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Chapter 2: The Journey to Ilvermorny


In the cabinet was a long hallway. Once they reached the end, there was a set of doors. They opened them to a large cave. They had just taken their vanishing cabinet to the sister cabinet located deep within a cave in the south part of Mt. Greylock reservation. They exited to find a set of carriages pulled by Aethonans.


“Sabine!” Amada yelled and without a goodbye, ran to her friend’s carriage. Luz watched her leave. 


“Well, looks like you’ve got to make friends, Luz.” She muttered to herself. She began to look around and all of them seemed to be full except for the last one. Inside sat Camille Greene, all alone. With no other choice, she walked to that carriage.They had spoken a few times in potions or herbology, but other than that, a conversation between them was rare.  


Luz had nothing against the girl. She was in Luz’s year, a Horned Serpent. She found her to be a bit odd, awkward. Luz thought, that's probably why she’s alone, she doesn’t have many friends to begin with. Granted, neither did she, so maybe they could get along. 


She had long fawn colored hair with bardot bangs, a red tinged deer shaped face, long but delicate at the same time, and pale skin. Camille was from Bennington, Vermont.  Many wizard families inhabit the town. She lived with parents, her two older brothers, and younger sister. Her grandmother had immigrated from Ireland during the famine. She began her life with a distant relative of  Chadwick Boot, the adopted son of Isolt Sayre. At this moment, She seemed to be sketching away in her notebook.


Luz stepped into the carriage and Camille’s big brown eyes looked up at her. “Luz, hey!” She said a little too eagerly.  She realized this and became a little embarrassed. “Thanks for joining”. 

Luz smiled and eyed her notebook. “What were you drawing?”


“Oh, this?” She grabbed her notebook and passed it to Luz. “They’re the umbrella flowers hanging in my greenhouse back home. They have a lovely scent and can often be found in perfumes.”


“Huh.” Luz said. “You’re really into plants, are you going to study Herbology after you graduate and become like a professor??”


A passionate smile formed on Camille’s lips. “I LOVE Herbology! I don’t think I want to teach it, but I’d love to own a shop one day, like an apothecary/plant store!” She said and laughed awkwardly. “What about you? What do you want to do?”


“Curse breaking.” Luz said calmly. “My dad was one, and he told me all about his adventures around the world.” 


“That’s so  cool! You must be really close with your dad, yeah?” She asked intrigued


Luz’s face fell. “I was, yeah. He passed away a few years ago…”


“Oh, I’m so sorry.” It was quiet for a bit. “My brother passed away not too long ago. Gulliver. We were all devastated when it happened. It was for the best, though. He had been sick and in pain for a long time. My mother has a portrait of him in the living room, but it’s not the same.” The carriage became gloomy. “He often just makes funny noises.” Camille said with a laugh. Luz laughed along with her.


The two began to talk a bit more, maybe, they could be friends. 


The carriages began to move out of the cave one by one until Luz and Camille’s was left. The Aethonan began to move forward when suddenly a shot was heard from a young man. The two turned around to see Emery Novak and his younger sibling, Phoebe. The carriage stopped and the brother and sister climbed aboard.


The girls eyed Emery. He had brown bronze skin, his hair was curly and short, he had light freckles on his wide nose, and dark brown eyes to tie it all together. He was a 7th year Wampus. Very popular and had barely even spoken to the two girls in front of him. He lived in New York City with his father and younger sibling. He was on the quidditch team, but really had no interest in making a career of it.


While Camille starred at Emery a bit longer with cheeks redder than usual, Luz’s eyes wandered to Phoebe. They had long curly hair, it was pinned back out of their face. Unlike their brother, they had hazel eyes. They shared freckles with their brother. Phoebe was a year behind them all. They were also a Wampus alongside their brother. 


There was something Luz found captivating about Phoebe.


“Luz, right?” Emery said, out of breath. Luz broke out of her trance and nodded. “And you’re…” he continued as he turned to Camille. However, she stayed silent, still starring, cheeks getting pinker by the second. 


“Camille, she’s Camille.” Luz answered. Camillie looked to Luz with a thankful smile on her face. 


“Well Luz, Camille, it’s nice to meet you both. I’m Emery.”  He Said as he moved to shake the girls hands. When he took Camille’s hand, she smiled and he smiled at her back. They let go of each other's hands and there was a lingering moment between the two. Emery shook out of it. “And this here, is my sibling, Phoebe.” 


“Hey.” Phoebe said in a goofy manner. Luz smiled.


The carriage began to exit the cave as the four conversed.




“So, you really want to be a professor?” Camille asked. She had gotten less shy with Emery as they furthered the road to Ilvermorny. 


“Yup, I want to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts. It’s always been my best and favorite class.” Emery said. It seemed that the two were off in their own world. Luz was drifting off to sleep, while Phoebe had already knocked out.


“Wow, I wouldn’t expect that of you.” Camille chuckled. 


Emery’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”


“Oh, I meant no offence!” Camille said timidly. “It’s just that you’re on the quidditch team, I just assumed that you’d go professional or become an Auror of some sorts. But, there’s nothing wrong with teaching. I think it’s admirable.” 


Emery gave her a sweet smile. “Thank you. And Ms. Greene, what is it that you desire?”


“I want to own an apothecary/plant shop. Maybe in Grumblewood.” Camille said shyly. “I’ve always had a green thumb.”


A thought came to Emery. “Camille Greene has a green thumb.” He said with a goofy smile. Camille melted at the sight of this smile.


Although Luz was half asleep, she saw what was going on between the two. She thought it was sweet. 


A few hours later, they finally arrived at Ilvermorny. The White Castle stood tall in the dark woods of Massachusetts.


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