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( Starting right from where we left off )


"What do you mean" Harry said 


"Look one baby right there and then one right there " The Doctor said while pointing to the babies in the monitor


"Harry we are having twins " Hermione said very very happy. 


"Are sure" Harry said tearing up.


"Yes Harry we are having twins " Hermione said then hugs him.


After they break apart Harry leans down and gives her a quick kiss on the lips.


"Congratulations both of your babies are healthy" The Doctor said  and wipes Hermione stomach.


"Thank you Doctor" Hermione said.


"No problem just make sure to take care of yourself and them" The Doctor said.


"I will" Hermione said then gets off the bed, grabs Harry's hand and walks out of the hospital and go into Harry's parents car.


"How did it go" Lily said.


"It went great but" Hermione said.


"But what" Lily said.


"We are having twins" Harry said.


"Really that is amazing" James said and hugs them. 


"You till will have the cutest wins anyone has every seen" Lily said the hugs them. 


"Thanks Mom" Harry said. Then they drive home and start getting ready for Christmas and start buying gifts but Harry and Hermione don't know what to get each other so Harry talks to James and Hermione talks to Lily. 


(With Harry and James)


"Hey Dad I need some help with something" Harry said.


"What do you need" James said.


" I don't know what to get Hermione for Christmas" Harry said.


"Well if I were you I would get  Hermione something that means a lot to her. Something that will remind her of something that brought her joy" James said.


"What about a locket with pictures of her parents" Harry said. 


"That would be a great idea" James said.


"Thanks Dad for your help" Harry said 


"Anytime" James said and the two of them share a hug. 


(With Hermione and Lily)


"Lily can I ask you something " Hermione said.


"Sure what is it " Lily said. 


"I don't know what to get Harry form Christmas " Hermione said.


 "I would get him something he would use often and be happy to use" Lily said.


"What if I get him the Newest racing Broom the Nimbus 2005" Hermione said.


"He would love that but it' is really expensive " Lily said. 


"I got it covered my parents left me over 200 thousand dollars in their will" Hermione said.


"Well in that case Harry would love it". Lily said .


"No problem" Lily said and they share a hug.


( Skipping to Christmas Day )


"Hermione wake up babe" Harry said. 


"Hey handsome" Hermione said the kisses him, but then feels sick and goes to the bathroom and throws up.


Harry runs after her and holds her hair and rubs her back.


After she is done Hermione says "Harry I am sorry"


"Sorry...Sorry for what" Harry said.


"I am sorry that you have to see me like this and constantly having to help me " Hermione said disappointed.


"It's not your fault, your pregnant this is bound to happen and besides I am the father and it's my job to take care of you and them " Harry said.


"Are you sure" Hermione said while brushing her teeth.


"Yes I am sure" Harry said and the second she is done brushing her teeth he kisses her and she kisses back. then break apart. 


"Thanks Harry I love you so much" Hermione said then kisses him again and he kisses back. They break apart and  go downstairs where James is separating presents into piles and Lily making breakfast.


"Hey you guys" Lily said.


"Hi" harry and Hermione said in unison.


"How's your day going" James said. 


"Fine besides morning sickness but nothing can ruin a morning when you wake up to this face" Hermione says looking at Harry.


"I love you so much Hermione" Harry said then kisses her cheek.


"I love you too" Hermione said.


They sit down and start to eat and they start talking and hear a knock at the door and Harry goes to see who it is. He opens it and sees Sirius.


"SIRIUS" Harry said very happy and hugs him.


  • *Note that in this story Sirius is a free man and he is very rich. *


"Hello Harry" Sirius says then breaks apart from Harry then walks to the table and gives every one a hug .


"Hermione haven't seen you in a while" Sirius said.


"Well I am here for three reasons the first is that my parents died so I have no where to go and second me and Harry are boyfriend and girlfriend and third" Hermione said but gets cut off by Harry.


"Babe can I tell him" Harry said.


"Sure babe" Hermione said then kisses him.


"Tell me what Harry" Sirius said confused. 


Harry takes a deep breath and then says "Hermione is pregnant and I am the father"


"Really that is amazing you two will be great parents and a great couple and Hermione I am really sorry for your loss" Sirius said.


"Thank you Sirius" Hermione said then they sat down and ate then went to the tree and started to hand out presents but, when it got to Harry's gift for Hermione he was very very nervous. 


"Here you go Hermione" Harry said and handed her gift.


She opens it and starts to tear up when she sees the locket and lets a couple tears fall when she opens it and sees her parents "Harry it is beautiful thank you" Hermione says.


"You welcome I was just hoping you like it"Harry said.


"I don't like it... I love it" Hermione said then kisses him then hands him his gift 


He opens it and then Smiles at Hermione when he sees that it is the newest and best racing broom and immediately kisses her "Hermione I couldn't ask for anything better well actually I can but you already gave that to me" he said as he places a hand on her stomach. 


" Great I am glad you like it and I glad to see you so happy about your other present too." Hermione said placing her hand on top of his.


" Happy Christmas Hermione " Harry said.


" Happy Christmas Harry " Hermione said.


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and remember to leave reviews so I know if you like it or not and give me ideas for future chapters or stories. If you would like to see an affair story between Harry and Hermione leave a review on saying yes or no.


My heart goes out to every on that has lost friends and family due to the corona virus or losing anyone one in general.


Have a great day!!!! (: 

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