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Chapter 3: Detention


After that carriage ride, the four didn’t speak to each other often. There were simple nods in the hall on the way to class, but that was all.


Emery went back to his quidditch friends


Camillie spent her time alone in the greenhouses


And Luz, well Luz sat alone. The only person she really spoke to was Amada, but even then Amada was too busy for her sister. Instead, Luz spent her time writing her abuela. Luz would tell her all about the professors and what she was learning. Her abuela was the only one keeping her sane in this castle. Her abuela would write about how Luz was so much like her father and if he were alive to see her today, he’d be proud.


Not too many people knew about Luz’s mother. Her being a dark witch and all. Luz wanted to keep it that way, and it had been like that for the past 2 years. That was until a month into the year when…


“Hey De Leòn!” 


Luz turned her head around to see if it was her that the person was calling after. It was a girl in her house. Naya Torchin. She was tall, thin, blonde, and quite dull. She was known to cause trouble.


“Heard about your mom. I’m half-blood, are you gonna kill me? Is my blood dirty, you fucking traitor?”


Luz was shocked. Her blood began to boil. She wasn’t her mother. She wouldn’t do that. She would never do that.


“Say that to me again. Go ahead.” Luz said in an unsettling tone. Luz was kind and reserved, but she was also tough. If you really upset her, it’d be best to stay out of her way. 


“Oh, did I hit a nerve? What’re you gonna do, kill me like your mom killed your dad?” Naya questioned. She was really crossing the line.  Naya began to announce to the crowd around her “Look everyone, let’s all witness this sick fuck end my life!”


Luz lost all awareness of the people around her. She was furious. Luz always kept to herself, she never hurt anyone before. This is how she’s repaid? Luz knew that the best thing was to just walk away. She knew that she could be the bigger person. But, she couldn’t do that. She had to defend herself. “You know what Torchin.” Luz took a step forward and as she did, Naya was levitated into the air and was hanging upside down in mid-air. Everything in her robes fell out of her pockets. Everyone began to crowd around her and laugh. Naya’s pale face was now a tomato red. Then, Naya began to fly higher and higher until she was dropped. She fell on her arm and broke it. She began crying and screaming for help. Professor Myke, the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher came running into the hall. 


“SHE DID THIS, LUZ! SHE'S A DARK WITCH! SHE WAS THREATENING ME, YOU HAVE SEND HER HOME! SHE’LL KILL US ALL!” Naya blubbered out. The nurse came and collected her and Professor Myke grabbed Luz and brought her to his class.


“Professor, I swear, I didn't do this. I’m not a dark witch.” Luz said pleadingly. “Please don’t send me home.”


“Luz, I’m not sending you home. I know you’re not a dark witch. I’m only going to give you a Saturday’s detention.” He said, “Just one.”


“For what?” Luz asked incredulously.


“I know you’re not a dark witch, but I don’t know if you’re responsible for breaking Ms. Torchin’s arm. Don’t worry, I’ll give her a harsher punishment when she recovers, but you did involve yourself in this dispute. You need to learn to walk away sometimes.” Luz looked away.

“You’re smart Luz, you have a bright future. Don’t let your anger jeopardize that.” With that, Luz nodded and walked out of the class.


Luz then had a thought.


Who was responsible for breaking Naya’s arm?




The week passed within seconds and Saturday had arrived. A part of Luz was annoyed that she was being forced to go to detention, the other part of her was glad it gave her something to do. She walked into Prof. Myke’s classroom to find two familiar faces. 


There they were. Camillie with her nose in her sketchbook, her hand moving rapidly, and Emery staring up at the ceiling making odd noises with his mouth. There was another student in the room with them, but he was knocked out, snoring. 


“We’ve been reunited I see.” Luz said, grabbing the attention of Emery and Camille. They both gave a small smile. Luz moved to sit by them. They weren’t exactly far from each other. She sat on the seat next to Camille.


“So, what did we all do to get in here?” Emery asked. “I for one, was caught cheating on my arithmancy test.” He looked at Luz. “You?”


“I lost my temper with Torchin.” Luz said annoyed. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it…”


Emery chuckled in disbelief, “You mean when she was hanging in the air? You did that?” 


Luz shook her head “I was angry with her and yelled at her, but I didn’t do that. I don’t know who did exactly.”


“Hmm.” Emery thought for a second then looked at Camille. “And you, Ms. Greene?”

Camille looked up from her notebook “I was sketching in Potions and Professor Gutherson got angry with me.” She said in an embarrassed voice. “I don’t really know what we’re doing today, I’ve never had detention before…”


“Well lucky for you, I am an experienced detention goer.” Emery said with a cocky smile. Luz and Camille laughed. “You’ll be fine, really. Myke is probably just going to have us clean the pukwudgie sleeping quarters.” He finished with a soft smile.


“Actually Mr. Novak, I’m changing things up a bit. You all will be going to the school basement to sort through old student records.” Professor Myke said as he entered the classroom. “Just wanted to change the old routine, you know?”


All three of them looked at him confused.


“Well, let’s not waste time then, c’mon!” He said in a chipper voice.


Professor Myke had always been her favorite Professor. He was the youngest professor at Ilvermorny, he seemed to be from the midwest, Luz remembered him mentioning Minnesota. He was always understanding and pushed his students to do their best. He always saw the best in them.


“What about Bettle over there?” Emery questioned pointing the student snoring on his desk.


The professor nodded “I don’t want him to walk down the stairs half-asleep. I’ll give him another task.”


With that, the three students rose out of their seats and followed the professor to the basement.




It had been four hours since the three had been left downstairs. They had been sorting through decades of class records. To say the least, they were all incredibly bored.


“Do any of you guys want to take a break?” asked Camille. 


Emery sighed “God, yes.” He said with relief as he walked over and sat on a crate. “My fingers have about 50 paper cuts on each of them.”


Camille moved over to him. “Here, let me see.” She said. He gave her his hand. “Episky.” she said and waved her wand at his fingers. “Better?” She asked with a slight blush rising to her pink cheeks.


Emery didn’t speak, he just gave a small smile and nodded.


“Ahem” Luz coughed with a smile. “I believe I have some fingers that need healing as well!” She said playfully.


Camille laughed “Oh, but of course!” She said with a smile. She crossed over to Luz and performed the same spell. Luz eyed Emery for a bit, watching as he held his hand, looking at his fingers with a smile. However that didn’t last long. She saw his eye catch something behind the aisles and aisles of cabinets. 

“Novak, what do you see?”  Luz asked. Camille turned around to look at him.


Emery looked confused, “I could’ve sworn I just saw someone…”  He got up to observe, but a spell came hurling at him. Luckily he ducked in time and grabbed his wand. Luz did the same. 


“Wait guys, shouldn’t we get a professor?” Camille whispered. The three ignored her and continued to walk forward. She then shakily pulled out her wand and followed the two, right behind them.


“BOMBARDA” A man’s voice shouted out. All three ducked.  Cabinets fell around them. The sound of wizards aparating away could be heard. 


“Stay down.” Luz said as she got up. She determined that the coast was clear and helped them up. 


“What the hell just happened?” Emery asked exasperated. “Are you all alright?


“Yeah, just a little shocked.” Luz said. The two turned to look at Camille but she wasn't standing next to them anymore. “Greene?” Luz called out


“Guys…” Camille answered from behind a pile of Cabinets. The two moved to follow her voice. When they reached her, they were greeted by a wall with their photos hanging. They had marks all over them, threatening marks. Luz’s picture had a drawing of a hole in her brain, in the same spot as her fathers. Emery seemed to have a knife where his heart was located. And Camille had a vine with sharp thorns around her neck, choking her. 


Above the pictures read a message written in a sticky black oil:


“Beware, the dark wizards are rising.”


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