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Hi readers, I've never wrote anything from Luna's perspective, so please please please review.






We were headed back to Hogwarts. I was excited, but my brain felt woozy, like a Nargle had slipped into my ear. I knew it hadn't, because the Spetrespecs I was wearing would have let me see it. The real reason was that Harry had just told us that we weren't continuing the DA. Dumbledore's Army was the only reason I survived the last year. The DA was where we  practiced defensive magic. It was quite fun, almost like having friends.  I even discovered my patronus, a rabbit. 



Now things were different. Harry and Neville had left me here thinking about how lonely school would be, not that they knew what I was thinking. Last year was the happiest in my life, including the ones when my mother was still alive. Now here I was, accustomed to hanging out with the DA, wondering how my year would be.






It was Ginny. "Oh, hi. Are you excited about going back to Hogwarts?"



She came in and sat down. She opened her mouth, but a Slytherin boy I think I knew came in looking very pleased. "All right there, Looney? I suppose you aren't, no one can be all right in those things. "He nodded at my Spetrespecs.



I frowned. "Umm... who are you? Wait, I got it... Dragon? Wait no...Dracon?"



His smirk flickered. " I'm Draco Malfoy, you blithering lunatic."



"Don't call her that," It was Ginny. "Just because you're an idiot doesn't mean you can call people names to make you feel better about yourself."



His smirk vanished completely and he had an ugly look on his face. "No one asked you, Weaslette. You can't afford to say that. I expect you think old Looney will pay you to defend her?"



"Malfoy." Ginny snarled. "say that again."




"Okay," he smirked. "No one-"



Ginny's fist connected with his stomach and he crashed into the compartment door, nearly shattering the glass. He tried to yell, but I stuffed a spare Gurdyroot into his mouth, so he wouldn't get us in trouble, and he could have a snack. He choked and spluttered(why wasn't he eating it?), and then spat it out. " You have no idea what I've done to your boyfriend, Weasley. Don't expect him to be at Hogwarts." Then he left.



"That little scumbag," Ginny told me after we exited the train. "Do you think he's done something to Dean?"



I shrugged. Dean was Ginny's boyfriend. "I don't think he knows who your boyfriend is."



Ginny invited me to sit with her friends, but I refused. I didn't think her friends would stop calling me Looney if she hadn't told them to.



"Then I'll sit with you,"Ginny said.



Neville joined us on our carriage, and as we talked and laughed together, I realized Ginny seemed happy sitting with us. Why,I wondered, does she sit with us when she's got so many other friends she can sit with.



We hurried into the castle the ride because it was quite cold and we were very hungry. "Bye,"Ginny told me and headed to the Gryffindor table to sit with Dean. "Yeah, Bye," Neville went to the Gryffindor table too.



"Erm, Luna?"



I turned around. It was Hermione. "Yes?" I said, mildly surprised. "Erm, could you meet me in the library five o'clock tomorrow?"



"Okay..." that was strange. I met Hermione last year, and I don't think she liked me very much.



After a delicious dinner, I discovered that Dirigible Plums were very delicious with mashed potatoes. Then, Dumbledore stood and told us that Snape was our new DADA teacher, and that a man called Florence Slug something or the other was taking potions.



I was fairly disappointed that Snape was taking Defense Against the Dark Arts, as I was used to Harry, who was a wonderful teacher. I wondered vaguely how the new teacher would be.



I suddenly remembered that I was a prefect and I was supposed to be directing students to Ravenclaw tower. "First years this way," I said. A blonde boy spotted me and said, "I recognise you! You're Looney Lovegood!"



"She's Luna," Ginny told him as she walked past with Dean.



The other prefects led the new students with me to the door to our common room. "Now," a Cho Chang, a prefect said,"if you want to get in, you answer a question." The eagle knocker on the door asked,"Where do vanished objects go?"



I stepped in,"Into nonbeing, I think."



The door opened. Cho directed the first years into their dormitories, and turned to the rest of us."Well you know what to do."



We entered our dorms, and I fell asleep, wondering what the school year would be like.

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