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"How do you get to the train exactly?" Olivia asked Draco. They were sitting in his room, talking. "You walk right through a wall between platform 9 & 10, father told me". Draco loved her like a sister. Ever since his father had selfishly captured her he had felt sorry for her. She mentioned so much to him. The little sister he had never had. She was excited about Hogwarts and so was he. Their 1st year, together. He could see in her eyes that she felt the same way about him.

As they were talking Olivia couldn't help feeling a sense of belonging, something she hadn't felt in a long time. He was so kind to her, even though he was the same age as her she felt as if he was the older brother she's never had.


As she was walking to her room where she would get ready for bed and the dinner their house-elf dobby brang up to her, she was called by Narcissa to come to have dinner at the dining table! She never had dinner at the dining table before! But that was mostly because she always denied the invitation, but this time she had no choice. 



Olivia walked slowly down the staircase and strolled into the dining room. There were a whole lot of people she didn't know there. Most of them looked evil actually. She took a free seat next to Draco who gave her a look that read: you're not going to like this...


"Olivia, welcome," Lucious said, with a kind tone that was a little funny actually."This is your aunt Bellatrix, Theodore Nott, and Severus Snape, Snape is the potions master at Hogwarts, he is also head of Slytherin house." Snape gave me a look that clearly stated he would rather be doing other things. His hooked nose face and greasy hair made him look even eviler. She couldn't believe that she would be stuck with him for the next 7 years!



Bellatrix turned out to be mad. Her laugh made that even more obvious. She enjoyed teasing both her and Draco

Theodore Nott turned out to be their just because. He was horribly thick and ate anything in the sight of him (apart from the humans obviously) In her room that night she lay on her bed, sleepless. She was so worried about the next day. Wondering whether she would have the heart to talk trash about people. She was worried that she wouldn't be in Slytherin. Maybe she should just stay near Draco or maybe she should branch out, be herself. "And earn a whole lot of torture," A voice said inside her head. She would just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings

Draco ran into his sister's room and shook Olivia awake. "Livie, time to wake up," he said. Even though he was only 4 months older he was definitely going to be protective of her. She woke saw him and threw a pillow at him."Aww is little sissy not liking mornings" he said smirking. "No, it's just nobody likes being woken by a slimy haired git " She had a cheeky grin spread on her cute face.



The 'family' arrived a the kings cross 15 minutes early. Draco took Olivia's hands and they ran towards the wall, disappearing over to platform 9 & 3/4. Draco hugged Narcissa and Lucious. "Now no funny business" Lucious said sternly to Olivia. He had that look in his eyes, telling her he meant it.


Draco and Livie got in a Compartment with 2 really thick boys and one quite slender. The thick ones were called Vicent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. The slender one's name was Blaise Zabini. Crabbe and Goyle were just as thick as they looked. They had fewer Brains then 50 flobberworms mixed together! Zabini, on the other hand, was quite good looking. He was still a git though, Olivia thought. They were all pretty nice to her though.

Draco looked at his sister, he wondered what she was thinking. Crabbe and Goyle were absolute gits but they were still good enough to be in intimidating. Zabini was eyeing Olivia with curious eyes. 'If he touches her though' Draco thought threateningly.



A little while later a bushy-haired girl came into the apartment. "Have you seen a road, a boy named Nevilles lost one?" she said this in a bossy tone you could almost tell she would be trouble. "No. And if we did why would we tell you"Draco spat. "Well that's a bit rude," she said, sounding a little offended. "Sorry about my slimy haired git of a brother. What's your name?" Olivia said. "Hermione Granger. I think your brother is a scrawny flobberworm" and with that, she left the room with a flick of her hair



"What was that for," Draco said as they walked off the train. They were both in identical black robes and almost identical hair. The Malfoys had to dye Olivia's hair blonde, she was also to keep the top brown though. "You were so rude that girl," she said desperately to him. "You have to be meaner" he paused for a second "otherwise he will torture you"

"I know," she said, sorry.



"Firs' years, firs' years this way pleas'" said a big friendly looking man. Draco and Olivia followed him to a number of boats.'we are sailing over!' Olivia thought this day just got better.

So this chapter was longer. A little bit of a better Introduction to some other characters. what do you think about Zabini do you think he and Olivia will get together? Comment on your views down below. Enjoy:)

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