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Authors note:

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while. I haven't been able to write as I have been settling into a routine now that my countries in Lockdown. I am jumping to 5th year because I had a vision about the future with my character.  This year you will find out why the Malfoys have captured Olivia. Here are some spoilers so the whole thing makes sense, Olivia has the inner eye as she finds out in 3rd year, she helps Harry and Hermione save her Sirius Black and has kept in touch with him (you will find out why soon) she has also been recruited by the Order as a spy. Draco now knows that Olivia is Friends with the trio, but Lucious does not. So you find her hanging out with the trio a lot more. A lot of things won't go with the original storyline of the Order of the Phoenix. I own nothing apart from Olivia. Hope you enjoy:)


Olivia's POV


Sirius Black is my Dad I thought. We had owned each other every other day, talking about all her problems with the Malfoys. He kept me sane, now that Voldemort is living in the manor. I didn't go out of my room very often, but occasionally Lucius would question me with questions that I didn't understand. I had not seen the dark lord yet, so I hadn't managed to get much information out. I am now a member of the Order of the Phoenix (even though I am not of age) my job is to spy on the Death Eaters.



Draco and I walked to the train, chatting. "I wonder who the new DADA teacher is?" I asked. "I hope it's someone good, I mean we have OWLs this year so I would hope so," he said. "I wish Lupin was still here, he was the best teacher we ever had" I commented, I hadn't seen any of the order all summer and was longing to see them. "You really liked him didn't you," he said with a smirk. "I'm gonna go find Harry," I said, he rolled his eyes at this but didn't say anything against it.



I found them in a compartment with Ginny, Fred, and George. "Olivia!" said George, he gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Everyone looked shocked at this and I blushed but sat next to him huddling close to his warm skin. Ron wolf-whistled. "Before any of you ask any questions about me and George, how was your summer! Your so lucky, getting to hang with the order!" I explained. "Not really," Fred said "We aren't even allowed to join! George and I are of age but they just won't give in! we haven't been allowed to any of the meetings, you are the only kid that is actually on the order!" I turned to Harry this time asking "How's Sirius?" "Happy enough, but you can tell he's pining for you, every time an Owl arrives at the house he pushes forward just to hear from you," Harry said with a look of pity in his eyes. I told them about my summer, and about all the Death Eaters staying at the manor after the breakout. "Bellatrix is especially meaningful to me, she's Sirius's cousin, so she knows, in fact, all of them know who my dad is now, it's not very nice." I said then added, "also I've been seeing more, it isn't very clear but it doesn't look good". "So about you and George," Ron and Ginny asked with a smirk on their faces.



We arrived at Hogwarts and I said bye to the group and went over to join Draco at the Slytherin table. The food was good. I got the usual insults at the table, most of them about how I could date such filth. Draco jumped to my defense which I was grateful for as I didn't fit in with the Slytherins anymore. I got an Owl from Dad saying how much he missed me and reminding me that if I saw anything unusual to tell him immediately. I made a note to write back to him tonight and tell him that I could spend Christmas with him. The only reason I hadn't been with him all summer was that as soon I hopped off the train at the end of last year Lucius grabbed my arm and apparated me right out of the station. I had gotten beaten for trying to escape.



We had our first class the next day. All the teachers giving us big lectures about our OWLs and about how important they were. Turns out DADA was a complete waste of time. The teacher was a complete toad-like lady who had also became the Hogwarts 'High Inquisitor' apparently she was from the ministry. That position, however, gave her the right to expel teachers from their job if she didn't think that they were up to scratch. I hope Trelawney doesn't crack under the pressure of the lady I thought, worried. Speaking of Trelawney I started to make my way to her class for the first divination lesson. It was my favorite subject, but only because I was the only true seer in the class. I joined Harry and Ron at a table just in time for Trelawney to start talking. "Welcome class, as you all know your OWLs will take place this year, beware only a few will pass, and only one will get top marks" She looked at me with her loopy eyes. "I just can't wait to drop this subject" Ron muttered. I sniggered, knowing that even though I loved the subject I would not be joining next year. "Today we will be looking at crystal balls and deciphering their secrets," Trelawney said. Just then Umbridge walked in. "I believe you got my Owl saying that I would be observing the class today, but of course you would have already known I was coming with your abilities" we continued on with our work. "Ok that will be enough for today you can pack up and you may go," Trelawney said. "Hem hem" the toad-like woman cleared her throat. The whole class stopped moving and looked form her to Trelawney "could you... see something for me?" Umbridge asked. Trelawney looked like someone was about to smash all her crystal balls. She was about to say something but I cut in "Professor if I may, Trelawney has taught me all I know... to prove that would you mind if... I do the seeing?" I asked. "oh sorry miss Malfoy but that won't do I have to see if the teacher can not the student, would you please go back to your seat" I stepped back and sat down with a huff. Harry looked at me in surprise. "Also Potter your Detention will take place tomorrow" The toad spat as she walked away, her ugly pink cardigan flowing behind her. Oh how much I hated Umbridge.

So this was a bit rushed but I promise it won't be in the future! Please review! I need constructive criticism so I can make my writing better. Hope you enjoy:)


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