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Olivia's POV



That morning I scrambled out of bed, hastily chucked on my robes, and did my hair into a very messy bun. I had the care of magical creatures that day. I couldn't wait to see Hagrid, so I rushed down and joined Draco and Zabini (The only other kid in Slytherin including the quidditch team who didn't loath me with great passion, perhaps it was his slight crush on me for the past 3 years, I did not know) at the dining hall. "The great oafs not here!" Draco said with enthusiasm. I elbowed him in the ribs "He is not a great oaf!" but all the same, turned towards the teacher's table to find no Hagrid sitting, but Professor Grubbly Plank taking his place at the table. My heart sank. Just then Dumbledore came in, he caught my eye, giving me. I broke eye contact with him and turned back to Draco. I knew what he wanted and I would give it to him. I made a mental note to go to Dumbledore's office as soon as classes had finished. I started to listen to the conversation Blaise had started about muggle-borns but soon zoned out because their conversation was pointless. I saw Hermione, Harry, Ron, and the twins stand up to leave the Gryffindor table. "I'm gonna go," I told Draco softly. He smirked "have fun with Weasley," he said, and then added. "Honestly I don't know what you see in him" "He's better than you think," I told him. "Yeah whatever," he said. I said my goodbyes (Zabini looking slightly glooming at the mention of Weasley but said bye any way) and ran off to join the others.

Georges POV



"Olivia!" I said with excitement as I saw the girl run towards me. I hugged her and asked, "how was your sleep?" "good," she said. "Hey Hogsmeade trip is coming up, do you wanna go with me?" I asked. "Oh Yes please, but what about Fred?" she answered. of course she would worry about Fred! She had the biggest heart in the world, that's one of the reasons I loved her. "Oh we can meet up with him later, he will be fine" I answered. I gave her a kiss on the cheek which quickly turned to us both kissing passionately, scaring off a few 2nd years in the process. All of a sudden Snape walked in! We pulled away looking at the teacher. "5 points from Gryffindor, I think," Snape said glaring at me. Olivia gaped at him, she was about to argue back but the professor interrupted, "Miss Malfoy I believe you have classes to get to" "Bye George" she said giving me a peck on the cheek. Snape's look of disgust was horrifying "I will be notifying your father about this Malfoy" he spat. She gave a lethal glare, one which had much loath in it. "Which one" she said coldly. I looked at her in surprise, It was unusual for her to lash out like this. Some passing 5th years also seemed very surprised at the remark, "1 point from Slytherin Miss... Malfoy" he spat back. She turned on her heels with a furious look on her face left the corridor, pushing some frightened 1st out of her way as she stormed down the corridor to her lesson. I watched her go then turned to Snape who said "I would rather not see you snog my students Mr Weasley" he turned and left without another word. "Geez man" said a familiar voice from behind. "Fred! I need your help how do I understand girls?!" I asked with a desperate, but joking tone of voice. "I don't know mate, they are as confusing as it gets" And with that we left, planning our next prank.

Draco's POV



"I believe you got my note about the date and time of the inspection" I heard Umbridge say to Grubbly Plank, but I didn't listen any further. Olivia hadn't arrived yet, I was starting to get worried. Finally, I saw her running down the hill towards the class. "Sorry I'm late professor, I just got, ummmm caught up," She said. The Gryffindors sniggered, knowing what that meant. Some of the Slytherins made motions of throwing up. She came and stood next to me. "Who caught you this time?" I asked her. My face fell into a smirk as I saw her blush. "Snape, and man he is a git" she answered, anger now overcoming her red face. "Ok class let's begin" Grubbly Plank said.



"Well YOU seem to know what you're doing then," Umbridge said at the end of the lesson, making a big emphasis on the 'you'. I felt Olivia tense up at these words, so I decided not to show any joy at the remark. We walked back to the school together, chatting about the Hogsmeade trip that weekend. "Do you wanna hang with me and Blaise?" I asked her, but to my disappointment she told me "I'm sorry Draco but I'm going with George, but I promise I'll spend the rest of the weekend with you OK? " "Yeah ok" I replied. Once we reached the castle, she left to go join Potter. 'I don't get it, what does she see in them?' I asked myself, She has been so distant lately, "I wish the old Olivia was here," I said aloud without realizing. "So do we all mate" Blaise said. I smirked as I looked around to see Crabbe and Goyle, who had just joined the conversation, nodding in agreement with Blaise. 

Olivia's POV



"Oh, Olivia how are you?" Hermione asked as I joined them. "Olivia?" Hermione asked " yes?"I answered "what do you think about this" Hermione said, looking carefully over at Harry, who as I just noticed was looking extremely frustrated. "I think we need a new Defence against the dark arts teacher" she took a breathe "and I think Harry should be it"



After another 15 minutes of Hermione explaining, and Harry protesting I finally got a chance to speak "Well I think it's a great idea" I said, giving Harry a look. "Oh fine" he said as he finally gave in. Ron fist-pumped the air. "I'll tell anyone who's interested to come to the hogshead at 3:00 pm during Hogsmeade trip," Hermione said, excited. "I'll go tell the twins," I said as I stood up. I ran off to find George and Fred, who were no doubt scheming another prank.



Hogsmeade weekend


"Thanks for taking me George," I said, as we walked arm in arm towards the 3 broomsticks. "Anything for you my lady," he said, trying to sound posh. I giggled. We walked into the pub and were greeted Rosmerta and shown to a table near the window. "What would you like today," she asked, "2 butterbeers please" George answered and took out some sickles to pay. "It's so lovely to be with you," I told him. He took my hand and we chatted for a while. "Are you coming to ours for Christmas?" George asked. "Yeah" I answered, "I'm meant to be staying at Hogwarts with Draco, but I'd much rather be with you and Sirius" "That's good," he said.  He moved his chair around so he was right next to me, I put my hands around his waist, feeling his warmth. He put his hands on my face and we kissed. The kissing didn't stop for a while. "Butterbeers?" Madam Rosmerta said feebly, she put them down and left. We broke away, a bit embarrassed. I soon realized the whole shop was watching in amazement. The Slytherins in the shop looked horrified, but I didn't care. George seemed to notice, so he put his arm around me and said "Yeah that's right, we are dating if anyone's got any questions, just make a beeline and we will both answer them with a hex" I smirked at him. We walked out, arm in arm, with very smug looks on our faces.


Hermione's POV


I waited nervously in the shifty pub with Harry and Ron. "They should be here soon," I told them, checking my watch. Just as I finished speaking George and Olivia walked in, Olivia looking very red. They were holding hands. Fred came in straight after, shaking his head. I laughed at his antics, getting looks from Olivia, who was clearly very happy. Loads of people came in after that, each of them sharing very shocked faces to see Olivia there. One boy (whom, I might add was very rude) asked with great annoyance "What's she doing here!" I was about to answer but she cut me off, "I am here because if you haven't noticed, one of their best friends, and I'd watch your mouth if I was you because I know a few people who would make your life hell" The boy shut up immediately, maybe it was the fact he knew who she was talking about, I did not know. Once everyone was here I started explaining. 



Over the next 15 minutes I ran over the idea. "Is it true that you can produce a corporeal Patronus!?" a girl asked Harry. "Yes," Harry replied. "He also saved the sorcerer's stone in his first year," Neville said. "And he saved me from the Basilisk in his 2nd year" Ginny piped in "In his 3rd year he fought off all those Dementors," Another girl said. "Not to mention all the stuff he did last year in the Triwizard tournament," Olivia said. "Yes but..." Harry tried to protest "Harry don't deny it, yes we know you had help but your still the best at DADA in our year" "Oh OK," he said finally giving in "When do you all want to have the meetings?" "It can't clash with our quidditch practice," said Angelina Johnson, the Gryffindor quidditch captain said. "Or ours," Said the Hufflepuff, Ernie Macmillan, "Nor ours," said a Ravenclaw named Zacharias Smith, "Or mine" Olivia said, a few people glared at her, but agreed. I realized how much everyone here hates Slytherin and didn't give a damn if it clashed with their practice or not. I got them all to sign a piece of paper to say that they would join, and keep the secret. "That went well," I said to Harry as the last of the people left the room. "Did you see how they were looking at Olivia though! some people just don't understand?" Ron said, clearly frustrated. "They don't know about snuffles Ron, of course, they don't understand" Harry replied as we walked be to the castle. "It's also because she will have bullied most of those kids most of their life here at Hogwarts," I said, remembering how to mean she had been back then. "She has changed a lot, hasn't she" Ron replied. How true that was...

Authors note:

Another chapter done! What did you think about that one? I hope you like it. What do you think about George and Olivia? Please review! It really helps with the writing. Hope you enjoy! :)

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