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Chapter 1: Luz De Leòn








Luz De León awoke to a ruckus right above her. Her hand reached over to her nightstand, fumbling to find her wand.

The sound of glass breaking comes from the hall. 




Her ash wood wand illuminated. It was 14”, had a werewolf nail core, and was slightly flimsy. She removed her blanket and touched her feet to the floor. She shined the light on her cat, Finch, a Selkirk Rex breed. His curly fur was moving up and down. He was still asleep.


Someone began pounding on her door. The cold wood creaked as she moved closer to her door. Her hand turned the doorknob. 


Her mother stood in the doorway. 

Her father on the ground. 



“Come with me, mija.”




Luz jolted awake. 


She knew what had just happened. It was a dream, rather nightmare, she had been having for the past 2 years. It’s a nightmare she’s experienced in her real life.


When Luz was 15 years old, her mother murdered her father  and fled to join the Dark Wizards. Her younger sister Amada we’re left with their abuela, Amorosa in Los Angeles. 

The sisters were students at Ilvermorny. Amada, a Pukwudgie in her 3rd year. Luz was a thunderbird, approaching her final year. She didn’t have many friends. Luz had trauma, causing her to be more reserved than her bubbly, warm sister.


Amada was asleep when the events occured. Therefore, she had an easier time handling it all. However, Luz witnessed her mother’s demise firsthand. She was the one to tell her abuela of her father's passing. She was the one who rejected her mother’s offer. She let her mother go. 


Luz looked around her room. The daylight was creeping in. She returned to Ilvermorny today. 


She got out of bed, approaching her dresser. It being in California in the summer, it was over 100 degrees. Luz looked in her mirror. Fixing her short dark curly hair. She changed out of her tank top and pajama shorts and into denim shorts and a black halter top. Perfect for the summer heat. She walked out of her room to find the house quiet. 


She was the first one awake. 


She wasn’t rich, but she wasn’t poor. They lived in a no-maj neighborhood in East LA. She grew up in this house. It was actually her abuela that immigrated from Guatemala when Luz was 5 years old. 


She grabbed a glass of water and walked outside to sit on her porch. She always enjoyed this time in the morning. Luz préférer solitude. 


Although, her solitude was interrupted by her neighbor Alfonso who was out on a morning jog. He was her age and and was terribly in love with Luz. 


However, to Luz’s annoyance, he’s been completely unaware that she’s not interested. In fact, never will be, in men that is. 


“Nice to see you this early, Luzzie” Alfonso said seductively. 


Luz cringed at the sound of “Luzzie”, her horrible nickname from Alfonso, but covered it up with a short nod and annoyed smile. She’s learned the best thing to do is stay quiet. 


“So, I’m gonna try this again… Luzzie…”


Luz internally vomited


“Tonight. You, me, maybe a movie and dinner?” Alfonso finished hopeful.


It somewhat hurt Luz to hurt Alfonso over and over again. She pitied him for not understanding. ‘He has to learn the hard way’ Luz’s told herself.


“Alfonso, I’ve told you, I’m just not interested. I’m sorry, I hope you find what you need.” With that Luz got up and moved back to the door to head back inside.


“I tried… I’ll get you some day, Luzzie.” Alfonso said as he headed back to his morning jog.


‘There were so many things wrong with what he just said to me’ Luz thought.




Luz stared at the suitcase in front of her. She began to think about the upcoming year. Her last year as an Ilvermorny student. She had already begun to look into curse-breaking programs within the MACUSA. She wanted to continue her father’s work. She wanted to be just like him. He was hardworking, loving, dedicated, a good father.

She missed him. 


And she never liked to admit it, but she missed her mother too. As much grief she caused the family, as much as she wanted to hate her, she couldn’t bring herself to feel that way. There was always a part of her that held onto the mother she once was. The other part could never forgive her, disgusted by her and her actions.


She was confused to say the least.


Luz put her last shirt into the case and cast a protection charm on it. She grabbed Finch along with his kennel. She walked into the living room.


“Ready?” Amada said.


Her and their abuela stood by the basement door.


“¡Luz, ustedes dos llegarán tarde si no se van ahora!” Amorosa said in a hurrying tone.


“Abuela, we’ll be on time.” Luz said as she kissed her abuela’s forehead. She gave the two sisters a smirk.


They stepped into the basement and walked down the stairs. It was a room with just a large cabinet big enough for people to walk in. Nothing else. They all walked to the cabinet.


“Bien, mis amores, ¡ten cuidado!” Amorosa then turned to Luz “Tus padres estarían orgullosos de ti.” She said as she put her hand on her cheek.


Luz reached down to give her abuela a hug and a kiss. Amorosa then turned to Amada and they did the same.


“Te amo, abuela.” Amada said. “We’ll see you soon.” She finished with a kind smile.


With that, the girls grabbed their bags and Finch and opened the cabinet and stepped inside.


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