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   Once the four of them got into the room, the saw that Fluffy was sound asleep. Harry looked to his right and saw that there was a flute playing some calming music.


”Snape’s beaten us, he’s been here before.” said Harry, gesturing to the flute.


”Well we better be quick, he may be on the last obstacle.” said Hermione.


”Fluffy’s paw is on that trap door. Harry, Hermione you grab that side. Ron, you and I will take the other.” said Prim.


   They lifted Fluffy’s paw and moved to where the trap door would open without it touching him. Ron slowly opened the trap door to see a pitch-black hole. There was no ladder, meaning they had to jump down without knowing what they were going to land on.


”How deep do you think it is?” Prim asked.


”I don't know, Lumos maxima.” said Hermione. The four of them looked into the trap door and found vines at the bottom of the pit.


”There are vines down there, so we should have a soft landing.” said Ron


”It could be some-” Prim said but was cut off by Ron.


”EEEWW!” he said. There was a large pile of dog slobber on his shoulder that was running down his body.


   The four of them looked up to see that Fluffy had awoken and that the flute had stopped playing music. They all let out a scream and jumped into the trap door on at a time. When they all reached the bottom, Prim felt something wrap around her legs. Ron and Harry felt something wrap around their chest. And Hermione felt something wrap around her waist.


”Guys I think this is-” said Hermione.


”Devil's Snare. You must stay calm or else it will kill you faster.” Prim finished.


”KILL US FASTER?!” Ron exclaimed, struggling to break free of the vine’s tight grasp.


”If you relax then it's grip will loosen.” said Hermione.


   Hermione felt the grip on her waist loosen and was lowered below the canopy of Devil’s Snare soon afterward. While the vines around Harry and Ron tightened, the vines around Prim's legs loosened and she was released beneath the canopy with Hermione.


”HERMIONE!” Ron and Harry yelled in unison.


”Just relax, trust us.” said Prim. 


   The grip the vines had on Harry loosened as he attempted to relax from the tight grasp it had around him. Then he was lowered under the canopy with Prim and Hermione.


”HARRY!” Ron yelled.


”I think he’s having trouble relaxing.” said Harry.


”No shit Sherlock!” said Prim. ”How could we help him?”


”Um let me think. Devil’s Snare, Devil’s Snare, it's deadly fun..... but will sulk in the sun. That's it! Devil’s Snare hates sunlight. Except... there's barely any light in here.” said Hermione.


”Are you barking mad? Are you a witch or not?!” Ron yelled from above the group as the vines around him got even tighter.


”Oh right. Lumos Solem.” said Hermione as she waved her wand. Due to the brightness of the light, a large hole was burned out of the vines above her. Ron landed onto the ground and got up.


”Well, luckily we didn't panic there.” Ron said as he looked up at the hole.


”Luckily Hermione and Prim pay attention in herbology.” said Harry.


”Let’s move on, shall we?” Prim said sarcastically.


”Er yes, right. Let's go now.” said Hermione.


   Hermione, Prim, Harry, and Ron walked along a hallway and ended up in a room filled with nothing except for a single broom and tens, possibly hundreds of flying keys floating in the air. On the other side of the room, there was a door with a lock on it. Prim walked toward the door and attempted to open it however, it just wouldn't budge. She tried using Alohamora on the door, no difference, the door was still locked. 


   Prim began to think of other ways she could unlock the door. ’What did Dad say whenever we locked ourselves into a room? If you don't have a wand then use a bobby pin. And if you don't have a bobby pin, use a plastic card. Or you could simply just use the key.’ Prim thought. She took a bobby pin from her hair and tried to make the lock do a specific click noise, still nothing. 


   Prim concluded that one of the flying keys would unlock the door. She tried everything she could. Alohamora, nope. Bobby pin, nope. And she didn't have a plastic card on her which only meant one other thing, that one of them had to get on the broom and find the key that unlocks the door.


”Who volunteers to get on the broom?” Ron asked.


”Not me.” said Hermione.


”Well it's not going to be me!” said Ron.


”Harry, you're going to have to do it.” said Prim.


”What?” said Harry.


”You heard her! You're going to have to do it.” said Hermione.


”I-I don't know guys.” Harry stuttered looking unsure.


”C’mon mate, you're the youngest seeker on a Hogwarts Quidditch team in one hundred years. Besides if Snape can get the key on that old broomstick, so can you.” Ron said encouragingly, Harry nodded.


”Okay, I'm doing it!” Harry said with full confidence.


   Harry hopped onto the broom and the keys immediately stopped floating. They turned in Harry’s direction and started chasing and swarming around him wherever he went. He tried to look for a key that looked slightly different from the others. Now Harry James Potter may be as blind as a bat, even with his glasses at times, but somehow he was able to find a key that was different from the others. The only thing different about this key from the others was that it had a bent wing, the right one to be exact.


   Harry increased his speed and so did the keys. He reached his right hand forward and...he caught it! He broke off one of the wings and threw it down to Hermione. She caught the key and unlocked the door. Once she opened it, everyone dashed into the room. Prim slammed the door shut and once she closed it you could hear the flying keys crashing into the wooden door.


   The group walked forward and torches around the walls lit up, revealing a life-size version of Wizarding Chess. However, that's not the only thing that the torches revealed. Along with the life-size game of Wizarding Chess, the torches also revealed broken pieces around the board. Indicating that Snape had beaten them once again.


   The four of them walked and made it to the white side. The pawns drew out their swords, preventing them from passing any further.


”Looks like we’re going to have to play. Harry you go to the Bishop’s square on A3, Hermione and Prim you two go to the Rook’s square on F8 and I am our knight.” said Ron as he hopped onto the black team's knight piece.


   Hermione and Prim walked onto the Rook’s square on F8 while Harry walked over to the Bishop’s square on A3. Just then, a realization hit Hermione.


”Ron, you don't think this will be like actual Wizards Chess? Right?” said Hermione, Ron shrugged his shoulders.


”I dunno. Um, you there move forward!” said Ron, one of the pawns moved forward one space and stopped. Then a pawn from the opposing team moved forward one space and drew out its swords. The opposing pawn hit the white pawn with its swords, causing the white pawn to shatter to pieces.


”Yes Hermione, I believe this is going to be exactly like Wizard’s Chess.” said Prim as she went as pale as a ghost.




   As the game went on, both teams had lost many pieces. The only pieces that were left on Prim’s team were her and Hermione as the Rook, Harry as the Bishop, and Ron as the knight. Meanwhile, on the white team, there was the queen and two of the towers.


”Harry when I move, no matter the situation I'm in, go for the queen.” said Ron.


”No Ron, stop!” said Harry.


”What is it?” Hermione asked.


”Can’t you see? He's about to sacrifice himself!” said Prim.




”Do you want Snape to get the stone or not?!” said Ron. ”Knight to H3.”


   Ron’s chess piece moved to square H3, completing his move. Then the white queen moved to a square next to H3. She took out her sword and stabbed the horse in the heart, causing it to break into large pieces and crumble to the ground.



-Primrose’s p.o.v-


   I watched as Ron fell to the ground. I stood there having the instinct to run and try to help him, but you see I couldn't. Merlin, I wish somethings were easier on us kids. You see just because Ron is hurt, doesn't mean the game is over. And if I were run over to him and try to heal him, that would count as my move and the queen or one of her towers could put me out of the game.


   Hermione took a step forward and was about to take another out of our square, but I held her shoulder to keep her in.


”No! The game isn't over, we're still playing.” said Harry, Hermione nodded her head understandingly. 


   Harry moved towards the square next to the queen and said, ”Checkmate.”.


   The queen’s sword dropped to the ground creating a loud clatter noise. The game was finally over. I ran over to Ron but tripped onto one of the pieces that used to be his horse and started bleeding from my left leg. I got up and tried to walk as fast as I could however Hermione protested.


”Prim your leg is bleeding fix it before you check on Ron.” she said.


I turned my head around, looked her dead in the eyes, and said, ”I know that I'm hurt but if I can still move at all. I can't just sit still. I have to reach out and do something.” 


   I continued to make my way towards Ron’s body. Once I got towards him, I rolled up his left sleeve to see that his forearm was as purple as a grape. This could mean two things. One, he is bruised. Or two, that the arm is broken. 


   Since I don't really know which one it is, I would guess that it's broken. I took a long wooden stick from my bag and placed it under his arm. Then I grabbed some bandages and wrapped them around his arm, making the stick stay in place. Finally, I checked his pulse to see that he is still alive but just knocked out.


   I searched my bag for leftover bandages however none were found. ’Desperate times call for desperate measures.’ I thought. I grabbed my pocket knife and cut open the right sleeve of my shirt. I continued to cut until I was left with a large strip of cloth. I wrapped the piece of cloth around my left leg and over the cut to stop the bleeding a bit.


”Go to the owlery and send a note to Dumbledore. Hermione and I are going forward.” said Harry.


”Okay, be careful.” I said nodding my head.


   I watched as they walked off and went to solve the next obstacle. Once they were out of sight, I took out a quill, parchment and some ink as I wrote a short letter to Dumbledore.



      Professor Dumbledore, 


   Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and I are on the fourth obstacle protecting the Sorcerer's Stone. However, Ronald and I are in need of medical assistance. If you can, send help.


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Your’s truly, 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Primrose Scott.


 I took out my wand once I had finished writing the letter and said, ”Translationem.”. And just like that, the letter was sent to Dumbledore, alerting him of the situation Ron and I were in. 


   I looked down at my leg and noticed that the cloth covering my wound was soaked in blood. I started to see black dots all around the room until black was the only thing that I could see.



(AN : Hello everyone! That is it for Chapter 7! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment on them. Also if you are wondering why there was a line in bold above, it is because it is a quote from Izuku Midoriya aka Deku from My Hero Academia. I'm working on my Draco/Hermione fix next. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the chapter and I hope that you stay safe. :) )









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