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" Hurry you guys we are gonna be late " Hermione said grabbing the trolleys for her kids.


" Honey we are an hour early I don't think... " Harry was saying before being cut off by Hermione.


" Say one more word and I will hex you I do not care if we are expecting number 5 I will still do it " Hermione said. " Okay sorry " Harry said but he was taken by surprise on how Hermione was running so fast when she was 6 months pregnant with their fifth child. He couldn't believe still but had to stop thinking about it because he was falling behing Hermione and the kids.


When they got to the platform and " Hermione... I didn't... know... you... could... run... so... fast " Harry said out breath. "


" How does it feel to be the best seeker in the world and losing in a race with a 6 month pregnant woman "Hermione said laughing a little.


" Not great but if I had to lose to any one I am glad it is you " Harry said and grabbed her by her waist and kissed her and she started kissing back.


" GET A ROOM " James and Lily said unison as they covered their little siblings Sirius and Sofia's eyes. Harry and Hermione break the kiss and start laughing in till Hermione says " If me and you dad get a room then this baby will be a big sibling soon " then she smirked at Harry.


" Okay okay just give us a heads up next time. Kids do not usually like to see the parents snogging " Lily said as her and Jams took their hands off of Sirius and Sofia's eyes and making Harry and Hermione laugh again.


" When are we going to Hogwarts mum " Sofia said. " Soon I promise you " Hermione said.


" Where is Uncle Draco and Auntie Luna with Scorpius and Narcissa " Sirius said but kind of sounded like whining. " Look behind you " Harry said pointing behind Sirius. Sofia, James and Lily to where Draco and Luna were walking towards them with their kids.


" UNCLE DRACO AUNTIE LUNA " Sirius said as her ran to them and gave them  big hug. " Softy " Sofia said. The Hermione gave her a stern look and said " Sofia ". " What it is the truth " Sofia said. " SOFIA!!! " Hermione said almost about to yell at her. " Ugh fine sorry " Sofia said in defeat knowing she wasn't going to win this battle with her mum.


" You have you mom's feisty spirit I must say " Harry said before getting elbowed in the ribs by Hermione. " What that was a complement " Harry said rubbing his side.


" Sure " Hermione said sarcastically. " I am serious it is one of the things out of the many things I love about you " Harry said and then kissed her on the cheek.


" Are you ready to go to Hogwarts " Scorpius said. " Ya I ca't wait to see what house I'm in " Lily said in extiment. " Ya me to I hope we get put in Slytherin " James said.


" Well I am sure you three will all get into Slytherin because you are all very ambitious ad very very cunning " Draco said. " Ain't that the truth " Luna said making all the kids laugh. They stayed there in till it was time for them to get on the train. 


" Please be good you two don't be like your father when he was at school " Hermione said as she hugged her kids and kissed each of their heads.


" Hey if I remember when I did all those things there was a certain brown haired witch by my side the whole time " Harry said with smirk.


" I only did that to keep you out of trouble " Hermione said.


" Surrrreeee " Harry said sarcastically making everyone laugh.


Harry and Hermione give each kid one more hug and kiss and then let them go on to the train. As they see their kids have at them as the train starts to leave they look into each others eyes and knew that they were always bound to be more than friends. 


Well this is the end of this story I will be making more stories especially with summer coming. I want to thank everyone who left review because I read all them and makes me happy to see what my story actually means something to you. Please please please with a cherry on top review it does really make me happy.


If you have any story ideas or chapter ideas review them and I will read them and think about it and I hope you guys are all doing fine during these really rough times and my heart out to anyone who has lost someone recently due to the virus or just in general.


Thanks for reading Harry and Hermione more than friends(:

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