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Hi everyone. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has looked at this story, over 40 views! I'm really happy about it! I am gonna try to update more often but still really busy with school and stuff so yeah. By the way, if writing changes from her to the narrator that is just me because I am not focused well enough:)

"So you're the mysterious Malfoy" Pansy breathes. I give her an annoying look, but quickly change it into a smirk. "Yes, if that's what they're calling me these days, just don't ask too many questions " I instruct. "Anyway, what's our first class " I manage. The thought of being mysterious gave me a cold feeling, one I did not like. 'I guess I'm just gonna have to live like that' I thought miserably. "Charms, then Herbology, then Potions, I think" Pansy explained, swinging her robes over her slim body. Milicent and Sally-Anne  had already gone to breakfast, I didn't particularly like them, but Pansy was nice."So, my brother, I saw you looking at him yesterday, I know that look" I said cheekily. She gave me a look of annoyance, but said: "He is kinda cute, to be honest". "Oooh, look who has a crush!" I squealed. She through her pillow at me. "Let's just go to breakfast," she said, desperately.

Hermione walked to breakfast with a girl called Lavender Brown. She sat down beside Percy Weasley, who started talking to her about a subject that he found useless. She stopped listening after a while and tucked into her meal. After a while, she couldn't help glancing over time at the Slytherin table where Olivia was. She saw her giggling with a girl she knew as Pansy Parkinson, she was also sitting by her brother, Draco who was talking to a very thick kid known as Gregory Goyle.

She was looking forward to her first class of the day charms. She packed up her stuff and headed towards the class.   

Draco walked towards the charms classroom with Olivia and a cute girl called Pansy. He and Olivia sat down at a desk together and started chatting. "So how are you're room mate's?" He asked. "Pansys cool, Bullstrod and Perks, not so much." She commented. "How about you?" "Zabini is the only one with a brain but they'll do," he said. "Ok class let's start" short wizard barked. "Remember the wand movement,  flick and swish now your turn." "Flick and Swish" the class chanted. "Now say Winguardium Leviosa". All of a sudden another brainless Gryffindor made an explosion. " Idiot" Olivie whispered to Draco. At the end of the lesson only the muggle-born Hermione, Olivia, and Draco had managed to make the feather fly. They had all earned 10 points for their house. Then they started heading down to Herbology.

After Herbology (which is very boring by the way )Olivia found her self walking beside Draco to lunch. "Look what we have here" he breathed to me. I looked over to find Harry and Ron walking in front of us. "Look what we have here," he said aloud this time. They turned around with a great look of annoyance on their faces. "Potter, Weasley this is going to be fun," I said with a smirk on my face. "Shove of Malfoys" Harry calls. "What did you do to get those robes, Weasley. Bet you had to dig through the trash" I grunt without really thinking. "How dare you..." "But it's TRUE isn't it Weasley, they probably cost the same as your house" Draco spat. Harry raised his wand, I raised mine, Ron raised his, Draco raised his. I don't think either of them knew how to jinx anything, but Draco and I did as Lucious had taught us a few back at the manor. "Let's settle this somewhere else, "Draco said "I agree" I breathe. "Midnight" "tonight" "trophy room," we said. "Wizarding duel, Olivia's my second". "Yeah, I'm his second" Ron said, with a motion towards Harry. With that, we walked off. "We're not actually going to go to the duel are we?" I ask Draco. "Huh no way, this is a way to get them in trouble."



"Ok, today we will be brewing a simple draught of death." Professor Snape barks. "I expect that you will have it perfect".  "He so bossy " I whisper to Draco. "Yes but he's also your house leader" He was standing right behind me!!!!! "10 points from Slytherin I think and detention" he barked at me. It wasn't that bad, but the worst thing was that Draco was just sitting there laughing at me...



After Potions, I walked with Draco and Pansy towards the Common room. "Hey I think I'm gonna go to the bathrooms" "Ok just be safe" Dracos said, the protective brother he was. I ran off to the bathrooms only to find Hermione standing there. 


"What do you want" I bark. "To know the truth" she said. "What do you mean..." I speak with a worried tone. "About your Childhood" ...


1 hour later,

"Wow I didn't know," she said. "You can't tell Draco though, he'll tell Lucius and I'll get tortured." "Ok," she said, understandably. "Hey can you meet me here tomorrow,  there's someone I need you to meet. " "ok see you then" .......

P.s this meeting actually happens after Halloween, when The trio is together, she doesn't really need to do anything with the troll. Thanks for viewing:)



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