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Cassiope woke at the sound of something breaking. She stood up with a jolt, grabbing her want from under her pillow where she put it last night. After blinking several times, she noticed Hermione Granger sitting in front of the one and only vanity mirror in their dorm with a brush broken on her tangled hair. The girl was frustrated and seemed like she was ready to cry on her effort to remove the broken part of her brush from her hair. Cassiope sighed and after wiping her face in frustration herself she searched in her stuff and pulled out a silver engraved brush. She walked to Hermione and handle it to her. She moved her wand onto the air and her familiar ribbon appeared. ''Enchanted. It was my mother's put it under my pillow when you are done.'' After that she walked to the bathroom to shower and wash her teeth before breakfast.


Hermione had done as she was told. She put the brush under Cassiope's pillow alongside a small note. Thank you, it was very kind of you-H. Cassiope brushed her hair too and after putting her robes on, she left for the Great Hall. She sat at the far end of the Gryffindor table. She pulled some eggs end bacon on her plate and start eating the moment the owls bursted through the windows with the morning mail. Cassiope didn't bat an eyelid though and kept eating. Who would write to her? But she was far from being right when a giant owl landed in front of her with a letter at its beak. Cassiope eyed it curiously. It was like she was having a stare competition with the bird. That was until the owl left the letter in front of her, ruffled its feathers, and flew to the window.  At least she won the competition.


Professor McGonagall handed her schedule and Cassiope nodded in thank you after putting it in her bag. The professor left and Cassiope was looking at the letter as if it was a howler ready to explode. She sipped some orange juice while picking it up and turning to see from whom it was. She read four words and the orange juice sprayed out from her mouth choking her. Coughing she tried to hide the letter in her robes. Professor McGonagall came back frustrated and muttered ''Rennervate''. The cough stopped and Cassiope not even bothered with a nod as a thank you, she ran out of the Great Hall. She climbed the steps two by two until she reached the second-floor girls' bathroom. She locked the door behind her and went into a stool and closed the door. Only then, Moaning Myrtle appeared from the wall.


''Good morning Cassiope!'' the otherwise sad ghost said cheerfully to the girl. ''Aren't you supposed to be in the class by now? Not that I mind since I am usually alone in this stool. But you never missed a lesson.''


Cassiope looked at her with watered eyes and Myrtle put a hand on her shoulder immediately. She felt like a bucket of water was splashed on her but she didn't move. Myrtle was one of the few people even if dead that she could call a friend. The only person that she could talk to since she was dead and no harm could come over her. Cassiope pulled the letter from her robes and opened her mouth feeling her throat a bit hoarse of the lack of use.


''Myrtle, my father... He sent me a letter... I thought he was dead... But here look, I have his letter...'' 


''Well what are you waiting for? Opened it! You never knew if he was indeed dead. You just assumed so. The bloke might have a good explanation though because I can't wait to leave this lavatory and hunt his arse back where he came from...'' That is why Cassiope liked Myrtle. The ghost was sad about her life she lived and the life she hadn't had the chance to live. She felt the same and she knew that Myrtle only needed someone to listen to her. Then she showed her true nature, a fierce friend. She had no time though to absorb her gratitude over Moaning Myrtle's stance. With trembling hands, she opened the envelope with the four words From Father to Daughter and pulled out the letter.




My dearest Daughter,


how much you have grown. From a quiet baby you became a young loving lady that found it in her heart to be kind to a stray animal. I am sorry for writing to you after thirteen years that you haven't seen me. I am sorry for not being able to be there for you for so long. But please don't judge a father for being proud of his daughter. 


I know though that the sorries of the world are not enough to describe what I am feeling or more, what you are feeling. Don't feel neglected Daughter. I always had you in my mind and heart. I always kept the lock from your soft hair with me. I always kept a photo of you in your mother's arms. I had included it in the envelope for you to see that I am truly your father. 


I don't know how to start my dear Cassiope. I cannot even meet you yet. For I am afraid that you would be ashamed of who your father is. But know, Daughter, that now that I can at least write to you, I will do it, as often as I can and I'll never stop, even if you throw every single one of my letters in the fire. I am sorry if I am distressing you, but even now that I have the chance, I want to be your father.


With all my love,

Your Father



P.S. I love the fact that your mother kept the name I chose for you. It's a great ancient magical community close to where you were born and a beautiful constellation.




Cassiope didn't know if the man that wrote that letter was truly her father. But she had to admit that there were ruins of an ancient magical community near to where she was born with the same name as hers. And her name was a constellation, but this was something that anyone with some common knowledge of Astronomy could use it on her. But what about the town? Nobody except Dumbledore and the other professors knew that she was born in a small village in Greece. And if he was her father, where was he all these bloody years? And what is this damned S.O.B? Couldn't have at least the courtesy to write his name?


She couldn't stand her thoughts anymore. The questions were swirling in her mind giving her a strong headache. Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. The photo of her and her mother fell from the envelope and Cassiope gasped. There she was, in her mother's arms. Her mother was smiling widely looking at the camera and then back to her. Her long white-blond hair was braided on the side and she was wearing a floral sundress. Her, the baby in her arms was smiling widely while eating a biscuit. 


A sob escaped her mouth and tears filled her eyes. A mourning scream left her mouth and the ground shook. Some mirrors blasted, throwing glasses everywhere. Water exploded from the toilets as her mourns continued. Myrtle though, unafraid, stood in front of her and put her hands on her shoulders again. The cold feeling was enough for Cassiope to stop sobbing but not for her tears to stop and her breath coming out short. 


''Cassiope listen to me. We've been through this before. Go with me.'' she said and Cassiope looked at her sniffing. Myrtle began to sing and Cassiope started to follow on the Irish song the ghost had taught her.


''Do casadh cailín deas orm in uaigneas na dtrá
Ar lúb na coille glaise uair bheag roim lá.
Sin an fhreagar’ ó a thug sí liom go ciúin agus go tláth

Tá an saol ‘na gcoladh, bogaimís an súisín bán!''


The room stopped shaking. Everything subsided and Cassiope closed her eyes. Outside of the bathroom a fair boy with stormy grey eyes stopped to listen to that beautiful voice that came from inside. He was late for class. He had forgotten his book for that idiot Hagrid's lesson. But on that voice, he couldn't keep walking. He couldn't move. Like his feet had their mind of their own, they brought him to the source of that voice.


''‘S má bhíonn tú liom bí liom, a stóirín mo chroí,
‘S má bhíonn tú liom bí liom os comhair a’ tí,
Má bhíonn tú liom, ‘s gur liom gach órlach ded’ chroí,
‘Sé mo mhíle chnoc nách liom Dé Domhnaigh tú mar mhnaoi!''


Draco felt a great sorrow feeling this beautiful voice sing so sadly. His legs betrayed him and he felt falling on his knees. Who sings like that? Who feels such sorrow? He wept his hair at the back and stood. He wasn't the one to care when someone was sad but that voice... He just couldn't let her be so sad. With trembling feet, he tried to open the door softly but it was locked. With a voice that felt strange in his mouth, he muttered Alohomora and pushed the door. The sight in front of him could belong in a chapter of biblical disaster. Shattered mirrors everywhere. The water was flooding the room and pieces of the walls where on the surface. He moved carefully at the one and only closed stool. Before pushing the door, he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. Slightly he pushed the door open just a crack to see a girl in his age with tear stains on her face and closed eyes, singing like her life was depended on the sounds that were coming from her mouth. Moaning Myrtle, the ghost was standing in front of her giving her the rhythm.


He didn't want to scare her so from the small crack he had created he pushed the handkerchief inside close to her face. The song was done and Cassiope opened her eyes suddenly to see a handkerchief in front of her nose. She gasped in surprise in that sign of kindness and her eyes started watering again. Myrtle took that as her sign to leave. Draco pushed the door open in the sound of more tears coming and used the small piece of cloth to wipe the girls face tenderly. 


''Please don't cry... Everything will go well... Please don't cry...'' he said desperately under his breath. He felt as he was about to cry too. And that was not allowed. He helped the girl stand up and guided her to the sink. He let the water flow and then he wetted the cloth and put it on the girl's face. Her eyes opened slowly and they were bloodshot red. His heart skipped a bit when he saw that her irises were a beautiful amber brown. 


''See? Now you are beautiful again.'' he tried to joke as the girl kindly smiled at him. She moved to the stool that she was before and picked up her bag, hiding her father's letter at the same time. She checked her program and saw that she has missed Herbology in the first period and that she had to run to Care of Magical Creatures if she wanted to make it there on time. She got out of the stool and she waved to Draco, of course, she knew his name and turned on her heel to leave.


''Hey! Wait! What's your name?'' but Cassiope didn't return on his call. She wanted to remain invisible. It was better for everyone. 


She ran out of the main entrance and took the way that leads to Hagrid's Hut. Students were around some boxes where small fires were erupting once in a while. She came in time to hear Hagrid say ''Blast-ended skrewts!'' Oh my God, what other thing had Hagrid in his mind again? She moved upfront to see an abomination. She narrowed her eyes on Hagrid accusingly. People shouldn't be messing with nature she wanted to scream but she moved on the back and zoned out until she heard Draco's Malfoy voice complaining sarcastically once more. He was so different from the boy in the toilet now.


Hagrid offered them a variety of different foods to try on the blast-ended skrewts. She picked some frog's livers and started throwing them around in the boxes. The moment Dean Thomas complained about a skrewt burning him, she felt the burning herself by another one. But she didn't mind. It was the only thing that was real, that was feeling real. So no sound left her mouth. Not even a small gasp. Draco although saw that and decide to start complaining and bickering with Hermione Granger. Oh, if they could just stop for once.


After the lesson was off, she headed back to the castle behind the others. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one that had stayed behind to avoid the crowd. Draco Malfoy grabbed her hand, making her wince. Ηe spooned her around but once he saw the pained expression on her face he dropped her hand.


''I am sorry. I saw what happened there. Why didn't you say anything? He hasn't any right to expose you to something dangerous!''


Cassiope drew her wand from her robes and tapped it on the air. Life is dangerous. He didn't do anything that won't happen to us sooner or later... he read. Why is she denying to talk to him? Maybe because you go to the same classes for three years with her and you never had the courtesy to ask her her name. You haven't even noticed her. A small voice in his head chirped.


''Can you at least tell me your name?'' he said with a desperate look on his face, but Cassiope just nodded negatively, turned on her heel and started running towards the entrance. Her heart was beating fast in her chest. That wasn't supposed to happen. Soon, he will start to ask her questions. She had to make her life's mission to avoid Draco Malfoy at any cost, she thought as she was entering the Great Hall for lunch.


She sat again in her corner with her back at the Slytherin table. She put some roasted lamb and potatoes on her plate and began eating quickly. Suddenly, she flinched. The hair on the back of her neck stood in attention and she felt a pair of eyes burning holes on her back. Immediately, she knew to whom they belong to and she left the rest of her food intact. Grabbing her bag on the way, she stormed out of the Great Hall to the Library, where she had a meeting with McGonagall at the end of the lunch break.


Cassiope instead of Divination, Muggle Studies, Ancient Runes or Arithmancy, was offered a different course to study last year. She was studying Ancient Magic. She was working with Dumbledore and other professors from around the world on recording and analyzing scripts of Ancient Magic. Ancient Magic had a history and moreover, it was based on the person's energy and nature to show itself. Instead of having a wand to direct your magical energy in doing your bidding, you had to use your own body for that. Cassiope, was thrilled when Dumbledore offered her that proposition. Ancient Magic was still famous in some places and more surprising, Greece. 


McGonagall gave one a small smile when she stopped and she showed her a pack with letters from other professions from around the world. Cassiope took no time in pulling out a quill and parchment and she started writing down notes from every single letter. Later she would put them in order and do some research of her own in the Restricted Section to where she finally had real permission to use. She was thrilled to work on something so interesting! That was until she found something that made her jaw drop on the ground...







Author's Note:

Hello there to the few and precious people that are reading my book! Does anyone have a clue about what Cassiope is? What her mother was? Do you like this other side of Draco? If so, please write it on the reviews. It's my first attempt to write in English and moreover a novel! I usually write poems or plays in Greek. So be kind and tell me your opinion on my work and help me improve myself. 


Again, much love!


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