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Draco's p.o.v. :


   The alarm on my nightstand went off at 8:11 a.m. Beeb, beeb, beeb. The quiet yet annoying noise rang in my head over and over again. Beeb, beeb, beeb.


"It's too early for this." I said groggily as I pressed the snooze button on my alarm clock. 'Ten more minutes won't kill anyone.', I thought.


   After what felt like eight minutes of sleeping, I felt something hit my head hard. I tried to ignore it by rolling over on my other side. But then, that same feeling that I just had a few seconds ago returned. I opened my eyes to what looked like to be Poe standing beside my bed holding one of my pillows.


"What do you want?" I asked.


”You may want to rephrase that question Star.” another voice said, I rolled over to see Flower holding another one of my pillows. I sighed as I rolled my eyes.


”I'm sorry, what do you two want? And how did you get in here Flower?” I ask.


”I let her in. You misted breakfast by the way.” said Poe.


”Of course I did." I said as I rubbed my eyes.


"And it's almost eleven o' clock." Flower added.


"Well, I'm going to the kitchens after I get dressed. Do either of you want to come with?” I asked.


”I’ll go.” said Flower, when I heard this I felt a deep blush rise up my neck and on to my cheeks.


"Okay. Now out with you two, I need to put on some proper clothing." I said. 



Third Person Omniscient p.o.v. : 


   After Draco had gotten dressed, he walked into the Common Room to meet up with Prim. She was wearing a pair of overalls with a black long sleeved turtleneck underneath. And as for shoes she wore her checkered VANS like she did any other day. 


”Ready Star?” Prim asked as she put on her satchel.


”Yeah, I’m ready.” Draco responded.    


”Okay, let's go then.” said Prim.


   The two walked out of the Slytherin Common Room, made their way underneath the Great Hall and entered Hogwarts' kitchen. In the kitchen there were racks upon racks of spices and seasonings, a large pile of pots and pans, four long tables, one large fireplace on the right wall and, many house elves. 


"This place is pretty big." said Draco.


"You've never been here before?" Prim asked.


"Not once. I just know where it is, but I've never been inside." said Draco. Then a small female house elf approached the two.


"Hello, how may I serve you today?" the house elf asked in her squeaky voice.


"May I have an iced coffee please?" said Prim.


"Yes Ma'am. How would you like your coffee?" the elf asked.


"Two cups of milk, half of a serving of espresso and one fourth cup of cream." said Prim.


"Yes Ma'am, of course ma'am. And for you Sir?" said the elf.


"I'll have a Granny Smith apple." said Draco.


"Yes Sir. I'll be back with your apple and your coffee." the elf said before walking away from Draco and Prim.


   Then, the two just sat there in silence until the elf that had took their orders came back with Prim's coffee and Draco's apple.


"Here you go Miss. One iced coffee with two cups of milk, half of a serving of espresso and one fourth cup of cream. And here is your apple Sir." the elf said as she handed their food.


"Thank you." Prim said as she took a sip from her coffee.


"Your welcome Miss." the elf squeaked before walking off to clean some of the dirty pots.


   Draco and Prim left the kitchen and headed back to the Common Room. There was nothing out of the normal there except for a note from Poe on the coffee table.


"What does it say?" Draco asked.


" 'Dear Prim, I'm with Hermione in the library if you need me. -Poe.' " 


"Okay, so what do you want to do now?"


"Black Lake?" 




   Primrose and Draco left the Common Room once again and headed out to the Black Lake. Once they were there, they settled themselves underneath a tree that had the perfect lighting. It didn't give off too much or too little shade. 


"Do you want me to cut that for you?" Prim asked.


"How? You don't have a knife." said Draco, when he said this Prim pulled out an electric blue and silver pocket knife from her satchel.


"Do you want me to cut that for you?" 


"Sure. Just don't cut yourself." Draco said as he passed Prim his apple.


"I won't, I know how to use this. Quarters or eighths?"




   Prim switched her knife from its regular setting to where it would be able to cut things. She carefully cut the apple into fourths and passed them to Draco.


"Thanks Flower." said Draco.


"No problem." said Prim.


"Hey not that it uh....means anything but what's your blood status."


"I'm a pureblood." 


"Okay, I was just wondering."


"Do you still want me to teach you that charm?" 


"Which one?"


"The one we discussed last night."


"Oh, that one. Yeah I do."


"Okay, finish your apple and when I'm done with my coffee I'll teach you." 


   Five minutes later Prim finished her coffee and Draco his apple. Prim took out her wand and started to show Draco how to use the charm.


"Okay. So what you want to do is take your item like so," Prim said as she raised her empty coffee cup," point your wand at said item, imagine the person you want to send the item to and say translationem. Got it?"


"I think so." said Draco, Prim passed him her cup.


"Try to send me that coffee cup. It's okay if you don't get it on your first try, it might take a while."


"Okay. Here it goes." said Draco.


   Draco closed his eyes and imagined the silver cup in Prim's hands. Still with his eyes closed, he taped the cup with his wand and said 'translationem'. Then, he could no longer feel the cup in his hands. He looked up to see that it had only traveled half of the distance it was supposed to.


"You almost got it! Try again." said Prim passing the cup back to Draco.


   He closed his eyes for a second time. He imagined himself looking down into his hands and seeing nothing, only to look up and see that the cup was in Prim's hands. Draco said 'translationem' for a second time after taping the cup with his wand. And just like the first time, the cup had left his hands. He opened his eyes to see Prim holding the empty coffee cup in her hands. Prim smiled at Draco.


"I knew you could do it Star."



(AN : Hello everyone! That is it fo Chapter 5. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment on them. I'm working on my Dramione story next so I'm going to start working on Chapter 6 when another chapter on my Dramione fic is released. I hope you all stay safe!)









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