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(Starting from where we left off)


They rush Hermione to the hospital wing .


They finally reach there and Harry yells "MADAME POMFREY HELP US PLEASE"


"What is...oh my hurry get her to the bed" Madame Pomfrey told them.


They put her down on the bed and Madame Pomfrey starts to check on Hermione. After a couple tests she tells them "She will be fine she just got exhausted from stress and the pregnancy. She will be up in a couple minutes" Madame Pomfrey said in a very calming voice.


"What about the babies are they okay" Harry said in a rush.


"They are perfectly fine Harry do not worry" Madame Pomfrey said.


"Thank god" Harry said.


"I am going to go get our stuff that we dropped and bring it here" Draco said.


"And I will go tell Dumbledore what happened. He is probably wondering where we are right now" Luna said.


"Okay I will be here looking after Hermione and thank you for helping me get her here" Harry said.


"No problem " Luna said.


"Besides we are friends we can't let you deal with this type of stuff by yourself. Anything you need we will be there" Draco said.


"Thanks" Harry said.


Luna and Draco leave to go do what they said they were going too. 



Reaches the train and starts to pick up everything and summons a carriage and puts all their stuff in the carriage but before he could start heading back he gets hit in the back of the head with a beater bat.


"Ah!!!" Draco yells and falls to the floor in pain and clutches the back of his head.


"What did a tell you Malfoy I would get you back for what you did" Ron said with a big grin on his face.


"Aren't you glad that Fred and George put their beater bats in your trunk" Ginny said laughing.


"Ya I guess it was just great luck now lets start to really mess with him" Ron said grinning.







She goes to the Great Hall and the sorting is over and everyone is eating. Luna then runs up to where Dumbledore is sitting and tells him what happened then Dumbledore tells her "Thank you for letting me know and tell Harry and Draco you guys can stay with her in till she has fully recovered and I will be rewarding each of you 20 points "


"Okay thank you Professor" Luna said and walks back to the Hospital wing and sees that Hermione is awake and runs over to her and hugs her.


"Are you okay Hermione" Luna said.


"Yes just have a little headache " Hermione said.







Ginny lifts Draco up and Ron starts punching him everywhere and doesn't stop till is knuckles are bleeding.


"I think that will teach him a lesson not to mess with us from now on" Ron said. Ginny then drops Draco to the ground and they leave laughing while he is there on the floor covered in blood with broken nose, ribs and has a busted lip.



"Guys what is taking Draco so long he should have been back by now" Luna said.


" I know maybe he got lost he is not very good with directions. I'll go and see if I can find him" Harry said.


"Okay but hurry back" Hermione said.


"Okay" Harry said then leaves to find Draco.


Once Harry leaves Luna starts to shake out of fear.


"Luna what is wrong" Hermione said.


"I am scared for Draco because I I I..."


"You what "


" I like him "


"That is great and I am sure he is fine" 


"Thanks Hermione you are probably right" 




He reaches the carriage and then sees Draco on the floor and is horrified.


"Draco can you hear me" Harry said then checks if he is breathing and sees that he is but barley.


Harry places him in the carriage and rushes to the hospital wing.




Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and remember to leave reviews so I know if you like it or not and give me ideas for future chapters or stories. (: 


If you would like to see an affair story between Harry and Hermione leave a review on saying yes or no.


And my heart goes out to every on that has lost friends and family due to the corona virus or losing anyone one in general.


Have a great day!!!! (: 

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