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( Later that week )


" Hermione are you ready to go " Harry said.


" Um not yet give me a second " Hermione says while running to the bathroom and throwing u. Harry hears her running and gores up to see what is going on. Then finds her throwing up and goes and holds her hair up.


After she is done Harry asks " Hermione are you okay ".


" Ya just morning sickness " Hermione says. 


" Okay " Harry says and gets a towel for Hermione to wipe her mouth after she is done cleaning herself up. 


After she gets cleaned up they head into the car and Harry's parents drive them to the hospital for a check up on the baby. "Be safe and we will be here the whole time so when you are down come back here " James told them.


" Okay dad " Harry said and took Hermione's  hand walked out of the car and into the Hospital. They write their names down and sits down and wait for their doctor. 


" Harry I am a little nervous " Hermione said.


Why " Harry asked.


" What happens if there is something wrong with the baby Harry " Hermione  said scared. 


" Are baby will be fine " Harry said in a comforting voice then places his hand on her stomach " Our bay is just as strong as their mother " then He smiles at Hermione.


Hermione blushes and says " You really think  I am strong ". 


" Of course I do... not to mention strong, funny, smart the list goes on with you " Harry said smiling at Heermione.


" Thanks babe " Hermione says as she is blushing then kisses him and he kisses back.

  They wait a couple minutes and then The Doctor comes and says " Mr. Potter and Ms.Granger ". Hermione and Harry get up and walk behing the doctor and go into the room. Harry grabs a chair and Hermione lays down.


" So how long have you been pregnant " The Doctor says.


" About a month sir I got pregnant at the beginning of December " Hermione told The Doctor. 


" Okay then have you been drinking or smoking since " The Doctor asks.


" No sir " Hermione said. 


" Okay lets take a look... please pull up your shirt just above your  stomach " The Doctor said.


Hermione lifts up her shirt and The Doctor rubs gel on her stomach and starts to check on the baby.


" There is your baby " The Doctor say to Harry and Hermione. They both look at their baby and Harry starts to tear up.


" Harry you big softy " Hermione said sarcastically.


" Oh shut it Hermione " Harry said. " Is our baby healthy ".


" Yes but I see something " The Doctor says. This worries Harry and Hermione.


" Is it bad " Hermione asked nervously.


" Please tell me the their is nothing wrong with our baby or Hermione " Harry said very worried.


" No nothing is wrong but " The Doctor said.


" But what " Harry said scared.   


" You two are having twins " The Doctor said.


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and remember to leave reviews so I know if you like it or not and give me ideas for future chapters or stories. (: 
*What will happen next in their relationship find out in the next chapter.*

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