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(AN: Sorry I haven't been updating on this story for some time, I've been focusing a little bit more on stories to come in the near future. Also, in this chapter I will be using terms from the game Dungeons & Dragons so if you are unfamiliar with the terms I will be using I will be putting their definitions at the end of the chapter. Now enough about that, let's start Chapter 6!)


Time skip to May 28,  7:01 A.M.  


"Flower, wake up!" said Draco, Prim groaned and turned on her other side. "So you want to be difficult, don't you?"


   Draco sighed, walked over to the other side of Prim's bed and held the iced coffee he got the house elves to make by her nose. As soon as she inhaled the sweet scent the coffee gave off, she opened her eyes and her head shot up.


"Bitch I'm up!" Prim exclaimed.


"That's what I thought." Draco said giving Prim her the coffee, which she sipped as soon as she had gotten the chance. "Happy birthday, by the way."


"Thanks. Wait, what time is it?"


"7:06 in the morning, Poe and Pansy are waiting for us in the Common Room."


"Okay! I'mma get dressed."


   Draco left the room and Prim searched her wardrobe for an outfit. She had decided to keep it simple today, she got a white T-shirt, a patterned button-up, some jeans ad her House robe. She put on her satchel and took her coffee with her to the Common Room. 


"Happy birthday!" Pansy said as she gave Prim a hug. Prim had warmed up a little to Pansy over the last few months. Most of the time they got along well, and disagreed every once in a while.


"Thanks Pans." said Prim as she hugged back. Prim stepped back and walked towards Poe who was sitting on the couch, she sat down next to him. "Happy birthday little bro."


"Yeah, you too." said Poe.


"Guys we should start making our way to breakfast, we don't want to be late." said Pansy grabbing her bag.


"Says the person who has been late to class at least three times last week." said Prim, Draco and Poe sniggered.


"Ha, ha! Now come on, I mean it. Not everyone was brought coffee as soon as they woke up." said Pansy.


"Touche Pansy, touche." said Prim as they walked out of the Common Room.




   Everyone was at breakfast eating, talking or preparing for their final exams that day. The twins had gotten a card from their parents and other family members saying congratulations on making 12. Prim was talking to Draco and Pansy and Poe felt a pair of hands cover his eyes. 


"Primrose Anastasia Scott, I swear if you're pulling some stunt on me right now so help me!" said Poe.


"How can I cover your eyes when mine are covered?" said Prim. 


"Guess who?" said a voice.


"Well, it sounds like you're Hermione but the skin tone of the hands covering my eyes is tanner than Hermione's skin tone. So, my guess is either Ron or Harry." Prim inquired, the hands covering her eyes moved away and it was in fact Harry. Prim look over to where Poe was sitting next to her and Ron was covering his eyes.


”Um are you Harry?” Poe guessed.


”Nope.” said Ron.


”Are you Ron?” said Poe, Ron uncovered Poe’s eyes.


”Prim we need to borrow you for a second.” said Hermione.


”Okay, I’ll be right back guys.” said Prim as she walked out of the Great Hall with the trio. ”So, what did you three want to talk about?”


”Do you remember the plan?” Hermione asked.


”Of course, how could I not? We meet up tonight after hours under the Invisibility Cloak, go to the room with the trap door and then try to stop Snape from getting the stone.” said Prim.


"Alright, and we each have a role. Prim is our cleric, Hermione is our sorceress, Harry is our paladin, and as for me I am our fighter." said Ron.


"Okay! We know the plan and we know our roles that we would play in this mission. Does anyone have any questions whatsoever?" said Harry, Hermione, Ron and Prim shook their heads.


"Alright, since we don't have any questions and we all know what we're doing we can call this meeting to a close." said Prim.


   The four of them walked back into the Great Hall and went to their respective tables. Not so long after they sat down, the bell rang signaling that their first class of the day was about to begin in just a few moments.




  Prim had just left her dorm and was about to walk out of the Common Room with all of the essentials she needed for the mission. It was 11:05 PM and Draco had went into his dorm, at least that's where Prim thought he went. She was about to walk out of the Common Room and through the tapestry of the silver snake but was stopped by a voice.


"Where are you going?" said the voice. Prim turned around to see that it was Draco.


"Oh um, I'm just going out by myself." Prim lied.


"I know you too well to know that your not telling the truth. Where are you going? Please just tell me Prim, your my second best friend and I care about you."


"Who's your first?" 


"Your brother. But that's not the point. Where are you going?"


"I made a promise to not tell a single soul where, but let's just say the reason why I'm going to said place is for the greater good."


"Okay, just wherever you're going promise me that you'll be careful."


"Trust me, I will be." Prim walked up to Draco and gave him a hug, he hugged back. They separated from one another and just looked into each other's eyes. This ladies and gentlemen (and Mx.s), was the moment when one orb as blue as the sea and another as green as an emerald met two orbs as silver as moon light. "Alright, I think I should be going now."


"Okay. Go, go to this place so you can do the greater good."


   Prim nodded, gave Draco a smile and walked out of the Common Room where the trio was waiting for her underneath the Invisibility Cloak. 


"In here!" Hermione whisper shouted, Prim followed the voice and got underneath the cloak.


"Ready?" Harry asked. Ron, Hermione and Prim nodded.




   The four of them were almost at the room but came to a stop as they saw Peeves floating in the corridor singing a highly inappropriate song. Ron coughed, something he immediately regretted. Peeves turned into the direction the group was in.


"Who's there?" he asked, Prim cleared her throat and started to do an impression that sounded exactly like the Bloody-Baron.


" 'Tis I, the Bloody-Baron. Now get out of this corridor this instant I have some business to attend to."


Peeves made a frightened look as he said, "Of course Mr. Baron sir. I shall leave this corridor and go to another one."


   Peeves floated away to another corridor as he continued singing the song he started earlier. Harry, Ron, Hermione,and Prim unlocked the lock to the right door and stepped inside.




Cleric - "Clerics are powerful healers due to the large number of healing and curative magics available to them. With divinely-granted abilities over life or death, they are also able to repel or control undead creatures. Clerics also have specific 'domains' which usually align with the character's alignment and the god that cleric serves. "


Sorcerer/ sorceress - " A sorcerer is weak in melee combat, but a master of arcane magic, generally the most powerful form of D&D magic. Sorcerers' magical ability is innate rather than studied."


Paladin - "The paladin is one of the standard playable character classes in most editions of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. The paladin is a holy knight, crusading in the name of good and order, and is a divine spellcaster."


Fighter - "The fighter is one of the standard playable character classes in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. A fighter is a versatile, weapons-oriented warrior who fights using skill, strategy and tactics"


source site : Wikipedia


(AN : That is it for Chapter 6 everyone! I'm working on my Draco/Hermione fic next. If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to comment on them. I hope you all stay safe! Also, thank you so much for 100 views! :) )












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