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(Staring From where we left)


                                                                     Mature Content!!!!!!         


Hermione pulls out of the kiss and says" You know the night is just getting started right Harry " and at these words Harry smirks and they start kissing again.


They start to kiss each other passionately  and then started to make out. Harry places his right hand behind her head and his left hand on her hip. Hermione places her left hand on his chest and right hand on his cheek. Slowly Hermione hand finds it's way under Harry's shirt and starts to pop all of his buttons off and take of his shirt and throws it across the room.


Harry pulls out of the kiss and asks Hermione " Are you ready for this babe? " 


" I am a 100 percent sure now kiss me handsome " Hermione while she pulls Harry back into the kiss. Then Harry starts to remove Hermione's shirt. As he is doing that she reaches for her wand and uses it to but a lock charm and a silence charm on the door then puts her wand back and continues on what she is doing.


Harry then flings her shirt across the room and then he sees her semi naked chest which turns him on more and makes his cock grow in his boxers making a BIG bulge and Hermione saw it and asks " anything wrong Harry ".


" Nope everything perfect except this " Harry says and starts to remove her bra and flings it across the room and the second he saw her tits he started to suck on them causing  her moan. He spent 5 mins on each but then felt Hermione's  hand on his belt buckle and knew exactly what she was doing so he pulled off her tits and took his belt and pants off. Then he pulled her pants of then the both pulled each others underwear off making them completely naked.


" Harry? " Hermione asked Harry.


" Yes Hermione " Harry asked her.


" This my first time so... " Hermione said 


" Hermione how is this your first time you are the bravest, strongest, funniest, smartest, kindest, generous and hottest girl I know " Harry said confused.


" I was waiting for the perfect time with guy I truly love aka you Harry " She said smiling up at him.


" Well that kind of works out pretty well because this my first time too " Harry said blushing but at these words Hermione was stunned but finally was able to say " So we are both okay with losing our virginty to each other " She said hoping for yes.


" Yes Hermione " Harry said .


" Great " Hermione said and she grabs his cock and places it at the entrance of her vagina and tells Harry " I want you inside of me " with a smirk on her face. 


" Ok babe " Harry said as he gets into position and thrusts his cock into Hermione's vagina and she screams in pleasure  then starts to bleed and Harry gets scared and asks "

 Are you okay Hermione ". 


She smiles and says " yes that is normal for a girls first time now let's continue " And they start thrusting and kissing extremely fast and in sync. Then 20 mins later Hermione lets her love juice go all over Harry's cock.


" Hermione are you ready for a family " he asked her. 


She smiled and said " Yes especially if those kids are your's " she said smiling and continues saying " now I am not finished ". 10 minutes later Harry releases tons of his sperm into Hermione vagina and then finally pulls out. 


" You were amazing Harry and if i could lose my virginity to anyone I am glad it is you " Hermione said smiling. 


" You were brilliant Hermione and I am glad that I let you take my virginity now let's get some rest " Harry said.


                                                                End of Mature Content!!!!! 


( A 2 weeks  Later) 


Hermione wakes up at 6:00 in the morning feeling sick and runs to the bathroom and throws up Harry feels her get out of bed and sees her run to the bathroom and runs after her and holds her hair up while she throws up.


" Hermione are you okay " Harry asks her.


" Ya but I think I am pregnant I am gonna take a test real quick okay Harry " She told him.


" Okay " Harry says and walks out of the bathroom and gets ready and sets clothes out for Hermione


( 3 minutes later)


" Now we just have to wait " Hermione says. Harry hugs and gives her a quick kiss.


(Another 3 minutes later )


" It should be done by now " Hermione says.


" Okay Hermione " Harry says. Hermione goes into the restroom and gets the test and comes back out then looks at it and says.


" Harry I am..." Hermione says


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and remember to leave reviews so I know if you like it or not and give me ideas on future chapters or stories. (: 
*What will happen next in their relationship find out in the next


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