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I waited in the abandoned Bathroom for Hermione to turn up. "Olivia? Are you here?" I heard her soft voice speak. I could hear two other sets of footprints scuffling behind her. She came around the corner and said "Hi". Then they came round the corner, Potter and Weasley came round the corner! "WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE!!!!!!!" I yelled, in frustration. "WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE!!!!!" they yelled at the same time. "You expect me to be kind to her!!" Ron asked Hermione, his ears glowing red. "We can get her here though, no Malfoy to back her up" smirked Ron. "In your dreams Weaslebee " I spat. "STOP, this is ridiculous, Olivia tells them why they're here" Hermione ordered. "And why would I tell these kids, I don't trust them..." I spat. "Oh c'mon stop acting like a 5-year-old," she said with annoyance spread on her face. "Fine then" I spoke. Both the boys had looks of confusion on there faces. "What is it Malfoy?" Potter asked. I sighed and then answered, "I'm not a Malfoy"...



1 hour later,

"You can't tell anyone" I gasped. I had told the boys the story and they looked flabbergasted! "Also I'm going to have to be mean to you around Draco, you have to be mean back". "Wow, and I thought I went through a lot, I promise I won't tell anyone," Harry said. "Yeah, I mean that is so harsh, I promise to," Ron says. "You should meet brothers, Fred and George,  I reckon you'd like them" "Yeah sounds good, the same place same time?" I asked. "Yeah but maybe in the empty classroom on the fourth floor?" "Sure". "Ok let's go back to our dorms, see ya live" and with that, the 3 of them left.


Dracos POV


"Where have you been!?" I ask Olivia as she walks into the room. "Just wandering" she answers. "I've been worried" I spoke softly stroking her hair. "Olivia, Professor Snape wanted me to tell you that you're detention is happening now" Pansy called from the other room. "Uggggh just what I need," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow," I said not wanting to deal with her temper any longer.

Olivia's POV 


As I walked down to Snapes Office, I wondered what the teacher gave for punishments. When I got there I knocked on the door and it opened magically. "Ahh, Olivia you will be sorting through these records and putting them in order for an hour. I hope this makes you learn your lesson " He spat. I scowled at him. "I'm not gonna tell your father but be careful"... 



Sorting through the records wasn't that bad. I got to see what bad things Lucious did as a child, which was amusing. All of a sudden I froze, the name I saw I recognized, It was my Father's!!!!!!

So there's some drama. I'm probably not gonna update much this week but will try to update on Sundays. For those who are still following. Thanks to Lillian Rose Potter for commenting by the way. You're awesome!:)

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