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Camille always had a hard time dealing with silence. Perhaps it was because her brother Gulliver was always the loud one in the house. She used to follow in second. In fact, when she began at Ilvermorny, She had many friends. It was something that Gulliver encouraged her to do, make friends. They both had big plans.  He graduated Ilvermorny as a Horned Serpent when Camille was in her 4th year. They were the only two Horned Serpents in their family of Pukwudgies. Gulliver wanted to study the world. He wanted to discover new islands, new land. After he graduated, he embarked on his journey around the world. 


“When you leave Ilvermorny, let's go see the world, yeah? That way, you’ll be able to study all the plants this planet has to offer!”


Camille smiled at the memory. She lied in her bed. Thinking about him. She missed him. She felt the closest to him out of her family of 5. That memory quickly faded as Camille started to feel completely alone in this world again. After Gulliver passed, Camille found comfort in the fairy that lived by her house. Her name was Aerwyna. Of course, this was something Camille liked to keep secret. 


She slowly crept out of bed and sluggishly put on a tight green turtleneck sweater and high waisted black pants. She slipped her socks on and buckled up her chunky mary janes. It was getting colder on Mt Greylock. Autumn days were quickly fading into winter.  She brushed through her hair and fixed her bangs. She looked at her face in the mirror one last time, took a deep breath, and left her dormitory. 


As she opened the door to the Serpent Cellar, the painting guarding the common room’s voice rang throughout the hall.


“FINALLY YOU'RE OUT! This strange girl has been pacing back and forth and asking me if you were in there every 5 minutes!” The usually calm Edwardian woman shouted with relief. She wore a white dress and a sun hat. She stood in a beautiful, green garden. “She’s over there!” The young woman pointed over to Luz leaning against the wall.


“Camille!” Luz yelled as she saw her friend approaching her. “You’ll never believe what I found! C’mon, we’ve gotta get Emery!”




The three sat in the library. Luz sat nervously in her seat. She looked like she had caught the plague. Emery’s face was just as pale as Luz’s. However, Camille kept looking through the pages. She frantically scanned each page for some kind of clue as to who this journal belonged to. Finally she found something. Her eyes widened in excitement.She flipped the book to show Emery and Luz. There was a detailed drawing of a map.


“I know this place! My brother Oliver used to go here to hang out with his friends.” She said. “It’s deep in the woods, so he never let me go see it. So I don’t exactly know what it looks like, but I remember him talking about this ” She pointed to a strange hole in the ground. “He was always trying to figure out where it came from. He told me it was this crazy tunnel. He broke his arm once trying to get into it once.” She finished.


“So do we want to try and go there?” asked Emery.


“I think we have to.” Luz said with a breath. “It’s all we have on this person. Okay then” Luz said nervously. “How about tonight? We can’t go in the day, or else we’ll get in trouble. So, 11 o'clock tonight?”

Camille nodded. They then both looked to Emery.


“Yeah, okay. I’ll be there.” Emery said defensively. They all then began to laugh. “What are your guy’s plans for winter break? He asked sheepishly.


“I’m heading back home to Vermont. My family from Ireland usually comes for Christmas. It’s a big event” she finished with a small laugh.


“I’m going back to California. There’s not much to do for me there though, my sister usually goes to her friends and my grandma spends most of the time with her creatures.” Luz said. “What about you Emery?”


“I’m staying here for the holidays.” Emery said. There was a sadness in his tone. “My dad’s quidditch team is doing a winter tour, so I’m staying here.”


“What about Phoebe?” Asked Luz. She thought she might have asked a little too eagerly.


“Oh, well they're going to their moms. Phoebe’s actually my half-sibling.” Emery had a look of discomfort on his face. “Their mom doesn’t really like me much… she’s a bit traditional when it comes to wizard bloodlines, not a fan of half-bloods.” 


Luz felt an ounce of disappointment rise in her stomach.


“Well why don’t you guys come to Vermont with me?” Camille asked. Her already pink tinted face reddened.


Luz smiled with excitement. “Yeah, that actually sounds like fun!” 


Emery joined in the excitement. “My dad and I have never actually celebrated Christmas before. My mom was jewish, so we continue to celebrate Hanukkah.” Emery had a thought. “We’ll have to celebrate Hanukkah too!”


All three of them laughed at Emery’s excitement.


“Sounds like a plan! I’ll just owl my mom now!” Camille said as she began to pack up her stuff.


“See you at lunch Ms. Greene.” Emery said. Camille’s smile grew even wider than before. She nodded eagerly.


Then it was just Luz and Emery.


“Tell me Novak, up for a game of quidditch?” Luz questioned. Her competitive side was rising.


A sly smirk appeared on Emery’s lips. “You better be ready to lose.”




They had been up in the air for about an hour now. The clouds were beginning to gather and it looked like a storm was upon them. Of course, this was only driving Luz’s competitive edge even further. She had been a chaser for the Thunderbirds for the past 5 years. She had competed with Emery before, but this year he was captain of the Wampus team. Of course, his cockiness got the best of him and Luz was currently beating him.


Luz was about to hit the quaffle when something caught the corner of her eye. She began to fly down.


“Giving up already, De Leòn?” Emery taunted. He then saw the seriousness in her face. He began to follow her. “What is it?”


The bushes rustled as if someone had just ran through them. 


“I think they’re here.” Luz said.


They both reached the ground. Branches snapped in front of them. They began to follow the sound.


They were now in the forest of Mt Greylock. The two had heard many horror stories of the Sasquatch that inhibited these woods. With those stories in mind, they took precaution.


The two were deep in the woods now. They had been searching for this mysterious person for more than an hour. Rain had begun to fall, but luckily the trees were blocking the water from soaking Luz and Emery. They were about to give up then and there when suddenly, Luz saw movement behind a tree. She signaled to Emery and quietly pulled her wand out. They crept over to the tree. Luz moved to the left side of the tree and Emery to the right. Luz counted with her fingers, 1 2 3…


She moved around to the other side of the tree her wand at the perpetrator's neck. It was a young man. He seemed to be in  these woods for a very long time. 


“Please, please! I am not here to kill you!” The man pleaded. He had a french accent. “I am trying to save-”

“Shut it.” Emery said. “We’ll be the ones talking. What’s your name?” he inched closer, his wand pressing into his collar-bone.


“Bastian Dubois, I am from the Wizard Resistance” He answered timidly. “I promise you, I mean no harm!” Luz could see the fear in his eyes.


“Emery, go easy.” She said. With that, Emery moved his wand away from his neck. “What do you mean by trying to save us?”


“There is an Uprising coming… the- the MASCA has been infiltrated. Mangemorts are trying to- to regain power.” His words were shaky. He had a hard time pronouncing many of the words. “The Ministère des Affaires Magiques has already been affected by mangemorts-”


“Mangemorts, what are mangemorts?” Emery asked urgently.


Bastian looked confused for a moment and then realized what he was asking. “Oh! You call them dark wizards, yes?” He said with a nod. “Well these dark wizards are targeting you! They want you to join them. You three have relations to a dark wizard.”


“Was it your notebook that I found in the hidden room?” Luz asked.


“Notebook? No, no I’ve been in these woods. I swear I have not entered the castle!” Bastian had a look of concern on his face. “What is this notebook you speak of?”


“I don’t have it, Camille took it with her.” Luz said with an ounce of frustration. 


Emery then stepped forward. “Wait a minute, how can we trust you?”


Bastian then moved away from the tree. “Follow me to my tent, yeah? I will show you all that I have.” He looked at the wand “You can even keep it pointed at me.”


The three walked to his tent. Emery stood in back with his wand pointed at Bastian’s back. He led them to a small tent. He opened the tent and let them in. The tent inside was a small little studio. This man had clearly been living here for months. All of his items were strewn all over the tent. The sink had a mountain of dirty dishes piled up. It was obvious he wasn’t lying.


“Look, my documents.” He handed them a file. Luz opened the file to open a Ministère des Affaires Magiques employee file “See! That is me, you can trust me.


Emery and Luz looked at each other. Emery gave her a look of resistance, Luz returned that with a look of annoyance. Emery then gave in.


“Okay, we trust you.” Emery said reluctantly.


“Good! Good, I’m glad! I will help you!” Bastian said excitedly. “Where is Camille?” He asked.


“She’s owling her mom.” Emery said protectively.


“Okay, I should probably explain everything when all three of you are here. When will you all be able to come?” Bastian questioned.


Luz thought for a moment. “Well tonight we’re going deeper into the woods. We found a map from that notebook.” Luz said with caution. “It might be good to have an auror with us.”  Luz finished.


Bastian nodded “It would be smart for me to come. Alright, meet here at my tent. What time?”


Emery rolled his eyes “11.”


“Okay, I shall see you then.” Bastian said with a nod.


The two then headed back to the grounds of the castle.


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