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   Over the next few weeks, the late Summer heat was starting to be replaced with a cool Autumn breeze. Every night Draco and Prim had conversations when people thought they were asleep, and it had become a routine. They would wake up, go to breakfast, they went to their classes, they did their homework, ate dinner and to top off the night, Draco and Prim would talk. 


   And if Prim wasn't with Draco and Poe, she was with Hermione and Poe. Hermione and Poe started to get along well, they were both very similar. Both were intelligent, kind, knew the answer to almost every question and had a bit of a brave side.


   The first years were in transfiguration, Prim's worst subject. Before class had started, Professor McGonagall put a rolled up slip of parchment on Prim's desk and told her not to unwrap it until after the lesson was over.


   An hour and thirty minutes later, McGonagall had concluded the lesson and dismissed her students. Primrose walked out of the classroom with Poe and Hermione as she unrolled the parchment. She read the following :



        Miss Scott,


    You have seemed to be struggling in most of my lessons, so I'm advising you to either find a tutor to help you or study more. If you do not take this into consideration you will fail my class. I am not saying this out of pure spite, I am saying this because your transfiguration grades have been declining since mid-september.  



                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Professor McGonagall." 


Primrose groaned after she had read the letter, Poe and Hermione noticed something was wrong.


"Are you okay?" Poe and Hermione said at the same time, they laughed.


"Professor McGonagall says that I'm failing transfiguration, and you know how mad Mum will be if I fail." said Prim.


"Well I could tutor you if you'd like." said Hermione.


"I'd like to take that offer Hermione." said Primrose


"Alright, meet me at the library when classes are over." said Hermione.


"Okay, thank you for doing this Hermione." said Prim.


"What are friends for? And besides if tutoring you does bring my grades down a bit, I'll still have a passing grade." said Hermione.


"Well that's good. Are you guys excited for the first quidditch game of the season tomorrow?" Poe asked opening the door to the potions classroom.


"Yeah, it's the only thing Harry talks about lately. And I can understand how, it's his first game ever and he's never played before." said Hermione.


"But don't you think it's a bit unfair, he's a first year and we aren't allowed to play until our second year." said Prim sitting down in her assigned seat. 


"I wasn't onboard with it at first either but there wasn't many options for the seeker position. On another note, are you excited for the Halloween feast this Thursday?" said Hermione sitting down next to Harry.


"Yeah, I heard that they're will be floating Jack-o-lanterns and they'll probably be huge." said Prim, Professor Snape entered the classroom and started explaining what they will be doing today.


"Alright class today we're going to attempt to make a cure for boils. You'll be put into partners based on the notes on your desk. Person A goes with person B and same vice versa. A does not go with A, and B does not go with B. Understood?" said Snape, everyone in the class nodded before he started passing out notes with 'A' and 'B' on them.


   Primrose and Harry had gotten paired up and Primrose went to get the ingredients for the potion. They each had a different job, Primrose cut all of the ingredients and would Harry add them. When they were finished, Professor Snape evaluated their potion and said that it was almost a perfect concoction. He took a vile of everyone's potion before sending them off to where they wanted to go for the rest of the day.


   Primrose walked out the classroom and headed for the library on the first floor to start her tutoring lessons with Hermione. She walked into the library and found Hermione sitting at a table with Harry and a boy with flaming red hair. 


"Prim this is Ron and I'm sure you know Harry from potions." said Hermione, Prim waved at the two boys."Guys this is Primrose, I'm going to be tutoring her for about an hour." 


"Alright, we'll be off so you two can concentrate." said Ron.


"Okay bye Ron, bye Harry." said Hermione. "Now let's get started with the basics. We have an apple, and your going to try to change it into a silver fork. Your going to say ' ad malum furca 'after tapping it three times with your wand, okay?". Primrose nodded her head.


”Ad malum firca.” said Prim, the apple stayed in its original form.


”Try again, most don't get it on their first try.”.


”Ad malum furcaa." the apple started to change but then it went back into its original form.


"You almost got it, try again.".


"Ad malum furca." the apple changed into a silver fork.


"See, you got it! Now let's see if you can change it back, try to say the incantation backwards.".


"Furca malum ad." the fork changed back into an apple.


"Good job! Let's try a few other things and then we'll be done for now.".




   Fifty minutes later, Hermione had finished tutoring Prim. She had transfigured an apple, a quill, an ink pot, a piece of parchment and a button. When they were finished, they had started on their homework but got distracted. Instead of filling out a chart for astronomy, they were telling each other jokes and laughing their heads off.  


   Just as Hermione was in the middle of telling Prim a joke they heard a fake cough meaning someone was there. Primrose looked up to see Draco by himself.


"Hey Draco." said Prim.


"Are you ready?" he asked.


"Yeah, I just have to pack up a few things." said Prim rolling up her astronomy chart.


"Okay, I'll wait for you." said Draco before walking off. Prim packed up her things and told Hermione goodbye.


"Alright, I have to go to my escort now." said Prim, Hermione laughed. "Bye Hermione, thanks again for tutoring me." said Prim picking up her bag.


"It's not a big deal, really. Bye Prim, I'll see you tomorrow." said Hermione waving goodbye, Prim waved goodbye back.


   She walked to the front of the library where Draco was waiting for her. They started to talk about their day on their way back to the Common Room.


"So, how was your day?" Draco asked.


"It was okay,...I guess." Prim responded, by the way she said it Draco knew that she wasn't okay.


"What's wrong?" Draco asked, Prim sighed.


"I'm failing transfiguration. And if my mum finds out, then I'll be in some deep trouble. But I did find a tutor so hopefully things will get better." 


"I'm sure they will."


"How was your day?"


"The usual." 




   Prim took her Walkman out of her bag and started to play music. 'American Pie' was playing and Draco didn't know the lyrics so Prim sang them to him. Draco smiled as he heard Prim sing.


"A long long time ago I can still remember how that music used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance, that I could make those people dance and maybe they'd be happy for a while. But February made me shiver with every paper I'd deliver. Bad news on the doorstep, I couldn't take one more step. I can't remember if I cried, when I read about his widowed bride. Something touched me deep inside the day the music died. So...


"Bye bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry. And them good ole boys drinking whiskey and rye, singing this'll be the day that I die, singing this'll be the day that I die. ..." a few minutes later when the song was over, Prim and Draco were at the entrance to the Slytherin Common Room.


   They said the password and they entered the common room where Poe was doing his homework along with a first year girl with short black hair. The two sat down and started to finish their's. After two hours of doing homework, the three took a break and started to talk about tomorrow's quidditch game.


"I hope that Slytherin wins." said Draco.


"Well of course you do, who wouldn't want their own house to win?" said Prim.


"So Poe, how was your day?" Draco asked, changing the subject.


"It was pretty good, me and Hannah made a perfect potion in class." Poe answered.


"I mean I would expect that. You both are good at potions and you both are smart, so..." said Draco.


"Do you think we should play some games on Halloween?" Poe asked.


"What kind of games?" said Draco.


"Like a weegie board, tell scary stories, stuff like that?" said Prim.


"Sure. Maybe Pansy would like to play too." said Draco.


"Who?" the twins asked.


"Pansy Parkinson, I hang out with her when you two aren't around. She was the girl Poe was sitting by earlier. You know Prim, you and Pansy are very similar. The two of you would be good friends." Draco answered.


"She can come if she wants to." said Poe.


"Yeah. We should get going, it's almost time for dinner." said Prim.


"Okay, let's put up our things first." said Poe.


"Okay." said Draco, before they started to pick up their homework.


   They walked to the Great Hall and Professor Dumbledore reminded everyone about the quidditch game tomorrow and the Halloween feast on Thursday. After the three ate, every one went back to their doms, did homework for a bit then went to sleep. And as usual for Prim and Draco, before they went to bed they had their late night conversation.



   It was 4:05 pm on Wednesday, and students who weren't playing started to crowd into the large oval shaped quidditch stadium. Poe and Prim went to sit next to Draco and who the twins thought were Pansy Parkinson.


"Hey Poe, Prim! This is Pansy, the girl I told you about yesterday. Pansy, these are the twins I keep telling you about." said Draco as Poe sat to his left, Prim sat on his right and to the left of Pansy.


"Hello, I'm Pansy." she said holding out one of her hands to each twin, they both shook the hand she had given them.


"I'm Poe." 


"And I'm Prim. Prim short for Primrose."


"That's a pretty name." said Pansy.


"Thanks, my father picked it out." said Prim.


   Just then, the teams flew onto the field and the game was about to begin. Madam Hooch blew her whistle and threw the quaffle in the air. Slytherin had gotten possession of the quaffle, soon to be taken by Gryffindor. Katie Bell passed the quaffle to Angelina Johnson and threw it into the Slytherin goalpost, gaining Gryffindor ten points. 


"Ten points to Gryffindor!" Lee Jordan roared into the microphone.


   Slytherin had gotten possession of the quaffle again and attempted to throw it into Gryffindor's goalposts. Oliver Wood saw this and blocked the quaffle. Marcus Flint snarled and demanded one of the Slytherin beaters to let him borrow their bat. One of the beaters nodded saying he could and handed him the bat. Marcus flew toward a bludger and aimed the bludger at Wood. He tried to dodge it, but was unsuccessful. Wood and his broom fell to the ground and into the sand. Most of the stadium made an 'oooooh' sound seeing that Gryffindor no longer had a keeper.


"That's not right! And look, no one is even getting up to help him." said Pansy, outraged.


"I can agree with you 100% on that one, Pansy." said Prim.


"That's just how they are sometimes. Slytherin has this thing about playing dirty." said Draco.


"I know but they're not even calling a foul or helping Wood. And from a fall like that, he is most- probably injured." said Prim, trying to prove her and Pansy's claim.


"You might not right on that last part, Primrose.Wood isn't 'most -probably injured', he is injured. Wood was probably flying at a height of fifty feet or more above the ground. So, if he were to fall he would probably break an arm or leg." said Draco.


   Slytherin just made another ten points, making the score Slytherin : 10 and Gryffindor : 20. Soon after Harry had spotted the golden snitch and chased after it. Slytherin's seeker noticed this and started to chase after the snitch as well. Harry was just about to grab the snitch but was caught off guard when his Nimbus 2,000 went haywire. His broom moved in ways as if it was trying to shake him off of itself. 


   After a few minutes of Harry struggling to stay on, he had almost fallen. Harry was now holding onto his Nimbus with nothing but his right hand. Gasps had emerged from every inch of the stadium. About two minutes later, Harry was able to get back on his broom and the game resumed.


   The two seekers were side by side, Harry dove down but the Slytherin seeker pulled upwards. Harry tumbled forward and held his stomach when he stood up.


"I think Potter is about to lose his breakfast." said Draco, but then something small, round and golden came out of Harry's mouth. It was the golden snitch.


"Harry Potter has caught the snitch, earning Gryffindor 150 points and ending the game with a score of 170 against Slytherin with a score of 10!" Lee Jordan announced, cheers came from everywhere in the stadium except for where the Slytherins were.




   Classes the next day ended at around 3:15 and students started to get ready for the Halloween feast. Prim was walking across the courtyard with Pansy back to the Common Room and saw a familiar bush of curly brown hair purposely bump her shoulder into Ron's. Prim knew something was wrong and wanted to do something about it.


"I'm sorry I'll be right back. I will see you in the Common Room." said Prim.


"Okay, bye Prim." said Pansy before Prim ran as fast as she could to try and catch up with Hermione.


   As she was running she heard the sound of someone crying getting louder and louder. Prim followed the sound until she was at the girl's lavatory where the sound was coming from. She knocked on the only closed stall door and waited for a response. 


"Hermione can I come in?" Prim asked, soon after she had gotten her response when she heard the door of the stall unlock. Prim walked into the stall where Hermione was turned toward her and it had been obvious that she was crying. Her big brown eyes that were the color of chocolate, were now red, puffy and the color of almonds. "What happened?"


"Ron.... called me a...." said Hermione in between sobs.


"A what?" said Prim.


"A know it all. And he said...that I...don't have any...friends." said Hermione, Prim sat down on the toilet.


"Hermione I'm going to tell you a story. But first I need you to take deep breaths, in and out."


"Okay." Hermione did as she was instructed and sat down on the floor and looked up at Prim.


"When I was younger, I was one of the smartest people in my class as well as an outcast and often got bullied for it. I was called things like nerd, Einstein stuff that had a similar definition to the phrase 'know it all'. But then standardized tests came in and the people who had made fun of me for being who I was had to repeat the grade. I passed every standardized test and made it to the next grade. What I'm trying to say is, is that it isn't bad to be a 'know it all'.


"Also, if Ron said that you didn't have any friends then why am I here. I'm here because your my best friend, and you seemed hurt. If I weren't your friend then I wouldn't be here comforting you. I would be drawing, doing homework or anything but being with you Hermione." Prim left her spot on the toilet and sat by Hermione.


"Thank you Prim." Hermione hugged Prim and they leaned their backs against the wall of the bathroom stall. Hermione's head was on Prim's shoulder and Hermione's arms were wrapped around Prim's neck. Merlin this feels so good, Prim thought to herself. 


   Then, they just stayed in that position and talked for who knows how many minutes. They heard loud footsteps and gave a worried look at each other.


"What was that?" Prim asked, as her face went pale.


"Someone's probably just coming to use the restroom." Hermione answered.


"Okay." said Prim, her face went back to it's normal tan.



 Meanwhile in the Great Hall : 


   Professor Quirrell ran into the Great Hall and screamed,"TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!!! I thought you might have wanted to know." then he fainted.


   Every student in the Great Hall went into a panic, most dropped the sweets they were eating and ran to the doors of the Great Hall.


"SILENCE!!!," Dumbledore yelled,"Now House Prefects please take you and the rest of your house to your respective areas. Teachers and staff please come with me to the dungeons to sort out the situation.". Everyone got up and started to go where they needed to go. 


"Wait Draco." said Poe, Draco turned his head to face him.


"Yes?" he asked.


"What about Prim, she doesn't know that there is a troll in the dungeons."


"Maybe she is already in the Common Room." said Draco, a loud scream was to be heard after he had said this. "Maybe that was just Screaming Sally, one of the ghosts."


"There is no such ghost or poltergeist in all of Hogwarts named 'Screaming Sally'." said Poe holding Draco's shoulders and shaking him, "That was Prim, I've heard her screams before."


"Okay, let's go find her!" said Draco. They walked to where they had heard the screams and were and the entrance to the girl's lavatory. However two other students were there too, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.


"What are you doing here, Malfoy, Scott?" Ron asked.


"Well long story short, my sister is in there and there is a troll roaming the castle." said Poe before he had opened the doors and went pale as he saw the gigantic mountain troll.


"Hermione is in there as well, so we have to get in there too." said Harry, running into the girl's lavatory with Ron. Draco and Poe followed.


   The bathroom was not a pretty scene, half of the stalls were broken and the wood that they were made of was on the floor, along with the stalls one or two of the toilets were broken.


"Prim, are you in here?!" Draco asked.


"Yeah, I'm fine so is Hermione." Prim responded.


"Where, we can't see you?" said Poe looking around the room, just then a pile of wood pieces started to move and Prim stood up but wasn't uninjured. She had a bloody nose and a cut lip. Prim heard a growling noise behind her, she turned around to see the troll about to destroy where Hermione was hiding.


"HERMIONE RUN!!!" Prim yelled, the troll swung it's club just after Hermione ran from underneath one of the stalls and under a sink.


"Okay quick question, does anybody here know any useful spells to take on a troll?" Harry asked.


"Swish and flick!" said Hermione from under the sink, Ron understanding what she meant took out his wand.


"Wingardium Leviosa!" said Ron aiming his wand at the troll's club. The club slipped out of his hands and immediately became confused. Ron made the club move back and then forwards causing the club to hit the troll's head. The troll swayed it's head for a bit before it fell to the floor with a loud thud. 


   Seconds afterwards, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape and, Professor Quirrell came rushing into the bathroom. Professor McGonagall gasped as she took in the scene.  There were six first year students, there was an unconscious mountain troll on the ground, half of the stalls in the restroom were destroyed, four male students were in the girl's restroom and, one of her students had a bloody nose and a cut lip.


"Explain yourselves, all of you!" said Professor McGonagall.


"It's my fault Professor McGonagall." said Hermione.


"Miss Granger?" said Professor McGonagall, shocked.


"I read about them and-" Hermione said before she was cut off by Prim.


"Professor McGonagall, that is not true. The truth is is that Hermione was feeling unwell and I came here to comfort her. We started to talk and didn't realise how much time had flown by. When we were about to come out, we had seen the troll in a corridor outside of the lavatory. And then these four," Prim said gesturing to Harry, Ron, Poe and Draco," came in." 


"And which of the six of you managed to defeat the troll?" Professor McGonagall asked.


"I did." said Ron, Professor McGonagall sighed.


"Miss Scott and Miss Granger, you have each just made your House lose five points. Mister Malfoy, Scott, Weasley and Potter you have each gained your house five points. Now Miss Granger you may go to the Hospital Wing if you still feel unwell and take Miss Scott with you." said Professor McGonagall, Prim and Hermione nodded.



   Draco, Poe and Prim walked into the Slytherin Common Room after Prim had went to the Hospital Wing. Poe yawned the second he sat on the couch.


"Guys I've had enough for tonight, I'll see you in the morning." said Poe heading up to his dorm.


"Okay, night Poe." said Prim.


"Good night see you in the morning." said Draco. Poe walked up the stairs and closed the door to his dorm.


"Thank you for what you did earlier." said Prim.


"Primrose you do realize the only thing I did was come, right?".


"Yeah, but that's the least you could've done.".



(A.N. - Hello everyone! That is it for the third chapter, I'm not going to be updating on this story for a bit due to my Draco/Hermione fic and another project I'm currently working on. I hope you all stay safe.)


























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