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CHAPTER FIVE: carrow vs. weasley: the pranking menaces


        THE MORNING OF the Quidditch World Cup is an early one and usually Aurelia is impartial to early mornings but on this particular morning she finds herself in a foul mood. She reasons with herself that it's because she has to climb Stoatshead Hill at such an ungodly hour in the morning but as she looks out Ginny's window she can see the full moon peaking out through some clouds and she knows it's not the hill that's making her feel so pissy.


        "Merlin, this is worse than my period." Aurelia grumbles to herself as she sits up on the mattress, she lightly pushes Ginny's hand off of her stomach. Ginny's bed is right next to her mattress and the two girls had fallen asleep talking to themselves, Ginny's leg hung off her mattress and so did her arm, at this Ginny stirs.


        "What's worse than what?" Ginny mumbles sleepily, trying to open her eyes but failing.


        "Nothing." Aurelia whispers, gently placing Ginny back into her bed properly and tucking her in, Ginny tries to insist that Aurelia tell her but it comes out as a jumbled mess of word that are too quiet to hear. After that Aurelia heads downstairs to see if anyone's up already.


        Her mum, Pollux, Molly, and Arthur are up and Molly and Delphi are already starting on breakfast which means they're planning on waking up the kids soon. Upon seeing Aurelia enter the kitchen, Delphi pauses in her scrambling of the eggs to come over and kiss Delphi's head "Good morning, my darling."


        "Morning, mum." Aurelia mumbles, wiping the sleep from her eyes as she kisses Delphi's cheek.


        "Breakfast's almost done, love, are any of the other girls up?"


        Aurelia shakes her head "Gin woke up for a bit but I think she's gone right back to sleep and Hermione's been sleeping like a rock since her head hit the pillow."


        "Alright, well, I'll get the girls, Molls, you want to get the boys?" Delphi asks, glancing at Molly who nods.


        "Look after the bacon will you, Blue?" Molly asks politely before Aurelia can respond, Pollux snorts loudly looking up from his library book he had been reading.


        "Don't do that, she'll burn this place down. I'll do it." Pollux says, putting his book down and then getting up to watch the stove. Aurelia sticks her tongue out at him behind his back but somehow he must know that she's doing it because he says "I'll cut it off, Ass, I swear on Merlin's left ballsack."


        Molly and Delphi had already left the kitchen so all Pollux gets is a "Language." from Arthur, who doesn't even glance away from his paper.


        Aurelia takes out her wand and uses it to turn on the kettle, it's not until she feels Arthur's burning gaze on the back of her neck that she realises that she wasn't supposed to do that as she's underage. She often forgets this because Delphi lets them use magic all the time at Almerry Castle, says the trace on them won't work there because of what Aurelia assumes is some kind of ancient magic. Of course, Aurelia isn't going to get into trouble as this is a Pureblood household but she knew Molly and Arthur frowned upon the use of underage magic. She smiles sheepishly and tucks her wand back into its' holster.


        Aurelia doesn't often use underage magic unless she's seen Delphi do it first, she's always witnessed Delphi turn the kettle on with a silent wave of her wand, Aurelia doesn't even know the name of the spell, she just knows the movement. She isn't that good at magic to do underage magic often. Sitting down at the table across from Arthur, Aurelia waits for the kettle to boil and she drifts off as she waits.


        When she opens her eyes again, George is standing behind her, yawning loudly as he asks "Where's Bill and Charlie and Per — per — Percy?"


        All the boys are standing in the kitchen, Delphi had returned to cooking breakfast, Pollux is sitting back at the table and is reading his book again. Aurelia wonders how long she had dozed off for, there's a steaming cup of tea made just the way she likes it in front of her and to her right Harry is taking a seat.


        "Well, they're apparating, aren't they?" Molly replies to George, placing the bacon in a basket on the kitchen table.


        "In other words, they're still sleeping? Aurelia says grumpily, narrowing her eyes at nothing. She rests her chin on her fist, sighing as she does so, those lucky little shits.


        "Aye, so they can have a bit of a lie in." Delphi adds then looks to Molly for confirmation, Molly nods.


        Fred grumpily pulls his bowl of porridge towards him, Aurelia laughs softly at the disdained expression on his face although she's rather bitter that they got to sleep in more too. Fred gives Aurelia a look and whispers: "Those lucky gits."


        "Why can't we apparate too?" George asks.


        "Because you're not of age and you haven't passed your test!" Molly snaps.


        George looks taken back by his mother's sharp tone, once again Aurelia laughs quietly, shaking her head and smiling.


        "And where have those girls got to?" Molly wonders, shaking her head as she bustles out of the kitchen.


        Aurelia follows shortly after her as she still needs to brush her hair and teeth and grab her bag of things for the trip. After doing those things, Aurelia hoists her messenger bag over her shoulder and then puts on her sun-shaped gold necklace. She pauses in front of Fred and George's room, the door's open a crack and the lights are off. Aurelia smirks, should she? She thinks for a moment before nodding to herself, placing her hand on their door, she should. As she exits the twins' room she bumps into Hermione and Ginny. Hermione stares her down, suspicious.


        "Good morning, Hermione, Ginny."


        Hermione raises her eyebrow "What are you up to?"


        "Oh, just leaving a surprise for the twins." Aurelia answers as nonchalantly as she can. At this Ginny snickers while Hermione rolls her eyes, then the three of them head downstairs. The kitchen is looking more lively than it had been before Aurelia went upstairs. Delphi ruffles her hair as she passes by to take a seat at the table.


        "Why do we have to be up so early?" Ginny asks, rubbing her eyes and sitting down at the table.


        "We've got a bit of a walk." Arthur replies.


        "Walk?" Harry asks, "What? Are we walking to the World Cup?"


        "If that's the case, do you really think I'd be going, Harold?" Aurelia snorts.


        Harry gives her a look.


        "No, no, that's miles away," Arthur says, smiling, "We only need to walk a short way. It's just that it's very difficult for a large number of wizards to congregate without attracting Muggle attention. We have to be very careful about how we travel at the best of times, and on a huge occasion like the Quidditch World Cup —"


        "George!" Molly says sharply, they all jump.


        "What?" George asks, in an innocent tone that deceives nobody.


        "What is that in your pocket?"




        "Don't you lie to me!"


        Molly points her wand at George's pocket and says: "Accio!"


        Several small, brightly coloured objects zoomed out of George's pocket; he tries to grab for them but misses, and they speed right into Molly's outstretched hand.


        "We told you to destroy them!" Molly scolds furiously, holding up what are unmistakably more Ton-Tongue Toffees, "We told you to get rid of the lot! Empty your pockets, go on, both of you!"


        It's an unpleasant scene that upsets Aurelia, she knows how hard the twins had worked on the Ton-Tongue-Toffees, Ellie looks close to tears as he tugs on Delphi's shirt for help.


        "Accio! Accio! Accio!" Molly shouts, and toffees zoomed from all sorts of unlikely places, including the lining of George's jacket and the turn-ups of Fred's jeans.


        "We spent six months developing those!" Fred shouts at his mother as she begins to throw the toffees away.


        Delphi grabs the rest from Molly "Come on, Molls . . . They worked hard on those . . . I know they don't use them right but that's no reason to destroy their hard work! Just put them to the side until they get back."


        Molly rounds on Delphi "You stay out of this!" then Molly rounds on the twins again and shrieks "What a fine way to spend six months! No wonder you didn't get more O.W.L.s!"


        "Molls, please, they're just having fun! You can't deny that these are brilliant, they can make good money off of this . . ."


        "I told you to stay out of this, Delphi! Stop telling me how to raise my children, what would you know, you just let Aurelia and Pollux do whatever they want! You're no —" Molly stops herself, realising that she's about to cross a line.


        Delphi's expression hardens, as does Pollux's and Aurelia's because they know what Molly had meant to say.


        "I'm 'no' what?" Delphi questions her, her once harden expression turning into a bitter smile, daring Molly to say it.

        Molly gulps and shakes her head, mumbling: "Nothing, nothing."


        "No, go on, Molls . . . Say it, I'm 'no' what?" Delphi says, crossing her arms over her chest as she raises an eyebrow, the room goes silent and tense.


        But, Molly bows her head and refuses to say anything more, Delphi gives Molly a cold stare and slides the Ton-Tongue Toffees she had managed to save into her pocket and she addresses the twins and Ellie "You three ain't getting these until after the World Cup, you understand me, boys."


        The twins and Ellie nod their heads, they know better than to cross Delphi even if she's usually laid back, and never goes through with her threats.


        All is not friendly in the atmosphere as the group takes to their departure for the Quidditch World Cup. Molly is still glowering as she kisses Arthur on the cheek, but the older woman isn't glowering as much as the twins are. Fred and George hoist their rucksacks onto their backs and walk out the door without so much as a word to their mother, Ellie follows behind them.


        "Well have a lovely time. And behave yourselves!" She calls out to the twins' and Elliet's retreating backs, neither of them look back or answers.


        "I'll send, Bill, Charlie, Percy, and Pollux along around midday." Molly says to Arthur, as he, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Delphi, and Aurelia set off across the dark yard after Fred, George, and Ellie.


        It's chilly and the moon is still out, the only sign that dawn is drawing closer is the bright greenish tinge along the horizon. Aurelia wraps her yellow corduroy jacket around her thin frame as she slows down to her mum's pace.


        "Mum, you alright?" Aurelia asks.


        Delphi fakes a smile and nods her head "O' course, I am . . . Molly doesn't —"


        "I think you're a mother." Aurelia says, "And so does Lux! Hell, he even calls you 'mum'! You're just as much a mother as Molly is!"


        Molly and Delphi surprisingly get into this fight a lot, usually they got along like white on rice but when they did get into a fight it would always lead to the whole 'you're not real mother' card no matter what had started the fight. Aurelia doesn't think it's very fair of Molly to say because she doesn't think that Delphi can have her own.


        When Aurelia was little she would always pester Delphi, asking why she didn't have any children of her own because she was such a good adoptive mum and when she'd ask that, Delphi would get really sad. Delphi would kiss her on the forehead and say: "'Cause, wee star, I'm happy with the two I have.". Eventually, Aurelia stopped asking especially after realising that Delphi would tear up when she asked. She assumes that for whatever reasons, Delphi just can't have children which is terribly sad because Aurelia's rather certain that Delphi wanted children that shared her blood.


        "She really needs to stop doing that to you." Aurelia says firmly.


        "I know," Delphi sighs, "But that's how Molly is and how we've always been and I've learned to ignore."


        "You shouldn't have to ignore it because you shouldn't be hearing those things. You don't deserve it, mum." Aurelia says and she means it, nearly every time that Molly and Delphi get together, especially in the recent years, Molly ends up throwing that 'real mother' bullshit in Delphi's face — the great 'Carrow vs. Weasley fight' as Pollux calls it, he calls Delphi by her maiden name for this because apparently a Black would never stoop so low as to fight with a Weasley. Aurelia thinks he's wrong because if her mama heard Molly talking to her mum like that, she knows that her mama wouldn't hesitate to knock Molly the fuck out for it.


        Delphi smiles softly and pats Aurelia's head "Thank you, wee star. Go on now, I'm sure you'd much rather hang out with the others."


        "But —"


        "I'll be fine, you needn't worry about me, wee star."


        "Okay . . . If you're sure . . ."


        "I'm positive, now get!" Delphi insists, gently shoving Aurelia towards the twins and Ellie.


        Aurelia in her exhausted state, struggles to catch up to the twins and Elliot, who are walking a great deal faster than the rest of the group.


        "Fred! George! Ellie!" She calls out to them, "Wait up!"


        Fred slows down a bit while it looks as though George has sped up and Ellie, like the lovesick fool that he is, naturally follows his lead.


        "You dinks!" Aurelia says, walking faster, determined to catch up with them, "I'll fight you if you don't slow the frick down!" at this remark, Fred chuckles allowing Aurelia to catch up to him. She looks over her shoulder to see that Arthur is occupied in a conversation with Harry, Aurelia then reaches into her pockets pulling out a handful of Ton-Tongue Toffees.


        "What? Where did you get those?" Fred asks, disbelief lacing his tone.


        "I pulled them out of my ass." Aurelia replies as she rolls her eyes "Where do you think I got them, you dafter wanker, I got them from your room when I went to get my stuff. I know you and George wouldn't be able to resist bringing them. But as always, I know you two would be caught and as always, I was right —"


        Fred laughs as he exclaims: "Hey! We do not —"


        "Tut, tut. lemme finish." She scolds playfully, Fred falls silent, playfully scowling at Aurelia. "So I grabbed some when I passed your room. You're welcome."


        "Thanks, Blue, how can I ever repay you?" Fred says mockingly as he takes the Ton-Tongue Toffees from her hand, "Oh, Georgie, look what our little prankster in training has done."


        "Ha, ha, ha. I'm am not your prankster in training. I don't do pranks as religiously as you do, but if I did, I wouldn't get caught like you guys do."


        "Hey! We do not!" Ellie exclaims.


        "Sure you guys don't, Ellie."


        "Fuck you, Lia."


        Fred splits up the Ton-Tongue Toffees Aurelia had given him between Geroge and Ellie.


        Stoatshead Hill appears in the distance, Aurelia groans "Aww, shite. Please don't tell me we have to climb that, Mr. Weasley."


        "Watch your language, Blue. Yes, we have to climb it" Arthur answers, "And please call me, Arthur."


        "Aww, Mr. Arthur! Can't we go around it?"


        "Arthur! Just call me, Arthur, not Mr. Weasley or Mr. Arthur, just Arthur and no, Blue we cannot go around it."


        She groans again.


        None of the Weasleys, Harry, Hermione, Elliot, Mae, or Aurelia have a breath to spare for talking as they climb up Stoatshead Hill. She almost falls three times climbing the hill, although Aurelia can run faster than most and not get out of breath, she despises physical activity greatly, especially when it comes to climbing. Even after the werewolf attack had enhanced her senses and stamina, Aurelia still despises it, unless it's Quidditch.


        "Whew." Arthur pants, taking off his glasses and wiping them on his sweater, "Well, we've made good time — we've got ten minutes."


        Hermione comes over the crest of the hill, quickly followed by Aurelia, who is, of course, last. Both girls are clutching a stitch in their side.


        "I want death." Aurelia whines, wanting nothing more to lie on the ground and fall asleep.


        "You always want death." Ginny says.


        "That's true." She agrees half-heartedly with a shrug of her shoulders, leaning onto Ginny's arm and letting out a huge yawn.


        "Now we just need to find the portkey." Arthur says, putting his now clean glasses back on. He squints at the groun, "It won't be big . . . Come on . . ."


        They had only been looking around for the Portkey for a couple of minutes when a familiar shout rings through the air. "Over here, Arthur! Over here, son, we've got it!" Two figures are silhouetted against the starry sky on the other side of the hilltop.


        "Amos!" Arthur calls out to the voice, he strides over to the two people and the group follows behind him. Arthur shakes hands with a ruddy-faced wizard of the name, Amos Diggory, who holds a mouldy boot in his other hand.


        "This is Amos Diggory, everybody." Arthur says, introducing the ruddy-faced wizard to the group, "He works for the Department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. I think you all know his son, Cedric."


        Aurelia rushes forward to hug her fellow Hufflepuff friend. "Ced!" She exclaims, startling him as she hugs him tightly. She hadn't seen him at all so far this summer which is unusual because her mum happens to be best friends with Cedric's dad.


        "Hello, Blue!" He greets, hugging her in return.


        "Hi!" Cedric says looking at the group, everybody says it back with the exception of Fred and George, who merely nod. The twins still have not forgiven Cedric or even Aurelia for beating their team in the first Quidditch match of the previous year; but at least they were talking to Aurelia.


        "Long walk, Arthur?" Amos asks Arthur.


        "Not too bad." Arthur replies, "We just live on the other side of the village."


        "Not to bad?" Aurelia echoes in disbelief, "Why, Mr. Arthur, it was terrible. I can't feel my legs."


        "Don't be so dramatic, my darling." Delphi says, shaking her head as she smiles at Amos.


        "We had to get up at two, didn't we, Ced?" Amos says Arthur and Delphi, "I tell you I'll be glad when he passes his apparation test. Still, not complaining . . . Quidditch World Cup, wouldn't miss it for a sack full of galleons — and the tickets cost about that. Mind you, looks like I got off easy. All these yours, Arthur?"


        "Oh, no. Only the redheads." Arthur replies, "And, you know that Blue's Delphi's girl and Ellie's her nephew. This is Hermione Granger — a friend of Ron's, and this is Harry Potter, anoth —"


        "Merlin's beard!" Amos gasps, "Harry? Harry Potter?!"


        This always happens, Aurelia knows this makes Harry uncomfortable. He's the boy who lived, the boy who defeated the Lord Voldemort a.k.a Aurelia's biological father when he was merely one-years-old. Harry's been famous ever since that night, he didn't even know that until his eleventh birthday, after all, he grew up with Muggles, his aunt and uncle never once told him about the wizarding world while he grew up. Aurelia remembers meeting Harry on the train four years ago, during their first year at Hogwarts, it had been a rather awkward encounter. An encounter which lead to Aurelia creating a whole new identity for herself because she panicked. It's a good thing that Delphi had her and Pollux's surnames changed to have them protected or else Harry's fame wouldn't be the only thing making him feel uncomfortable.


        "Ced's talked about you, of course." Amos says "He told us all about playing against you last year. . . I said to him. I said — Ced, that'll be something your grandchildren, that will — you beat Harry Potter!"


        The twins scowl once again, Aurelia expects Cedric's father to brag about that, although he meant no harm by it, he's only proud of his son. That's just how Amos is and always has been.


        Cedric, however, looks downright embarrassed "Harry fell off his broom, dad." Cedric mutters, "I told you, it was an accident and it was technically Aurelia who beat him, she's our seeker after all."


        "Yes, but she didn't fall off her broom." Amos laughs slapping Cedric's back, "Always modest our Ced, always the gentleman, but the best man — er, woman — won. I'm sure Harry would agree, wouldn't you? One falls off their broom, the other stays on, you don't need a genius to tell which one is a better flier!" Amos laughs loudly.


        "Harry was literally attacked by a Dementor while on a broom, hundreds of feet in the air but he's totally not a good flier at all." Aurelia says sarcastically.


        Amos falls silent realising that she had a point and he has the decency to look bashful as he drops the subject.


        A moment goes by and then Arthur speaks up, directing everyone's attention back to him. "Must be nearly time." Arthur says quickly, pulling out his watch


        "Does your dad need some ice for that burn?" Fred asks Cedric as he pulls Aurelia into a one-armed hug.


        Cedric laughs lightly and punches Aurelia's shoulder gently "You got him, didn't you, Blue?"


        "You fucking bet I did."


        "And you're never going to let him forget it, are you?"


        "Absolutely not."


        "Do you know whether we're waiting for anymore?" Delphi asks, looking between Amos and Arthur


        "No, the Lovegoods have been there for a week already and the Fawcetts couldn't get tickets." Amos replies, "There aren't any more of us in the area, are there?"


        "None that I know of." Arthur says, "Yes, it's a minute off, we'd better get ready." Arthur looks at the group, his gaze lingering on Harry and Hermione. "You just need to touch the Portkey, that's all, a finger will do." Arthur explains.


        Aurelia knows all about Portkeys, she's used them only a couple times and they always make her nauseous. She prefers Apparation over Portkeys. She eyes the mouldy boot warily "Why does it have to be a bloody Portkey?"


        The group crowds around the old boot, that's being held out by Amos. They stand in a tight circle, and she can't help but think that this might look pretty odd if a Muggle happens to walk by. A group of redheads, a badly dressed old man, and three teenagers standing around an old boot will certainly give off some warning signs, if a Muggle had saw them they'd probably think they're in a cult that worships old mouldy boots.


        "Three . . ." Arthur mutters, still eyeing his watch "Two . . . One . . ."


        She yelps out as she finds herself being blown about in the wind, holding onto a damn moldy boot for dear life, this Quidditch World Cup is really testing her. She regrets asking those tickets. Everyone's shoulders are bumping into each other, the wind's howling in Aurelia's ears, she squeezes her eyes shut. As suddenly as it starts, it stops.


        Aurelia feels her feet hit solid ground and she struggles to keep herself from toppling over. Her windswept hair is covering most of her view but through her thick strands of hair, she can see that Fred, Hermione, George, Ron, Ginny, and Harry are on the ground entangled in each other. She looks to her left, making herself even dizzier than she already is, Cedric, Arthur, Amos, Ellie, and Delphi are standing perfectly still looking as if nothing had happened with the exception of them looking very windswept.


        Then without warning, Aurelia falls over, she sighs in defeat as her face came in contact with the wet grass. She wonders if this is how Nymphadora feels on a daily basis.


        Delphi laughs loudly and helps her up "I used to hate Portkeys too, are you alright, Lia?"


        Aurelia nods as Delphi brushes the dirt off her shirt.


        Ellie snickers as he looks around "This is certainly going to be fun finding our tent. . . Isn't it, Auntie Del? Good thing we have a Hufflepuff with us because they're particularly good —"


        Aurelia karate chops him in the throat with zero hesitation and he chokes on his words "Let. That. Die." She seethes.


        "Hey! What have I told you about karate choppin' Elias in the throat?!" Delphi scolds, "That's dangerous! Karate chop him in the stomach, it's less harmful but just as painful!"





        ONCE THEY FIND their tents and they had made themselves at home in it, Arthur has Aurelia, Harry, Ron, and Hermione go and get water for the camp. Aurelia isn't paying much attention to her surroundings, she's busy trying to ignore the smell of damp grasp and and the flashes of memories and sounds it brings. From the snarling to the screaming, the burning and the wet feeling of —


        Ron breaks her train of thought, asking: "Er, is it just my eyes or has everything gone green?"


        Aurelia turns her hair green which isn't that hard as she's feeling a bit queasy from her thoughts and then she does her best to smile teasingly at Ron.

        "Don't mess with me like this, Blue, my brain is too fragile for that." He says, nudging her shoulder.


        The four of them had walked into a patch of tents covered in thick growths of shamrocks. From behind them, a familiar voice calls out their names. Aurelia can recognize that voice anywhere. It's Seamus Finnigan, he's sitting in front of one of the tents with his mother and Dean Thomas. Both Dean and Seamus are Gryffindors and Aurelia's not exactly friends with them but she knows them well enough to know that they're both madly in love with each other. Her and Ginny have a bet with a twins on how long it will take them to get together, she thinks half the school is in on it.


        "Like the decorations?" Seamus wonders, "The ministry isn't too happy about it."


        "Ah, and why shouldn't we show our colours." Mrs. Finnigan says.


        "You should see what the Bulgarians have dangling all over their tents. You'll be supporting Ireland, of course?" She adds, eyeing them beadily, when they assure her they are indeed supporting Ireland, they set off again.


        "Like we'd say anything else surrounded by that lot." Ron quips.


        Aurelia laughs and then suggests: "Let's go see what the Bulgarians have on their tents!"


        Harry nods in agreement then points to a large patch of tents upheld, where the Bulgarian flag — white, green, and red — is fluttering in the breeze. The tents here haven't been bedecked with plant life, but each and every one of them have the same poster attached to it, a poster of a very surly face with heavy black eyebrows.


        Aurelia recognises the face as Viktor Krum, he happens to be both Ron and Ellie's celebrity crush. She had to hear Ellie rant and rave all about Viktor Krum all summer, it's almost as bad as when he rants and raves about George and his 'cute shoulders'. Aurelia can't understand how anyone can think shoulders are cute. Ellie's strange but Aurelia can't say anything because he has too much dirt on her that he's not afraid to use.


        "Krum." Ron says quietly.


        "What?" Hermione asks.


        "Krum!" Ron replies, "Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian Seeker!"


        "He looks really grumpy," Hermione says, looking around at the many Krums blinking and scowling at them.


        Aurelia giggles loudly and says: "He does, doesn't he?"


        "Really grumpy?" Ron echoes, "Who cares what he looks like? He's unbelievable. He's really young too. Only just eighteen or something. He's a genius, you wait until tonight, you'll see."


        Finally they make their way to the water source, there's already a small queue for the water tap in the corner of the field, the four of them join in right behind a pair of men in a heated argument. One of them is a very old wizard with a long beard wearing a flowery nightgown, the other is clearly a Ministry wizard, he's holding out a pair of pinstriped trousers almost crying with exasperation.


        "Just put them on, Archie! You can't walk around like that, the Muggle at the gate's already getting suspicious —"


        "I bought this in a Muggle shop." The old wizard retorts stubbornly, "Muggles wear them."


        "Muggle women wear them, Archie! Not men, they wear these." The Ministry wizard argues brandishing the pinstriped trousers.


        "I'm not wearing them." Archie says simply, "I like a healthy breeze around my privates, thanks."


        Hermione is overcome with a strong fit of giggles and she has to move away to gain her composure. Aurelia bites her lip to keep from giggling but she fails miserably and has to walk away just like Hermione. She stumbles over to a nearby tree and she leans against it for support. She's laughing so hard it hurt, Aurelia is struggling to regain her composure.


        "What's so funny?" An airy voice, Aurelia knows all too well, asks.
        She takes a deep breath to calm herself "Lu — Luna, 'ello!" She exclaims, looking up to see Luna Lovegood standing before her, an empty bucket in her hands.


        "Hello, Aurelia." Luna says in her usual dreamy tone, "How was your summer?"


        "It was wonderful, Luna, thanks for asking! How was yours?" Aurelia replies eagerly.


        "Oh, it absolutely wonderful! Father and I Learned about Wrackspurts this summer, a very interesting creature." Luna explains.


        "That sounds lovely. I think Harry and Ron have gotten some water, so we best head back to our tent. It was nice seeing you, Luna, I'll see you at school!"


        "Okay, bye Aurelia, tell Ellie I said hello!"


        "I will!" Aurelia says, over her shoulder as she goes to grab an extra bucket of water from Ron to make the trip easier for him


        Walking more slowly now, because of the weight of the water, they made their way back through the campsite. Here and there, they encounter more familiar faces: other Hogwarts students with their families. Oliver Wood, the old captain of Harry's House Quidditch team, who had just left Hogwarts, drags the four of them over to his parents' tent to introduce Harry, and tells them all, excitedly, that he had just been signed to the Puddlemere United reserve team.


        Next they're hailed by Ernie Macmillan, a Aurelia's fellow Hufflepuff fourth year, and a little farther on they see Cho Chang, a very pretty girl who plays Seeker on the Ravenclaw team. She waves and smiles at Harry, who slopped quite a lot of water down his front as he waved back.


        "Nice one, Harold." Aurelia snickers, earning a glare from Harry.


        "Oh, like you're any better, Asterope."


        "No offence, mate, but she kind of is." Ron says with a smirk, "She makes not only Ginny swoon but Fred too . . . Not to mention, half the people in our year."


        More to stop his friends from teasing him further than anything, Harry hurriedly points out a large group of teenagers whom he had never seen before.


        "Who d'you reckon they are?" Harry asks, "They don't go to Hogwarts, do they?"


        "'Spect they go to some foreign school," Ron replies, "I know there are others. Never met anyone who went to one, though. Bill had a penfriend at a school in Brazil . . . This was years and years ago . . . And he wanted to go on an exchange trip but Mum and Dad couldn't afford it. His penfriend got all offended when he said he wasn't going and sent him a cursed hat. It made his ears shrivel up."


        Harry laughs, glancing again at the group of teenagers, a look of awe written across his face. Even after four years, Harry still gets surprised by what the Wizarding community has to offer, Aurelia smiles softly at the childlike wonder on his face. If it hadn't been for her father, he wouldn't be have this surprised by things like this because he would've grow up with his magical parents.


        "You've been ages!" George exclaims when they finally return to the tent, "Did you get lost or something?"


        "Of course, not, they have a Hufflepuff with them, they'd have found their way out of anything." Ellie says, grinning at Aurelia who glares back at him.

        "We met a few people along the way." Ron replies.


        "I saw Luna . . . She says 'Hi', Ellie." Aurelia tells Ellie who smiles at the mention of Luna, apparently Ellie and her are best friends. Aurelia's not sure how that came to be but she's never questioned it because she likes Luna well enough.
        "You not got the fire started, yet?" Ron asks.


        "Dad's having fun with the matches." Fred says, glancing at his father.


        Arthur's having no success at all in lighting the fire, but it's not for the lack of trying, splintered matches littered the ground around him. Despite not being able to light a match, looks as though he's having the time of his life.


        "Oops!" He says, lighting a match but he promptly drops it in surprise. For someone who is obsessed with Muggle objects, he's terrible at working them.


        Aurelia laughs silently, she's suprised that Delphi hasn't stepped in yet to help, then she looks around the tent and notices that she isn't in the tent.


        "Where'd mum go?" Aurelia asks Ellie.


        "I think Auntie Del went to discuss something with Amos, I think it has something to do with magical creatures."


        "Oh, Hagrid must want a dangerous creature for one of their lessons and mum's seeing if Uncle Amos can do anything about it."


        "Yeah," Ellie snorts, "That sounds about right."


        Now, don't get Aurelia wrong, she enjoys Hagrid's company and she'd go and visit him all the time with Harry, Ron, and Hermione but he's a little bit out there when it comes to his teaching methods. She doesn't take that class because she learns enough about it at home since her mum is the professor of that class but she's heard a lot of people saying that they liked the class better when it was just her mum teaching it. But, Delphi can't say no to Dumbledore so when he asked her to share the class with Hagrid last year, she obviously said yes and a lot of disastrous shit happened thanks to him. He meant well, of course, Hagrid would never do something harmful on purpose.


        "The poor bloke," Aurelia says shaking her head, "He tried to do something good and cool and it blew up in his face."


        Ellie snorts again "I think he'd get along with my dad just fine."





        BY THE TIME, the get the fire started for lunch, Bill, Charlie, Percy, and Pollux arrive.


        "Just Apparated, Dad. Ah, excellent, lunch!" Percy says loudly, as he along with the other three older boys come strolling out of the woods and towards the Weasley's tent.


        They're halfway through their plates of eggs and sausages when Arthur jumps to his feet, waving and grinning at Ludo Bagman who happens to be striding towards them. "Aha! The man of the moment! Ludo!"


        "Ahoy there!" Bagman calls happily, he walks as though he's springs attached to the balls of his feet and is plainly in a state of wild excitement "Arthur, old man, what a day, eh? What a day! Could we have asked for more perfect weather? A cloudless night coming . . . And hardly a hiccough in the arrangements . . . Not much for me to do!"


        Contrary to his statement, behind him, a group of haggard-looking Ministry wizards rushed past, pointing at the distant evidence of some sort of a magical fire that is sending violet sparks twenty feet into the air.


        Percy hurries forward with his hand outstretched. Apparently his disapproval of the way Ludo Bagman runs his department does not prevent him from wanting to make a good impression.


        Pollux rolls his eyes at this and mutters "What a suck up." but despite his dry tone, Aurelia can tell there's affection there. Deep down at least, there isn't a hardened look on his face, the one he typically sports when insulting people but rather the faintest trace of a smile.


        "Ah — yes," Arthur says with a grin, "This is my son Percy. He's just started at the Ministry — and this is Fred — no, George, sorry — that's Fred — Bill, Charlie, Ron — my daughter, Ginny — and Ron's friends, Hermione Granger, Ellie, Pollux, and Aurelia Black, and Harry Potter."


        Bagman does the smallest of double takes when he hears Harry's name, and his eyes perform the typical flick upward to the scar on Harry's forehead. Still, it's surprisingly calm reaction coming from Ludo Bagman, Aurelia had expected him to make a scene.


        "Everyone," Arthur continues, "this is Ludo Bagman, you know who he is, it's thanks to him we've got such good tickets —"


        Bagman beams and waves his hand as if to say it had been nothing and than he asks: "Fancy a flutter on the match, Arthur? I've already got Roddy Pontner betting me Bulgaria will score first — I offered him nice odds, considering Ireland's front three are the strongest I've seen in years — and little Agatha Timms has put up half shares in her eel farm on a week-long match."


        Ellie's grey eyes light up, looking like a little boy of Christmas Morning "Ooh, we're betting now? This should be fun!"


        "It'll be so very." Aurelia says sarcastically, her and Pollux share a disinterested look.


        Aurelia doesn't even have to look at the twins' faces to know they're sporting similar expressions. Aurelia enjoys herself a good bet, but a bet with Ludo Bagman? Yeah, no thanks. She'll pass.


        "Oh, go on then, let's see . . . A Galleon on Ireland to win?" Arthur says.


        "Only a Galleon?" Ludo says, sounding disappointed, "Very well, very well . . . Any other takers?"


        "They're a bit young to be gambling, Molly wouldn't like —" Arthur says worriedly.


        Fred cuts him off "We'll bet thirty-seven Galleons, fifteen Sickles, three Knuts! That Ireland wins — but Viktor Krum gets the Snitch. Oh and we'll throw in a fake wand!"


        Her eyebrows raise, they're not serious! They're gonna give all their savings to this shady bitch without a second thought?! He and George pool all their money for Ludo to take, Aurelia goes to protest but she's cut of by Percy who hisses: "You don't want to go showing Mr. Bagman rubbish like that —"


        Ludo lets out a roar of laughter, finding the fake wand to be quite amusing.


        "They're not rubbish! They're brilliant!" Aurelia scolds Percy.


        "That doesn't mean they have to show it to Mr. Bagman." Percy retorts.


        "They mean no harm!" Aurelia hisses.


        "It's embarrassing!" Percy hisses right back.


        "It's not you're just melodramatic!"


        "Excellent! I haven't seen one that convincing in years! I'd pay five Galleons for that!" Ludo laughs loudly.


        Percy's eyes go wide and Aurelia shoots him an 'I-told-you-so' look.


        "Boys," Arthur says under his breath, "I don't want you betting. That's all your savings. Your mother —"

        "Don't be a spoilsport, Arthur! They're old enough to know what they want! You reckon Ireland will win but Krum'll get the Snitch? Not a chance, boys, not a chance . . . I'll give you excellent odds on that one . . . We'll add five Galleons for the funny wand —"


        "Fake wand." Aurelia corrects, giving him a dirty look


        Ludo glances at her and his eyes go wide with terror but he quickly recovers himself, clearing his throat and whipping out a notebook and quill to write down the twins' names. Arthur looks helplessly to Delphi, who had just returned but all she does is pat him on the back, making no move to stop the twins. Aurelia wants to stop them but she knows there's no use, they've made up their minds. She has a very bad feeling that Ludo is either going to rip them off or not pay them back at all if they win. She can easily solve that problem though, she can easily pay them back without them knowing. Aurelia'll just need Ludo's signature and maybe a little note from him. She's not going to let them lose this money. One of the things she had 'inherited' from her mama is her ability to create an excellent forgery.


        She puts a pretty little smile on her face and turns to Ludo Bagman, she bats her eyelashes as she asks: "Mr. Bagman, sir, could you perhaps sign this for me?" Aurelia pulls out a crumbled piece of paper from the pocket of her yellow jumper, "And could you perhaps write 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' above it, it's my favourite quote from, uh, my favourite book To Kill a Mockingbird. It'd mean a lot coming from my favourite Quidditch player!"


        Ludo smiles politely at her, nodding his head and taking the paper from her "To Kill a Mockingbird, huh? That's a popular Muggle's book, isn't it . . . Do you like Muggles?"


Aurelia narrows her eyes, knowing exactly what Ludo means by this. "Aye. I do." She replies stiffly, grinding her teeth.


        He finishes the signature and hands the paper back to her "That's surprising considering your —"


        "I am not my family, Bagman! I am my own person who doesn't like being told who she is or what she can like or do." Aurelia snaps bitingly, glaring murderously at him, she then turns on her heel. Aurelia smirks to herself, thanks for the note, bitch, it'll make an excellent forgery.


        "Couldn't do me a brew, I suppose?" Ludo asks, moving away from Aurelia with a nervous look on his face, "I'm keeping an eye out for Barty Crouch. My Bulgarian opposite number's making difficulties, and I can't understand a word he's saying. Barty'll be able to sort it out. He speaks about a hundred and fifty languages."


        "Mr. Crouch? He speaks over two hundred! Mermish and Gobbledegook and Troll!" Percy says excitedly.


        "Anyone can speak Troll, all you have to do is point and grunt." Fred says dismissively.

        Aurelia covers her mouth to stop herself from laughing, Percy gives him a nasty glare as he tries to bring the kettle to boil over the fire.


        "Any news of Bertha Jorkins yet, Ludo?" Arthur asks.


        "Not a dicky bird, but she'll turn up. Poor old Bertha . . . Memory like a leaky cauldron and no sense of direction. Lost, you take my word for it. She'll wander back into the office sometime in October, thinking it's still July."


        "You don't think it might be time to send someone to look for her?" Arthur suggests tentatively.


        "Barty Crouch keeps saying that," Ludo says.


        "Then, maybe, I don't know I could be wrong, maybe you should do that?" Aurelia suggests sarcastically.


        Percy gives her a look of mild approval but hushes her all the same.


        "— But, we really can't spare anyone at the moment. Oh — speak of the devil! Barty!"


        Aurelia glances over her shoulder to see that Barty Crouch had apparated by the fireside and he doesn't look very pleased.


        "Pull up a bit of grass, Barty," Ludo says brightly, patting the ground beside him.


        "No thank you, Ludo," Barty says, sounding slightly impatient, "I've been looking for you everywhere. The Bulgarians are insisting we add another twelve seats to the Top Box."


        "Oh, is that what they're after?" Ludo questions, "I thought the chap was asking to borrow a pair of tweezers. Bit of a strong accent."


        "When you said he was daft, I didn't think you meant that daft." Aurelia whispers to Percy, who either doesn't hear her or ignores her, as he bows awkwardly in front of Barty.


        "Mr. Crouch! Would you like a cup of tea?" Percy asks breathlessly.


        "Oh, "Yes . . . Thank you, Weatherby." Barty replies, looking at Percy in mild surprise.


        Aurelia scowls at Barty "He's been working for you —"


        Percy stabs her in the ribs with his bony elbow, giving her a glare before he busies himself with the kettle, his face bright pink. So, Aurelia does her best to swallow her rant, instead settling with snapping: "It's Weasley." at Barty Crouch.


        "Oh!" Barty says but then turns to Arthur and says: I've been wanting a word with you too, Arthur. Ali Bashir's on the warpath. He wants a word with you about your embargo on flying carpets."


        Arthur heaves a deep sigh.


        Ellie leans over and whispers in Aurelia's ear "I can show you the world."


        Aurelia lets out a bark of laughter and quickly covers her mouth to muffle her uncontrollable giggles.


        "Shining, shimmering, splendid." Ellie whispers again.


        "St — st — stop." She wheezes.


        He leans down to her ear and sings quietly: "A whole new wooorld . . . Cup."





Molly and Delphi have a complicated relationship, I'm sorry for doing Molly dirty like that but I see her as someone who would look down at mothers who don't have any biological children. And I am aware that makes her a hypocrite since she technically adopts Harry but it's not that she hates adoption, she just thinks it makes someone less of a mother or father??? It makes sense to me and I hope that makes sense to you. On a more positive note: Ron is so supportive of Aurelia's bisexuality and we love him for it in this household, he's also kinda rooting for her and Ginny to get together because he thinks that they'd be super cute together. I just love Ron Weasley so much!!

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