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Olivia's POV



"MALFOY YOU WILL PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!" I squealed as he picked me up and started running towards a sofa. Some people looked our way and sniggered, some just ignored it. He stopped and said "I'll think about" "Hurry up Malfoy or I will give you something to think about, " I said, with an evil tone. "Sometimes I wonder why you doubt your evil self, no wonder you were put in Slytherin," he said, smirking as he put me down. He was so annoying sometimes.


He joined me on the sofa and I elbowed him. He looked at me in surprise and elbowed me back. We started having a little fight with our elbows, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle joined us at the indication of the fight, perhaps just in case, it escalated. We stopped after a while and started chatting. I saw Pansy Parkinson looking at me with a jealous look in her eye. "Oh come on Parkinson, he's my brother!" I shouted across the room to her. She blushed as Draco turned around to see who I yelled at. He rolled his eyes and went back to the conversation they were having about quidditch.


"So are you 5 ready for the Quidditch match tomorrow?" A deep voice said, joining the conversation. I looked over to see Montague, the new quidditch captain. He looked at all of us, waiting for an answer. Crabbe and Goyle had joined the team this year as Beaters, Draco was seeker, and Blaise and I were Chasers. I was also the only girl on the team. "We were just talking about that" I answered. "Did you all hear about there new keeper?" Montague asked. "You mean Weasley?" Draco said, his smirk widened "Yeah, he's going to be trash, we've even made lyrics to a song for him" "WHAT!" I spat at him, Montague, Crabbe, and Goyle backed away at my antics, knowing that if they stayed around he would have to break up the fight that was coming. "Yeah, it goes like this, Weasley is our King, he was born in a..." Draco started but didn't get to finish, "YOU... COMPLETE... ARSE. MALFOY" I screamed, whacking him with a pillow. "It's going to put him off so much! What are you thinking!!" I shouted at him. "That's kinda the point, firecracker," Blaise said, ripping the pillow out of my hands. "I can go tell them now you know!" I said with force. "Good thing we are not letting you out of our sight until the match," Draco said, the others all nodded at this. I reached for my wand but Draco had already anticipated this move, "I will be taking this" he said, I gaped at him, the others sniggered. I crossed my arms, huffed, and said "I can do wandless spells you know" wiping the smirk off Montague's face, "but that's NEWT'S level work" he said, astonished. "This is going to be hard Malfoy," Blaise said, just as astonished as Montague. "Don't worry, she can only do a few without her wand so we will be fine" Draco said, putting an arm around me. By now the whole team had gathered around to watch. I shook his arm off, "YOU SET ME UP!!!" I shouted again. The team all laughed and Montague spoke "Can't let our secrets get slipped can we" They all smirked and nodded. I huffed and said "fine you win" I couldn't do anything, as most of the team were over 16 and really thick, so I really couldn't escape.



The day of the quidditch match dawned, as I reached the bottom of the girl's dormitory stairs, I was immediately accompanied by the whole team. They were like bodyguards, it was quite daunting actually. "You guys don't have to be this protective aye," I told them as we sat down at the Slytherin table. The whole team smirked and Draco said "Oh we just don't want someone sabotaging our chaser" I rolled my eyes at him. "Anyway firecracker, we need to discuss how we play today," Montague said. I stopped my tantrum and started to listen.



"Look at Weasley! He looks like he might barf!" Draco remarked joyfully. I elbowed him, he looked at me but didn't get to retaliate. "Don't start that you 2" Montague said threateningly. We both turned our attention back towards the game. Montague shook hands with Angelina, they both looked ready to kill. "I want a fair game from both of you!" Madam Hooch said firmly. Both teams nodded and I gave Ron a look of good luck and we took off!



"Malfoy with the quaffle, she shoots... she scores," Lee Jordan said, in quite a gloomy voice. The score was now 30/nil to the Slytherins. "WEASLEY IS OUR KING!" I heard the Slytherin side of the crowds sing. I gained possession of the quaffle again, passed it to Blaise who passed it to Montague, who passed it to me. Katie Bell barged into me hard, but I managed to get back on course, I took a shot and.. I scored! "40/nil to Slytherin," Lee Jordan said. Another chorus of WEASLEY IS OUR KING from the Slytherins. Just then I saw Alicia Spinnet with the quaffle, she passed it to Angelina, I barged into her, so did Blaise, she passed it to Katie. "Bell with the quaffle, SHE SHOOTS... SHE SCORES!!!" Lee Jordan Screamed excitedly from the commentator's box. All of a sudden I saw Harry go into a big dive, Draco, who was singing Weasley is our King, noticed as well. He went into a big dive. They were both neck and neck but Harry was faster. He caught the snitch, but as soon as he did Crabbe swung a big Bludger at him. "GRYFFINDOR WINS!!!" Lee Jordan shouted. We all landed, Draco threw his broom on the ground. 



The Gryffindor team was surrounding Harry. "C'mon guys lets go provoke Weasley," Draco said, I was about to reply but our keeper, Nott pushed me forward, I decided I had no choice so I followed. "Did you like our song Weasley?" The team looked over. "We tried to fit in fat and ugly, You know for his mother" I looked at him, surprised. "Just ignore them, let's go" Angelina tried to say to Ron but no one moved. "We couldn't find room for a useless loser, for his father" I elbowed him. Ron lunged at him but Harry held him back, Fred and George who also realized what he was talking about lunged at him too but were held back by Katie and Angelina. "You go there during summer right Potter, probably love that dump they call a house" Harry let go of his hold on Ron, and George broke out of Katies hold. "George don't," I told him, but he didn't listen. All 3 of them lunged forward, Fred was struggling to get out of Angelina's hold. Montague stepped forward to save Draco from the attack. "What do you think you're doing!" Madam Hooch shouted angrily. "Malfoy provoked us, Miss," Harry said. "You three come to my office," McGonagall said sternly, she joined the conversation.



Once the teachers left I confronted Draco "What did you do that for!" I shouted at him, pushing over in the process. Montague and Goyle held me back. "Let me go!" I screamed, shoved them off, and ran towards the changing rooms. Maybe I had overreacted  but who cares. What Draco said was horrible, so I pushed him. It wasn't the first time I had retaliated, once I had made Nott turn into a slug. But all the same, I didn't talk to them at all that afternoon.

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