.


          "Level three, Department of Magical Law Enforcement" a cool voice of a female sounded from some sort of speaker from above the lift.


          "I need my godson, not some damn Law Enforcement office!" Sirius said angrily and loudly to the Unspeakables.


         Sallow and Dankworth, not immediately sure of what to think of Sirius, started walking after a shared look of bewilderment. As they took Sirius through the long halls and corridors of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, they gained some stairs from passerby, as Sirius was likewise being dragged by the Unspeakables. The walls were white and bare through this corridor, and through another hall gold leaves emblazoned a light blue wall. Soon the Unspeakables found where they were looking for. It was the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement's office. The witch opened the door with a flick of her wand, and the two of them dragged Sirius into the office. The walls were a burgundy red, and bronze embellishments were everywhere. The Head of the Department looked very out of place in this office space. The office looked neat, warm, and cozy, while the woman siting behind the desk looked neat, clean, stern, and absolutely strict.


        The woman looked like she was in her fifties, black hair turning gray. Her khaki colored robes seemed too bland for the office, and that was putting it lightly.


         With a surprisingly warm voice, the woman began to talk. "So, you believe you are the Sirius Black who has suddenly been brought back to life?"


         "Yes I do, though I don't think I ever was dead." Sirius replied.


         "Well, from your body scans, we know tha-"


         "My what?!?!" Sirius butted in, shocked. It had taken himself a moment to really process what the woman had said.


         "Well, my point was, is that we believe who you are, and you need to see the Minister of Magic." said the woman. 


        "Do you think that someone could apparate me there, Miss?" Sirius asked. Though he hated asking for help, he couldn't deny that he didn't feel like being dragged all the way around the Ministry again. And if he cooperated, the faster he would see Harry.


        "Of course Mr. Black." the woman said, "Loughty, come here!" A small, stout man appeared at the door. "Apparate Mr. Black here to the Minister's office, he's hurting and very tired, so please take care of him."


        "Yes Miss, of course." Loughty said, and walked over to Sirius. He grasped his arm tightly, and then they were sucked away, into a totally new and different place. The walls were forest green, and the door in front of them looked as if it belonged to a log cabin, except for the gold plaque on it, stating "Minister of Magic". A familiar, woman's voice came from inside of the office, but Sirius couldn't place it. Before her correspondent could answer, Loughty knocked on the door, then opened it. He stood in the only space able to be seen, and announced their arrival.


        "Sirius Black, Minister Granger" He said, and suddenly Sirius realized that it was Hermione Granger's voice that sounded just like that woman's voice. Loughty opened the door fully, and Sirius took in the scene. It was Harry, his Harry, sitting on the other side of Hermione Granger's desk.


       "You're all grown up...." Sirius whispered to them. 


       Suddenly Harry jumped up and embraced Sirius.


       "Harry, I'm home...."


       "Sirius..." he heard Harry whisper in a low voice, not unlike James' voice. "You're alive....."


I hope you liked it! Please tell me if Sirius is acting enough like Sirius. I had to put some smart/snide remark in here somewhere, because that is literally what Sirius lived by :) If you have any ideas for comeback remarks, or what should happen after Sirius gets back to regular life, please comment.

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