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                                                                                                                       ​​​​​​​JOCYLYNN’S POV          

           “And then the old lady said, ‘Howdy yer do?’” James Potter said. Laughter ensued this statement.

           I sighed and turned around and walked back to school. I was in no mood to run into the Wotter clan today. We had only gotten to Hogwarts a week ago, and I was failing my classes, had a detention tomorrow, and I had failed to make the Quidditch team, so I wasn’t in the greatest mood.

          “Hey, I’ve seen you before,” someone said. Ugh. James Potter, Fred Weasley, Rose Weasley, and Dominique Weasley had caught up to me. I turned around.

           “Yeah, well everyone’s seen you so I guess that makes us even, right?” I replied sarcastically. “Ooh, a temper,” Fred said. “I like her.”

          I laughed then asked, “Are you gonna move?” “No, I don’t think I will,” James said, then he laughed and he and his friends walked away.

           I sighed, then walked back up to the school, planning to go to my common room and study. But the day’s events weren’t over yet.

           As I walked down the hall, Scorpius Malfoy came out of an empty classroom, bumping into me, causing all of my books to fall.

           “Sorry,” he said leaning down and picking up my books. “Hi, I’m Scorpius, who’re you?” he said.

          “Jocylynn,” I replied. What house?” he asked. “Slytherin,” I said. “Hey me too!” he said excitedly.

           We smiled at each other and his white-blond hair fell into his eyes so he tugged it out.

           “I’m going to the common room to study, d’you wanna join me,” I asked warily. “Sure,” he said.

                                                                                                                       JAMES’S POV


          “Hey, Fred, you know that girl we ran into,” I asked Fred.

          “Yeah, James, Dom was able to figure out her name. It’s Jocylynn Jerold,” Fred replied. “She was pretty, I’m gonna see if she’ll go out with me,” I said, grinning.

          “Not if I do it first,” Fred said, punching me lightly on the shoulder. “Ha, ha,” I said.






A/N = Sorry for the short chapter. More coming soon! :)

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