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Cassiope wasn't pretty. That much she knew. She had an hourglass body and she was very curvy. She had high cheekbones and big almond-shaped brown eyes. She had plump lips, the only thing she was proud of on her, olive skin and long black hair.


She was fourteen years old and a witch. She lived in a god-forsaken country but every year, she would take a portkey to London on the 31st of August. She would wait overnight in Kings Cross station and the next morning she would jump on the train to Hogwarts. 


Cassiope had a dad from Britain and a mum from Greece. Her dad was dead as far as she knew and her mum had abandoned her in an orphanage once she showed the first traits of magic. She was afraid of her because she was a Muggle. She learned that when Dumbledore came to give her her letter when she was eleven. He had told her that when they were roaming Diagon Alley for her school supplies.


After her first year in Hogwarts, she didn't want to come back to the orphanage. So she chose to run away where her mother was born. She chose to move into a cabin that her grandfather had built on the mountain of Zaloggos. The cabin was small and dirty. Her grandpa was a bishop and the cabin was where he used to put his sheep during winter. But with her love and care, it had turned into a little paradise. Yes, she had to wash herself in a stream nearby but that didn't bother her. She was invisible and she liked that. And her talent in making Polyjuice allowed her to visit the village down below without people noticing the lonely little girl.


So, on the 31st of August, early in the morning, Cassiope had packed her trunk with her few belongings on a thestral and she had begun her journey to Athens. She was flying high, above the clouds so nobody could spot her. She loved flying but she would never try to play Quidditch. She wanted to remain invisible.


When she reached the outskirts of Athens, she landed in a small forest in Chaidari where she took her trunk and then pulled a steak out of her bag and gave it to her thestral as a thank you for its long journey. She had discovered that thestral last year and after that, it was always waiting for her.


She raised her wand and the Bus of Armatolon, like the Knight Bus in London, appeared. It took her to the train station of Syntagma where the YPMA* was. YPMA was the ministry of Magic in Greece. It was the only place where she could travel with a legal way to Kings Cross but she still hated it, because of that stupid form. Mother's name: Alexandra Couroupi. Father's name: Unknown. It was painful. 


When she landed on the platform 9 and 3/4 it was late at night and the dim lights didn't give her much comfort. Cassiope approached a bench and opened her trunk. She pulled out a small cushion and a blanket and laid there, waiting for sleep to take her. Although, something was bothering her. She had that feeling that someone was watching her from afar. Lifting herself up and she heard a soft sound of footsteps. Immediately, she pointed her wand in the direction of the sound but the only thing she saw was a huge black dog approaching her with its tongue hanging. She waved her hand and the dog came closer. Ruffling its fur, giving one of her rare smiles, she noticed that the dog was very thin.


She opened her bag and found the sandwich she had kept for her trip to Hogwarts. She pulled out the ham and gave it to the dog. Cassiope ate the rest of the sandwich and when she finished, the dog licked her face. She folded the foil that she had used to wrap the sandwich into a ball and threw it as far as she could. Immediately, the dog darted to the direction of the ball. It caught it with its mouth and brought it back to her. They played a little bit more until Cassiope felt sleepy. She took her old tattered cloak and after motioning the dog to lay beside her on the bench she used it to cover the poor thing. She spread her tired body over the bench and covered herself with the blanket. Summer was much warmer in Greece and she was feeling cold. Mingling her fingers to the beast's fur, she thought happily that at least tonight, she won't be alone.


When she opened her eyes in the morning, hearing the first voices filing the platform 9 and 3/4, she realized that she was alone.







A man apparated in a cave. He wore rugs and he was dirty. His long black hair was greasy and his skin looked like it was made of wax. He was so thin that you could see the traits of his skull but the worst thing on him was the crazy look in his eyes full of despair.


For a moment he looked around disoriented and he choked back a sob once he saw the old man standing in the corner. He had a very long silver beard and he was wearing semi-cycled glasses at the end of his long nose. His face was the epitome of calmness and sympathy but when the rugged man saw him, he pointed his wand between the man's eyes.


''You said she was okay! You said that you will provide for her! She was alone! In an empty platform at night!'' he screamed just before burying his face in his hands, murmuring ''She is just a little girl...'' over and over again.


The old man waited a few moments for the other man to calm himself. Once he was able to lift his head, Albus Dumbledore decided it was his time to talk. ''She has inherited your pride. She never asks more than she is needed. She never asks for help either. She asked me once how she could communicate without talking. After that she never approached me again'' he said while folding his hands in front of his chest.


''You mean sh... She can not talk?'' the other man stutter.


''Unfortunately, no. I offered her my help. I offered to take her to St. Mungo's but she denied. If it was anything physical, there isn't a way that we wouldn't be able to fix her. I think it is something else... What do you know about her mother? Have you met her family?''


''Some things... Alexandra... I think she was a Muggle-born. She could do magic but on a very primal level like a child. She never attended a wizard's school though. She was beautiful and sweet and she loved to sing. She had an eerie calmness and it was like she was locked in her own little world. I met her when I was trying to reach Albania. Remember? You wanted to learn about Voldemort's whereabouts. She was living in a small Muggle village on a mountain. I've met her father. He was definitely a Muggle. He told me once to always keep her happy because otherwise bad things will happen. I didn't understand his words because he was speaking in Greek but back in Athens, I asked a friend to translate them.  Alexandra didn't speak English either. But she was something like a reverse Legimens. She could saw you the thoughts in her head.''


''Were you there when Alexandra gave birth?''


''No, I was looking for a Muggle doctor. They weren't any healers or magical communities close by, but I know that when I returned, her father was lying dead on the floor. Cassiope was in her arms, but she wasn't crying. For a whole year that I was with them, she never did. I thought something was wrong with her because she could make sounds and say baby words. When Harry was a baby he used to scream on the top of his lungs when he was crying.'' the man finished seeming much calmer.


Albus Dumbledore muttered ''Interesting...'' and fell in deep thoughts.


''How... How is she in school Dumbledore? How does she manage to do spells without talking?''


The old man's eyes light up in this question and a small kind smile appeared in his face. ''She is something else. She managed NonVerbal spells on her first day. I don't know how! There are adults that aren't able to work with them. At the end of her first year, she forged my signature to gain access to the Restricted Section in the library. She made Polyjuice Sirius. I couldn't believe it and believe you me that I've seen a lot in my life. She is the best student in her year but nobody knows. She doesn't acknowledge her teachers and she tries to stay hidden... She has no friends, but no one bullies her.''


''But why? I don't understand... What should I do Dumbledore? She is my daughter. She is my daughter and I was never able to help her. Where is her mother? What happened to Alexandra? Where does Cassiope live?'' questioned the rugged man while burying his face in his hands again.


''Those are sad questions Sirius that I don't know If you really want to know the answers. Some of them don't fully know but I shall answer as far as I can.''


''Tell me... Please...'' Sirius begged.


''They were living in their house in the village for five years... I don't know what happened but Alexandra chose to leave Cassiope in an orphanage. Then she disappeared. I was never able to find what happened to her. Cassiope was five. When I found her, she wasn't surprised to find that she was a witch. She tried to tell me at first that she didn't want to come to Hogwarts because she was dangerous. Something that I was never able to explain. After her first year, she didn't return to the orphanage though. She chose to go back to her village but also to isolate herself on the shack that her grandfather made on the mountain. That's all I know... Did she hope to find her mother? She has that idea in her head that she needs to stay away from people? I was never able to use Legimency with her.''


''She lives alone? In a shack? On a mountain? For three months? Every year? ARE YOU KIDDING ME DUMBLEDORE? HOW DID YOU LET THAT HAPPENED?'' Sirius screamed on top of his lungs. Some bats flew out of the cave scared.


''Sirius, we both know that I couldn't treat her more than a simple student without revealing to everyone who her father is. Without having people submitting her to tests regards to her nature. I swear to you though that I was always watching her... And I am proud of her.  She is using Polyjuice to transform into an older woman so she will be able to work. I 've never seen anything like her.''


''Oh Merlin...'' the other man sobbed. ''I need to do something Dumbledore. I want to provide for her what I couldn't. I want to know her... I want to be the father that I didn't have the chance to be.''


''Then Sirius it's never too late. If you love your daughter, you will find a way. I am sorry that I wasn't able to tell you who she was last year. I didn't know. I am sure you would have acted sooner as you did with Harry if you knew.''


''It's never too late. You are right... But we have to bring her close to Harry. So she won't know much. But as his friend, I will be able to be close to her as I am with him.''


''Wrong road of thoughts Sirius... Think about it again before you act.'' said the old man and disapparated.






As soon as the train stopped on the platform, Cassiope jumped at the last wagon choosing a compartment all by herself. She knew that no one will sit with her so she spread her legs on the seats and she pulled out her new potions book preparing herself for some relaxing time. She had owled Flourish and Blotts to send her a parcel with her new books. She was able to hear children's voices outside, parents saying goodbye... She focused on her book until the compartment's door swang open and a fair girl walked in. 


''Hi, can I sit with you? Everything else seems full.'' her voice was eerie she noticed with a pang in her heart like hers... She nodded affirmatively and the girl sat at the opposite seats.


''I am Luna by the way. Luna Lovegood'' said and took her hand out for a shake. She was the first person to introduce herself to her in three years. She looked at her hand and after a moment she shook it looking outside the window.


''Well, what is your name? Did I annoy you? I am sorry.'' Cassiope widened her eyes in surprise and hurried to open her book on the front page where her name was written in small calligraphic letters.


''So you are Cassiope Culuriote? Which house are you on? Gryffindor? Because if you were in Ravenclaw I would've known you. You don't look like a Slytherin at all and since you are alone, I guess you are not a Hufflepuff either.'' Cassiope nodded at that and then she turned back in her book. Several moments later, Luna took her book from her hands and shove it to the seat next to her.


''Do you want to play wizard's chess?'' she said pulling a chessboard and a bag of pawns from her bag. Cassiope eyed her curiously. She had never played wizard's chess but she was good at the Muggle chess. Luna prepared the chessboard without waiting for an answer and motioned Cassiope to start with the white with a smile.  And that is how they reached Hogwarts. 


They separated when they entered the Great Hall. Luna said that they should do it another time again but Cassiope turned her head and waved. She will never see her again. That far she knew. She didn't pay much attention to what Dumbledore said. She was famished and couldn't wait to get into her warm bed. Whatever it was that he said wasn't much of importance to her.


When she left the Great Hall, she was deep in her thoughts about her time with Luna. Her voice was almost the same as hers and it was painful. At least she wouldn't bother to approach her again. This time she just didn't have a compartment to stay. Her train of thoughts though was stopped suddenly as she bumped onto someone. She looked up and saw that it was Harry Potter.


''Watch where you going!'' he snapped and turned back to see who fell on him. ''Well aren't you going to apologize at least?''


On that Cassiope nodded while looking down. She felt her cheeks blushing from shame.


''Don't you talk?'' he asked curiously.  Cassiope took out her wand and conjured ribbons that turned on the air and created the word ''No''.


''Then I am sorry for snapping'' he said and turned to follow his redhead friend Ron Weasly. Before he was out of reach though, Cassiope tapped his back and asked with her ribbons about the password to the door behind the Fat Lady.  He smiled and leaned close to her hear and told her. Then he proceeded to walk with his friends. As they were climbing on the stairs, Cassiope heard Weasly say, ''Who was she? Is she new?''


Harry laughed awkwardly' and said ''No, she is in our year. She sleeps next to Hermione. She is the only person that takes higher grades than her. How haven't you notice her? We are with her in every class!''


Cassiope didn't want to hear anymore. She closed her eyes as panic raised in her chest. She was noticed. People talk to her. No, no, no...














Author's Note:

Hello! As you all understand, I am from Greece. So if my English is not very good, show some sympathy. I hope you liked Cassiope. Yes, she might seem unworthy of your attention, but I promise you, she is gold. In the next chapter, you will find more about her and maybe you will find a bit of romance. Stay tuned!


Much love to anyone who reads this!

I appreciate it!



P.S. I think the 3rd and 4th chapter will give you much more information and action. Stay tuned!


*YPMA comes from Ypourgeio Mageias ( Υπουργείο Μαγείας=Ministry of Magic)

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