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Harry gets to the castle and runs to the hospital wing while carrying Draco.When he gets there he yells " HELP HELP DRACO IS BARLEY BREATHING ".


Hermione and Luna turn and go into shock and Luna starts to cry. Madame Pomfrey comes and starts operating on Draco.After she is done she tells Harry, Hermione, and Luna " He is in a coma with a broken nose and ribs and I don't know when he will wake up


Luna starts to sob. " Luna he will be okay he is strong " Hermione say and hugs Luna.


" I know I am just worried what happens if he never wakes up and never get to tell him how I feel " Luna said starts sobbing harder into Hermione's shoulder 


" I have been friends with Draco for a long time he finds his way out of any sticky situations and you will be able to tell him soon " Harry said and hugs Luna.


( 1 month later Draco is still in a coma and Luna hasn't left his side since. Hermione and Harry come by around to check up on Draco and to bring Luna food and homework. Also Hermione is starting to show.)


Hermione and Harry come in to drop off Luna's Dinner.


They hand her her food and Hermione asks " Luna are you okay ".


" No I won't be okay in till he wakes up " Luna said starting to tear up.


" Luna he will wake up soon " Hermione said and pulls Luna into a hug. 


Harry see Draco open his eyes a little but doesn't say anything because he wants Draco to what Luna was about to say.


" Hermione I don't know if I can go on without him. I have liked him since or second year but, I thought I was out of league, But now that I have him I don't want to let him go. " Luna says starting to cry harder.


" " Draco said slowly because he was still in a pain.


Luna wipes her eyes and says " Draco?... DRACO!!! " and hugs him really tight.


" Um Luna I am still in pain " Draco said wincing in pain.


" Oh right sorry I am just so happy you are awake " Luna said and releases Draco from the hug.


" You didn't answer my question did you really mean what you said " Draco said.


" Yes every word " Luna said blushing.


" Well then I have tell you that I have liked you for a while now " Draco said blushing.


" Really " Luna said very happy.


" Yes " Draco says and leans up and kisses Luna on lips.


" That hurt a lot to get up but it was totally worth it " Draco said smirking.


" Is that how you ask someone out " Luna said.


" If I say yes then will you say yes " Draco said grinning.


" Oh my Draco so naive when it comes to love I see but yes I will be your girlfriend " Luna said then kisses him again.


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and remember to leave reviews so I know if you like it or not and give me ideas for future chapters or stories. (: 
*What will happen with Harry and Hermione now that Hermione starts to show find out in the next chapter.*


If you would like to see an affair story between Harry and Hermione leave a review on saying yes or no.


And my heart goes out to every on that has lost friends and family due to the corona virus or losing anyone one in general.


Have a great day!!!! (: 


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