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As we walked into the great hall with a bunch of first years, Olivia was amazed. The candles! They were floating! There was 4 tables spread apart with each of the four houses. She glanced over to the house she was supposed to be in. They looked like quite an unpleasant bunch. "Look, there's the sorting hat" Draco pointed out. She moved her eyes towards that direction, what she saw was a rugged old hat. "How does that sort us into houses?" She asked. "You'll see" said Draco. Lucious had told him a lot. Then the hat started singing.

"Abbott, Hannah." The strict teacher McGonagall barked. The blonde haired girl stepped forward and she placed the hat on her head. "HUFFLEPUFF" The hat shouted. The table in the middle left of the hall cheered loudly and welcomed her over. Blaise went next, making it into Slytherin. The table on the far left screamed at the top of their lungs. "Blaise deserves that house' thought Draco. Soon enough it was his turn. "Malfoy, Draco" Mcgonagall called. As soon as the hat touched his head it shouted "SLYTHERIN" He walked over to the screaming table with a smirk on his face, but he couldn't help noticing that the red head Weasly and the Potter boy he met on the train had a look of absolute loathing on their face.

Olivia stood there, shaking with nerves.'what if I'm not in Slytherin' Olivia thought. Worrying, Lucious Malfoy could do horrid things, things she didnt want to think about. But when Draco got Immediately sorted into Slytherin, she had a fit. She had to be in his house, she just had to be! "Malfoy, Olivia" Professor Mcgonagall barked. She went up, her face going red. She could see the bushy haired girl, Hermione looking at her hopefully. She had been sorted into Gryffindor. 'Lucky' Olivia thought. She sat on the still and then the hat was placed on her head.



"You're are not a Malfoy" the sorting hat's voice said. "Please be Slytherin,  please be Slytherin, he will torture me otherwise!" She thought miserably. "Hmmm you would do good in Gryffindor,  but I can feel yourself pleading,  no one likes a sad student, so here goes, SLYTHERIN" The table on the left screamed and she went to go sit by Draco, she looked over to Hermione, who gave her a look that was very sorry.

Hermione had been placed in Gryffindor with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. She was delighted  ut couldn't help noticing that the mysterious Olivia Malfoy looked relieved but sad to be in Slytherin. Her brother on the other hand, looked absolutely full of himself. His greasy white hair made her cringe. "Ok everyone, quite down, now is the time the speech" boomed an old-looking man with a long grey beard. "My few words of wisdom today are, Odmint, blabber, and tweak" the whole hall clapped in admiration. "Is he a bit mad?" She heard Harry ask another Weasley brother. "Mad? Hes brilliant! But yes he is a bit mad" she chuckled. "This year the 3rd floor corridors out of bounds unless you want to dye a very gruesome death" he explained. The Weasley twins laughed. "Hes not serious?" Ron asked. "Very" she guessed, not wanting to find out what was in that corridor

"We're in Slytherin!" Draco said, excitedly to Olivia. They made there way to their common room and were shown around. "The password to the common room is pure blood, remember that" said the prefect."Who's in your dorm?" He asked Olivia. "Pansy Parkinson, Milicent Bulstrode and Sally-Anne Perks" she says."they're all quite big-headed but they will do. How about you?" She asked, curiously. "Crabbe Goyle and Zabini" he said. "We got to go to our dorms now, see you tomorrow, our first class is charms" he added making sure she knew. "Bye" she spoke softly, as if she was on the verge of tears. He saw in her eyes the fear he saw on the first day they met...

Another chapter done. I know Draco sounds a lot older than he is but I'm just trying to create a picture of him being a protective brother. Please review, it really helps. Just comment on anything. chapters are still short, sorry. I hope you like it. ENJOY:) 


7/5/2020: Ok so I wrote this in the wrong order so to make everything more clear the next chapter is meant to be before this one, sorry bout that...

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