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CHAPTER THREE: sun-faced star




        "YOU'RE WELCOME, NEVS." Heather Wilkes says, giggling as she pulls Neville up the stairs to his bedroom. Perhaps, his grandmother adoring Heather and her older sister, Marigold more than she adores him is not always a bad thing. The two youngest Wilkes siblings always had a way of keeping his grandmother's rants to a minimum.


        Keep that door open, so help me, boy!" His gran yells after them which causes Neville blush a bright red and Heather to smirk.

        It was hardly a week into their summer vacation and Neville had already managed to drive his grandmother absolutely bonkers. He kept asking her to take him to the Quidditch World Cup, normally Neville doesn't ask his grandmother for much but he remembers that Professor Black at one point mentioned that she had bought tickets to the World Cup for her kids which means that Aurelia Black would be attending the game. Now that Neville was officially friends with her, he wanted to go to the World Cup so he could hang out with her. Of course, he wouldn't tell his gran that because for some reason, she really hates Aurelia Black.


        "What's she mad about this time?" Heather questions as she plops down on Neville's bed, making herself right at home.

        "I kept pestering her about tickets —"


        "Oh, you wanna go to the World Cup? Don't worry about that, Nev. I'll have my parents handle that. They won't mind taking you and Augusta won't mind you going if me and Mari ask her." Heather interrupts, she starts playing with her hair, "I didn't know you were into Quidditch, you know I was thinking of joining the Ravenclaw team as their beater."


        "You should do that, you love Quidditch." Neville says, as he begins to attend to his plants, he needed to water them as he hadn't done that all today.


        Heather pouts "Why must you always bother with those plant, Nev, that's so boring! Can't we do something else and I mean something fun?"


        "I have to take care of them." Neville says, frowning because he knows that Heather's definition of fun is his definition of scary.


        "They're just plants." Heather sighs exasperated, "Honestly, Nev, you're a Gryffindor! You need to find a bolder hobby!"


        "I like my plants, they're —"


        "You're babies," Heather rolls her eyes, "I know, we've been over this a thousands and one day, Nev, you're going to regret not listening to me!"


        Neville hums in response to let Heather know that he heard her, he focuses all his attention on the little flower in front of him. He gently nudges the buds of the flower into the sunlight and sprinkles a bit of water on them, Heather groans dramatically then gives a false yawn.


        They had been friends for as long as Neville could remember, Heather happens to be a year younger than him but he was much closer to her than her older sister who was in his year. Despite being close friends, Neville and Heather happen to be complete opposites, she's bold and brash and he's very shy and timid but Heather follows him around like she's his shadow. Neville would have preferred the company of Marigold Wilkes but Marigold preferred being alone and so he was left with Heather, not that he hated her company. It's just sometimes Heather made him feel like he was boring and a bad friend.


        The redhead was always trying to yank him out of his comfort zone but Neville very much liked staying in his comfort zone. He puts down his watering can and turns to Heather, asking "Well, what do you want to do?"


        "Anything as long as it doesn't have anything to do with your stupid plants," Heather sighs, "You know — I heard that we just live a few blocks away from Grimmauld Place —"


        "Not even that far, it's actually just down the street." Neville says.


        "Right, well, I heard that's where Sirius Black used to live," Heather, "We should go scope it out, Nev, maybe we could catch him — we could be heroes!"


        "I . . . I don't know." Neville says quietly, at first he had been terrified of Sirius Black when he first broke out but after the password accident, Professor Black had taken him aside and explained to him that Sirius Black was innocent, he just had a dramatic flair when he does things, that he wouldn't have actually hurt anyone. Of course, Neville believed her and when he was talking with Aurelia on the train ride, she too had mentioned that Sirius was innocent in passing. But, still, he didn't want to go snooping around for a wanted criminal, innocent or not, Sirius Black seemed like a a rather intimidating bloke to be around.


        Heather groans loudly clearly unimpressed with him, she brushes her pin-straight red hair behind her back and curls her pink-painted lips into a disgusted frown "You're no fun, Nev, honestly, Mari is more fun than you are and all she does is paint the sky — ("Actually, she paints people too.") — whatever, Nev, the point is: it's boring as hell. You need to start doing brave things, I mean, what would your parents do?"


        "Probably catch him themselves, that is that their job after all." Neville says.


        "Was." Heather corrects dryly. Narrowing her eyes as she didn't approve of his remark although he's only joking with her; she's supposed to be the witty one in this friendship. She plasters a smile on her face and begins to look at her pink nails. There's a moment of silence and Heather looks away from her perfectly painted nails to look at Neville, she groans when she sees the confused look on Neville's face, "They're not Aurors anymore, Nev, so it's 'that was their job'."


        "Oh." Neville says lightly, his confusion turning to sadness, "Yeah, I suppose, you're right."


        Heather smiles "I always am, Nev — oh, look you've got a letter! Who would be writing to you?"


        "Ouch." Neville says, glancing to see a dark and very small owl sitting on his window ledge, "I have other friends, you know that right, Heather?"


        "Yeah but they, like, never write to you."


        "Seamus does sometimes, he asks me how my garden's going —"


        "He only does that so you won't feel left out, he doesn't actually care. Seamus hates plants." Heather says dryly.


        "It's still nice that he takes the time to write to me." Neville says, opening his window to untie the letter from around the owl's claw. It's tied with golden string on the envelope is Neville's name written in extremely neat handwriting, they've used golden ink and at once he knows that it's from Aurelia. He remembers overhearing Ron and Harry complaining about Snape giving Aurelia detention multiple times for using gold ink. He smiles wide, heart fluttering in his chest because she had actually written to him.


        "Who's that from?" Heather says, being around the Longbottom manor as often as she had Heather knows all the owls that come and go, naturally she'd be curious seeing a new owl. But, Neville can't tell Heather who it's from because her reaction would be worse than his grandmother's. Heather hates Aurelia, everyone knows this. Neville doesn't understand why Heather hates Aurelia but if he had to describe the two of them, he would say they're like the Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff version of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, except Heather isn't that prejudice.


        So, Neville lies: "My mum's grandpa, he must've gotten a new owl or something, he just wanted to ask me how my year was."

        "Oh," Heather says then laughs, "Does he know about the password incident, Nev?"


        Neville frowns and shuffles awkwardly, trying to shove the letter into his desk drawer before Heather can see it "Yeah, Gran's probably told him." he laughs awkwardly and wishes that Heather, of all people, would let that go. He turns bright red and he becomes embarrassed all over again, how could he have down something so stupid?"


        Before Neville can manage to hide the letter, Heather bolts up and snatches the letter from him. Perhaps she started to suspect he was lying to her when he started trying to hide the letter from her or perhaps the glimmer of gold ink in the sunlight had caught her eye, either way something made her grab that letter and Neville knows that a fight is going to break out. He grows tense and prepares himself but still flinches when she starts yelling.


        "Is this from, Black?!" She hisses, looking murderous.


        Neville nods his head hesitantly.


        "Why is she writing to you?"


        "Because we're friends now?"


        Heather laughs loudly, "That sounds like codswallop to me, really, Nev. She's out of your league, now she may not be as popular as me but she isn't as nice as me and there's no way she'd write to you just because. I mean, why would she write to you when she can write to Potter or Granger? I wouldn't even bother —"


        "Give it back." Neville interrupts, trying to keep a steady voice as he opens up his palm for Heather to place the letter back into.


        "Writing back to her," She finishes quietly and then narrows her eyes at Neville, "Oh, you want to write back to her? You want to be her friend? Why, what the fuck is wrong with you, why her? She's terrible!"


        "She's not as bad as you think, Heather! She — she's actually really nice and she's only mean to you because you're mean to her first."

        "Oh," Heather says flatly, "I see how it is. Fine, if you want to be friends with that bitch than we're not friends anymore."

        "Heather." Neville says softly as she shoves the letter into his chest.


        Her face had gone as red as her hair and he thinks she might be crying but he can't tell for sure with how scrunched up her face is "Nope, you've made your bed now lie in it, if you respond to that letter than don't ever talk to me again!"


        Before he can respond to that, she's bounding out of his room and soon enough down the stairs, Neville swallows thickly and glances at the letter in his grasps and he wonders if he should reply to it?




        AZKABAN IS A creepy, ancient fortress in the middle of the sea but, surprisingly it does allow visitation. Under strict conditions, of course. Aurelia had been going there for years to visit her biological mother, she had been locked up for a crime she didn't commit, a heinous crime against Frank and Alice Longbottom — Neville's parents. Her mother had been framed, by whom her mum never said but who ever did it wore her mother's face and even said that it was her mother before fleeing the scene. Whoever did it obviously used Polyjuice Potion, Aurelia has figured that much which is more than the Ministry of Magic bothered to figure out.


        Aurelia knows her mum pleaded that she didn't do it, she remains adamant to this day that she would never attack the Longbottoms all while keeping up her facade of being Voldemort's most loyal Death-Eater, but no one had ever listened to her. And she also knows that the crime, despite not being guilty for it, weighs heavily on her mum's shoulder and it weighs heavily on Aurelia's too — knowing that her mum is innocent for such a horrendous crime and having to watch everyone blame her for it and call her the most terrible of things, makes her feel like absolute bloody shit. Especially since they loved to blame Aurelia for it too, and even her other mum. Which is why no one can know who her real parents are, she doesn't want her friends blaming her for something her real mum didn't do.


        ( And this is probably the reason she cannot act properly for the life of her when she's around Neville Longbottom, knowing that their families used to be the best of friends and now they've been absolutely destroyed all thanks to her father, yeah, that's enough to make a girl stutter and act like a fool! )


        "Are you sure your warm enough?" Delphi says fretfully to Aurelia, breaking the teenager from her thoughts. They were just about to leave for Azkaban and Delphi always gets antsy before going there, she hated it there but she certainly couldn't let her wife sit there and rot by herself.


        Azkaban is not family friendly place and visitations were hard to get approved but somehow Delphi always managed to get one even after Sirius Black's escape. It probably helped that her oldest half-brother, Marius Riddle, worked there as a guard and he must vouch for Delphi or something like that.


        "What about you, Lux?" Delphi says turning to fret over the older boy, he gives Delphi an annoyed look but he allows her to button up his cloak all the way to the top button. "Are you warm enough, love?"


        "Absolutely heated." Pollux says dryly, looking at at his nails with a look of complete disinterest, Delphi smiles at him warmly and then pecks his cheek, when she looks away from him, he wipes off his cheek and scowls and Aurelia laughs at him.


        Delphi turns and pecks Aurelia's cheek, asking: "What are you laughing at, my darling?"


        "Nothing." Aurelia says as Pollux glowers at her.


        "Before we leave, you know the —"


        "Patronus Charm." Pollux and Aurelia chorus flatly, pulling out their wands as Delphi gives them a small smile.


        Before they go to Azkaban, every time Delphi would make them practice the Patronus Charm. One of many rules for visitation is that the person must be accompanied by someone who can do the Patronus Charm or do it themselves until they get to the Visitation Chamber where their wands would be confiscated by the guards. Delphi before she finally caved and let Aurelia see her mother for the first time, had made sure that Aurelia could produce a corporeal Patronus and when Pollux started to join them to visit his Rodolphus Lestrange, she made him do the same.


        Despite it being advanced magic for someone her age, Aurelia was able to get it, she had a lot of strong and happy memories. It was the first and only spell she's mastered to date, she still can't even get spells that she learned in first year right have the time but some how she had managed to perfect the Patronus Charm, her's is a Hummingbird.


        Pollux took a little longer to grasp the spell but he managed to get it right after months of practice, his was a snake. Aurelia wasn't sure what kind of snake as she had never bothered to ask, he'd probably yell at her if she did.


        He goes first, seeing as Aurelia hesitates. She wonders if she'll be able to still produce a Patronus with how she's been feeling lately, Pollux calls out the spell and a wispy-looking snake glides around him and Delphi praises him. They both turn on her and she fumbles with her long, thin wand which is made of Cypress wood. Her mouth seems to have run dry and she frantically tries to think of a memory.


        Memories she had used before either consisted of her mums or her adventures with her trio of trouble-making friends but ever since the werewolf thing, thinking of the three of them made Aurelia incredibly sad and anxious. She licks her lips and raises her wand, her mum's soft voice fills her head 'my star, my darling, my little sun-faced star'.


        A warm feeling spreads through her chest and she focuses on the blurry memory of her biological mother, Bellatrix is leaning over her and she's singing a Muggle song to her softly. Aurelia can never make out all the words but she knows it's definitely an ABBA song, both of her mums love ABBA ( Uncle Ted is to blame for that ) and she also knows that her mum wants her to go to sleep but Aurelia is wide awake as she peers up at her mum and coos and giggles. Occasionally she'd point at the little mobile hanging over her head and demand her mum to do something with it, she's not sure what but she knows that the mobiles were shaped like stars, Aurelia assumes her baby-self wanted them to glow.


        Her mum would merely shake her head and say "Go to sleep my little sun-faced star, hush now." her mum would lower her hands into the crib and caress Aurelia's chubby cheek, whispering sweet nicknames over and over again in between singing that ABBA song until Aurelia would have to assume, her baby-self finally drifted off to sleep.


        "Expecto Patronum!" Aurelia calls out, waving her wand and out comes a wispy-looking form of something that is not a Hummingbird. It is, however, corporeal and just as small, perhaps even smaller. Her relief outweighs her confusion and she manages to keep producing it.


        "Oh, it's a little dragonfly!" Delphi says, flashing Aurelia a warm smile and her relief only grows. Judging by Delphi's reaction, it must be normal for Patronuses to change shape and Aurelia doesn't give it much thought. Although she is a bit curious as to why it changed, she decides to ask about it later.


        "Okay, I did it, mum, can we please go see mama now?"


        "Of course." Delphi says, placing a hand on Aurelia's shoulder.


        "Mama?" Pollux snorts, "Who the fuck calls their mother 'mama' at this age?"


        "Freddie Mercury, you bitch." Aurelia retorts without missing a beat and Pollux stares at her with the upmost exasperation.


        He turns to Delphi "Visitation isn't going to be the only reason I'm going to Azkaban today."




        MARIUS RIDDLE IS the eldest of the Riddle siblings, Aurelia's never ever see him outside of these Azkaban visits. Sometimes she thinks that he might live there. Marius, Aurelia, and Pollux were very estranged and in fact Aurelia did not know that he was her brother until her second visit, it was only when Delphi had mentioned it in passing that Aurelia realised he was the Blood-Traitor brother. Technically, speaking all the sibling in some way are Blood-Traitors but he's the only one that their father and his group of Death-Eaters awknowledge as a Blood-Traitor.


        Marius treats his siblings like strangers, all except for Eugene. Aurelia knows that he goes and visits Eugene in St. Mungo's. From what Delphi has told her, Marius had ran away, going off grid the second he graduated from Hogwarts and Eugene was the only one he kept in contact with. Voldemort had ruined his life, murdering his Muggle Wife and his little daughter so, really, Aurelia doesn't blame him for wanting nothing to do with their family.


        As usual It's cold as hell when Aurelia steps out of the flames and into a dreary grey and dimly lit office of sorts. At the opposite side of the small room are two desks where her oldest half-brother is seated, the other desk is surprisingly empty.


        "Where's Patty?" Delphi says, stepping out of the fire behind Aurelia. By Patty, Delphi means the other guard that should be sitting in the desk opposite of Marius. There's supposed to be two guards under Azkaban at all times, that's one of the many rules.


        "She's training the newest guard, Hattersley or whatever their name is, they're fresh out of Hogwarts. They need tons of training to make it in here. Training that Patty's replacement obviously didn't get." Marius says, nodding his head in the direction of the other desk.


        Aurelia looks over the desk, standing on her tip-toes to see that the replacement guard, a young man, had passed out cold on the ground in front of his desk.


        "Yikes." Aurelia says quietly.


        "My sentiments exactly." Pollux says dryly, then glares in the direction of Marius who glares right back at him, "Since that bloke is out cold, that means we can't use the Visitation Chambers. Isn't that right, brother dearest?"


        "Aye," Marius says gruffly, "I cannot set up the Visitation Chambers without the help of another guard, you'll have to do your visits at their cells."


        "Nope," Pollux says, "Not happening, I'm not going to stand in the cold just for a little visit with Rodolphus. He'll understand. Hey, Ass, tell him that I'll see him next time and that I'll send a letter for him shortly."


        "Okay." Aurelia says meekly, she doesn't like interacting with Rodolphus and Pollux knows this well as the first interaction she had with Rodolphus on her first visit to Azkaban had not been a good one. Pollux had been there, he saw everything and had even defended her from his wrath. But, of course, Pollux is an asshole and he loves to make Aurelia do things that scare her or make her uncomfortable.


        "Where are you going then?" Delphi asks, turning away from Marius to look at Pollux with a suspicious look.


        "The Burrow?" Pollux replies in a mocking tone to which Delphi gives him a pointed look but he only shrugs, "Hey, if Asterope is allowed to be friends with Scarhead then I can go to the Burrow whenever I please, see ya."


        With that Pollux is on his way, Marius grumbles about how much he hates his siblings as soon as Pollux is out of sight, Aurelia doesn't even bother to let him know she had heard him. She just merely clings to Delphi as Marius clears them and allows them into the stairway that leads up to the actual prison.


        Marius kicks up his feet and onto his desk "Since, my dear old partner is out cold, what he doesn't know won't kill him, you two can go up by yourselves. You can handle it, can't you Delphi?"


        "Aye, indeed I can," Delphi says then adds teasingly, "You better hope that nobody shows up while we're up there unattended, you'll lose your wand."


        "There are worse things to lose." Marius says blankly as he returns to the thick paperback he had been reading and the teasing smile slips off Delphi's face. Somehow the room gets even more grim, Aurelia frowns and thinks about how much she hates her father.


        "Come on," Delphi says, gently pulling Aurelia up the stairs. Both of them take a deep breath, there are seven sets of stairs they have to go up before they get the prison level and then an additional three to get to the level Aurelia's mum's cell is on. Delphi pulls out her wand and lights up the stairway with a 'Lumos' which makes everything easier to see as the little candles on the wall hardly did their job.


        The walk up to the prison level is spent in silence, it's only once they reach that door does Delphi and it's to ask if Aurelia's ready to which she nods, grabbing her wand on the inside of her coat pocket. Entering Azkaban is like entering a whole new world, as soon as the door opens Aurelia's greeted with the sounds of the screaming prisoners, howling wind, and crashing of violently large waves against the stone building.


        Aurelia swallows thickly and clings to Delphi as they walk down the lower hallway. Thankfully, Delphi handles Rodolphus for Aurelia, he's the first cell on the lower floor. With that they're on the way to her mum's cell, once they get up to her level, Delphi calls out her Patronus which is a little butterfly, allowing Aurelia to go first. When she gets to her mum's cell, her mum is already at the bars with her face pressed into them as she watches the butterfly Patronus float past her with a soft smile on her gaunt face.


        "'Ello, mama!" Aurelia says brightly, waving at Bellatrix Black who jumps back from the bars at the sound of Aurelia's voice, she blinks wearily at the teenager before giving her a confused smile.


        "My darling little star, is that really you?" Bellatrix croaks out, pressing her face once more into the bars. When Aurelia nods, her smile widens and she reaches out the bar but quickly stops herself, acting as though reaching out of the bars would burn her, "Where is the guard?"


        "It was just Marius there, so he let us go on our own."


        "Oh . . . That sounds like something he would do but . . . But why would he be alone, we're always told there's two guards present." Her mum says, looking suspicious as she licks her lips, "And where's Delphi? Are you sure that —"


        "I'm right here, Bella." Delphi says softly, coming to stand behind Aurelia. Immediately all tension and suspicion melts from Bellatrix's features, "There are two guards present, but one of them is a replacement and didn't handle his shift very well, so Marius has the run of the place for now."


        "Oh, alright," Bellatrix says then reaches through the bars to cup Aurelia's cheek, it's the closest thing they have to a hug at the moment, "Hello, my darling little star."


        "Hi, mama! I've brought you drawings, you've always said that the Transfiguration classroom was your favourite place at Hogwarts, so I drew it for you!" Aurelia says, pulling out the drawing from her messenger bag and handing over Bellatrix but she doesn't take it, she's fixated on Aurelia's face with a horrified expression.


        "What — what happened to —"


        "Oh, I cut my hair." Aurelia says nonchalantly although she completely knows that's not what her mum's referring to.


        "No, no, no." Bellatrix says, softly but horrified as she reaches out to gently trace over the scars, "This, what is this? Why did you tell me about this Adelpha?!"


        "I didn't want to scare you in the letter and since it wasn't in the Prophet, I knew the best way was to tell you in person —"


        "Well, spit it out, what happened to my baby?!"


        "It was an accident!" Aurelia cuts in.


        "Was it Pollux, Delphi, did Pollux do this to her?!"


        Aurelia gives her mothers an incredulous look, she knew very well that Pollux could be violent and he was always angry or bitter, that's a fact known by everyone but for her mama to think that Pollux could do something like that to someone was a bit too much.


        "No, it was Remus!"




        "It was an accident," Aurelia repeats herself, "He forgot to take his potion because of the whole Sirius Black thing, he didn't mean to do it, really, it was a horrible accident and he didn't bite me, just scratched me. It's fine, I'm fine."


        "Merlin." Bellatrix breathes out, looking on the verge of tears. Aurelia had heard as a child, her mum rarely cried but in Azkaban it's all that she does.


        "Do you like my hair?" Aurelia asks in an attempt to change the subject, "It's permanent! I haven't had hair this short before, I think it looks wicked neat, what do you think?"


        The change of subject works and Bellatrix blinks away the tears in her eyes and she smiles at Aurelia "I think it looks lovely, my sun-faced star, it suits you." then she gives Aurelia's hair a gentle pat, "Now, what about that drawing, you know that I adore your drawings, my darling."


        Aurelia hands over the drawing again and this time, Bellatrix takes it and she studies the drawing with a large smile and says: "It's beautiful, just like you."


        Aurelia blushes "Thank you, mama!"


        Bellatrix looks up from the drawing "Now, tell me, my darling star, how are you and that Weasley girl doing? Have you made up."


        "Er, not really. We're not fighting or anything, I'm just —"


        "Avoiding her?" Her mum says teasingly, moving to place the drawing on her cot, "You do that a lot, you get that from me. Really, my star, you should talk to her. I can tell that you're good friends, I don't think you'll want to lose what you had with her."


        "But —"


        "Your mum's right, darling, you and Ginny should work this out." Delphi agrees, kissing Aurelia's forehead lightly, "I don't think you want to be like your mum — the 'Queen of Avoidance' over there."


        "Perhaps I do," Aurelia retorts playfully, "Perhaps I like being Queen of Avoidance and living in my sea-side kingdom of Let's Do That Another Time."


        Both Delphi and Bella smile exasperatedly at Aurelia, who gives them a beaming smile.


        "You're too much, my darling." Bellatrix says, shaking her head.


        "Thanks, I pride myself on it."


        Bellatrix presses a kiss to her hand and then presses her hand against Aurelia's cheek "You're so much like Delphi too, your radiance and warmth, you got that from her."


        Her cheeks hurt from smiling so wide, she loves when people tell her how much she's like Delphi. Although they're not biologically related, Aurelia and Delphi do share a lot in common in both their personality and looks; she thanks her lucky stars that she had taken after Bellatrix's side of the family rather than after her father. Delphi has told her that she looks more like her father's mother, Merope Gaunt, and Aurelia doesn't mind that because at least she doesn't look like him.


        "I pride myself on that too."


        Bellatrix hums softly and strokes Aurelia's cheek "I'm glad that you do, those are good traits to have."


        There's the sound of footsteps approaching them at a quick pace, Aurelia groans at this and her mums frown. Bellatrix pulls Aurelia close to the bars of the cell, looking ready to cry again, she tries her best to plant a kiss on Aurelia's forehead through the iron bars.


        "Listen, my little sun-faced star —"


        "Okay, time to go, you two." Marius appears before, looking rather winded as he's crouched over, hands on his knees and he tries to catch his breath, "That replacement is starting to stir, I had to run to get up here."


        Aurelia frowns, that was hardly an hour. Sure, she was cold and terrified but she wanted more time with her mum. Bellatrix reaches out and cups Aurelia's cheek before she can argue with her half-brother. Due to the fact that it's Marius and he's always a bit lenient with the rules, he allows Bellatrix to do this. She wipes away Aurelia's tears that are starting to fall "My little sun-faced star, do not cry."


        "But I don't wanna go." Aurelia whispers and Bellatrix smiles softly.


        "You have to, you can always write to me, whenever you want. I may not be able to respond all the times but I always get your letters and I always read them, and your drawings too."


        "What about my stories and poems?" Aurelia sniffles.


        "Yes, my darling, those too." Bellatrix says encouragingly.


        "Oh, alright, enough with the sappiness, we really ought to be going. I should warn you that the replacement is a real dick, aye, more than me —" Marius says grumpily only to be interrupted by Bellatrix.


        "Wait! — My darling girl . . . Dark times — dark times are coming." Bellatrix says softly as she reaches out with the other hand to brush Aurelia's golden curls, trying to keep her in place for a little bit longer, at this Marius starts to draw his wand.


        There's an urgency in Bellatrix's tone that Aurelia hasn't heard her use before and a chill runs up her spine. "Your father will return to his power, there's no stopping that. You and Pollux will be in grave danger, I need you to promise me that the two of you will protect each other no matter what you learn."


        "What — what do you mean, mama?" Aurelia asks worriedly, she's never heard her mum talk so cryptically before, not even during her worst moments in Azkaban.


        "Just promise me, Asterope!"


        "I promise, mama."





Marigold Wilkes >>>>> Heather Wilkes,,, any day of the WEEK,, Marigold is the SUPERIOR Wilkes child and we love her for it!!! Honestly living for the moment that it's revealed to Aurelia that she's biologically related to Delphi but for now that's just between me and you lmaoo AND it's gonna be a shock of a lifetime for Aurelia when she finds out considering everything that happens to her the same day she finds out. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the chapter, please let me know what you thought of it!

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