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                                                                                                                 JOCYLYNN’S POV

          As Scorpius and I walked towards the common room, he seemed to be trying to tell me everything about his life.

          “And then my mom’s all like, ‘Dammit, I couldn’t find your father. Could you?’ And I was all like, ‘Yeah, he’s in the library, why didn’t you look there?’ And she was all like, ‘Because your father doesn’t read.’ And I laughed and-are you even listening?” he asked, uncertainly.

          “Yeah, your mom couldn’t find your dad, so you think- Luminescent -it was very funny,” I said as I walked through into the common room. 

          “Scorpius, I was wondering when you would come back. I Have something to…. Oh.” Albus Potter ran at Scorpius then stopped mid-run and mid-sentence. 

          “Who’s this,” Albus asked, curious. “Jocy-” Scorpius started to say. “I’m Jocylynn,” I interrupted. 

          “She’s gonna study with us, is that alright?” Scorpius asked. “Yeah, sure,” Albus said enthusiastically.

          We all sat down and I immediately took out my Transfiguration book. “Why do you start with Transfiguration?” Albus asked. 

          “Cause I have detention with her on Saturday. I didn’t turn in my homework so I’m trying to get it done.” “You mean the Animagus essay?” Albus asked. “Yeah,” I replied.

           After that, we were all silent for a time. Once I was done with the Animagus essay, I worked on the Accio charm for Professor Flitwick. Soon, I was done with all of my homework.

            I fell asleep on the chair I was sitting on, and the next thing I know, Scorpius was shaking me awake. “Hey, it’s time for dinner,” Albus said. I groaned and got up.


           After dinner, we said good night and went to our separate dormitories. I’ve made a friend, I thought as I lay down. A real friend. And both are, like, famous. I sighed then fell asleep almost instantly.

           The next day, I felt good. It was Saturday. I immediately got dressed and went to meet Albus and Scorpius, wondering if yesterday was only a dream.

           “Jocylynn, hey by the way, can I call you Lynn?” Albus Asked me as soon as I got there. “Yeah, that’s fine, hi Scorpius,” I replied waving at Scorpius. 

          Ten minutes later, we were sitting at the end of the Slytherin table in the Great Hall. As I spread jelly on my toast, I let my eyes wander. They landed on James Potter, who was staring at me. He quickly turned around, and I sighed.


            Later, I walked into Professor McGonagall’s classroom. James Potter was there, sitting at a desk. He looked at me and smirked.

            “Well, since you are both here, I will inform you that you are supposed to sort the needles and pins. Pins go into this box,” Professor McGonagall said, pointing at a black box, “And needles go into this one,” she said pointing to another. “Get to work” She then left us alone.

          “So, the famous Potter has detention,” I said as I began sorting, using magic. 

           “Yeah, didn’t turn my homework in.”

           “Ha, serves you right.”

           “Hmm. Anyway, I heard that you’re the talk of the boys.”

           “Am I?”

           “Yeah, they say you’re attractive.”

           “Their lying to themselves.”

           “I don’t think so.”

           “I do. And it’s my opinion that matters in that area.”

           “Yeah, but your not the one looking at you. I am.”

            “I believe there’s a word for that. Oh, wait, there is. It’s called stalking.”

            “Hmm.” He smirked, then out of nowhere came, “Will you go out with me?”

          I stared at him, then said, “Maybe, let me know when and I’ll let you know a week ahead.” “Next Hogsmeade weekend,” he said immediately. 


          When I got back to the common room I sat down next to Albus and Scorpius.
          “How was detention?” Albus asked. “Absolutely horrid. James asked me out.”

           “James? My brother?” I nodded. “Why?” Scorpius asked. “Well, according to him, I’m attractive. But I didn’t agree. Somewhat,” I said.

           “What do you mean, ‘somewhat’?” Albus asked. “Well, I told him that I would let him know a week ahead of time. He said next Hogsmeade weekend,” I replied. 

           “So are you going to?” Scorpius asked. “Maybe, honestly, it depends on if he improves his attitude,” I replied. Albus laughed and said, “Good luck with that.” 


                                                                                                                        FRED’S POV

           As I walked down the quidditch pitch, the last thing I expected was James to catch up to me, smirking. I knew immediately that he had news and I was not going to like it.

           “What? What on earth’s ground is making you grin so much? You look like you did when that girl in the seventh year asked you out.” “I do not!” James responded indignantly.

           “Yeah you do,” I said teasingly. “Liar,” he said. “Mmhmm,” I said. “Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I asked Jocylynn out.”

           “Cool, but before you go, I heard that she likes to be called Lynn,” I let him know. He nodded then stalked off. I watched his back as he retreated.


                                                                                                                     ROSE’S POV

            As I sat in the Gryffindor common room I made a plan with Dom.

            “So, we first need to get in the good with that Jocylynn girl. And we are going to start by figuring out what she likes. Do you understand?” Dom nodded. We smiled and stood up.

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