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"Harry Hermione are you two ready to go " Lily shouted from downstairs.


"Yes mom we are coming " Harry yelled from upstairs. Then goes to check up on Hermione and finds her on her bed with all her stuff packed but with a scared expression on her face.


"Hermione what is wrong" Harry said as he takes a seat next to Hermione.


"I am just worried about seeing Ron and Ginny again and if they find out I'm pregnant what will they do to me and our babies" Hermione said.


"There is no need to worry because you will be with me at all times and if they find out your pregnant and don't like than they will have either deal with it or deal with me and trust me if they choose me it won't end well" Harry said.


"Harry you always know what to say to make me feel better" Hermione said and then kisses Harry on him on the cheek then goes to grab her trunk but gets stopped by Harry.


"Hermione you shouldn't lift that it you can hurt yourself and the babies" Harry said.


"Harry I am pregnant not crippled I can still do things you know " Hermione said sarcastically .


"I know that but I rather me do it to make sure nothing happens to you guys because I love all three of you with all my heart" Harry said then kisses Hermione then grabs her trunk and takes it down with his almost dropping it a couple times due to it being very heavy.


"Harry who knew you were such a gentlemen" James said sarcastically.


" Oh shush dad " Harry said a little embarrassed.


"I knew he was gentlemen since the day we met" Hermione said making Harry blushed.


They went to car, put the  trunks in the car. and went to King cross station. Once they got there they got there stuff and put it on trolley and walk threw the platform and put there stuff on the train and waited until it was getting close time for the train to leave but before they leave Harry spots one of his closest friends and calls out his name.


"DRACO" Harry yelled and got Draco's attention and he came over and gave Harry, Hermione, Lily and James a hug.


"It so good to be back and see you guys again" Draco said.


" Ya it is good to see you too and I want to tell you something when we get on the train" Harry said.


" Okay and Hermione I heard about your parents I am really sorry and if you ever need any support I will be here for you" Draco said.


"Thanks Draco that means a lot" Hermione said then hugs Draco again.


" No problem " Draco said.


They all say goodbye to there parents and get on the train and start to head to their compartment when the people they did not want to see bullying a Ravenclaw girl named Luna Lovegood.


"Come on Lunny what are you gonna do" Ginny said taunting Luna.


"Just leave me alone " Luna said scared "I didn't do anything to you"


"We know we just have to put wannabe's like you in your place so they know not to mess with us" Ron said then laughed.


Then Ginny slapped Luna and that was the last straw for Harry, Hermione, and Draco who go over to where are and Harry and Draco push Ron and Ginny out of the way and Hermione grabbed Luna and pulled her way from them.


"Touch her again and we will hurt you badly" Draco said as him and Harry raise their wands to Ron and Ginny.


"Oh ya you don't have the stomach Malfoy" Ron said.


"But will stop with Luna and  we 'll just go to Harry's little mudblood" Ginny said.


"Touch her and you will regret it" Harry said getting very upset.


"You two won't do anything to us" Ron said smirking.


"Oh ya is that right" Draco said then looked at Harry both nodded and both said "Stupify" then waved their wands sending Ron backwards and making him fall to the ground in pain and anger.


"You'll pay for that Malfoy and Potter" Ron said in anger as Ginny helped him up.


"Keep telling yourself that Weasel" Draco said


"And let this be a reminder that next time you bully Hermione, Luna, or any one else again we won't go so easy next time" Harry said then him, Draco, Hermione, and Luna walk into a compartment and sit down.


"Thanks for saving me but you didn't have too" Luna said in a voice just above a whisper.


"Trust me Luna that was nothing of what they deserve for what they did to Hermione and me before break" Harry said.


"What do you mean" Draco said.


"Well..." Harry said then he told Draco and Luna everything that happened before break.


"What the fuck is wrong with them" Draco said "And they only got suspended they would have been straight to akzkban if it were up to me"


"That is what they deserve and deserve a long nice time with some dementors  Luna said.


"I know but me and Hermione have learned to deal with it" Harry said.


"At least you and Hermione are okay and Harry what was that thing you wanted to tell me" Draco said. 


"Harry can I tell him and Luna" Hermione said.


"Of course you can" Harry said.


"Okay then before all of the stuff with Ron and Ginny happened Harry got punched by Ron several times and I came over and helped him and after that Harry told me how much he loved me and I told him how much I loved him then we kissed and became boyfriend and girlfriend" Hermione told Draco and Luna.


"That is amazing  you guys are the perfect couple" Draco said.


"You guys will have some cute kids that is for sure" Luna said.


"Well that brings me to our next thing right before break I found out that I am pregnant" Hermione said.


Draco and Luna's jaw drops. 


"And we are having twins" Hermione finished.


"When are you due" Draco asked in a hurry.


"What are the genders" Luna asked right after Draco.


"Guys quiet only a couple people know" Harry said. 


"Oh right sorry" Draco and Luna said in unison.


"But I am due in August and we don't know the genders yet" Hermione said.


"Okay then" Draco said.


"Anyways now that you know everything Draco how was your vacation all through Europe" Harry said.


"It was great but I did miss you guys" Draco said then continues on about his vacation and then Luna tell's them about her break.


Then hours later after talking for hours they arrive, get there, stuff and head up to the castle and then Hermione starts to stubble then faints but, Harry catches her.


"HERMIONE" all three of them yell and drop all of their stuff and rush Hermione to the hospital wing 


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and remember to leave reviews so I know if you like it or not and give me ideas for future chapters or stories. If you would like to see an affair story between Harry and Hermione leave a review on saying yes or no.


And my heart goes out to every on that has lost friends and family due to the corona virus or losing anyone one in general.


Have a great day!!!! (: 

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