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Olivia Malfoy and her brother (by force) Draco Malfoy walked into Madame Malkins to get Hogwarts robes. "I can't wait to get my wand!!!" Olivia exclaimed with an excited tone. Draco was the only Malfoy she liked. He understood her like no one else. He talked to her when she was alone, comforted her when she cried (which happened quite often) He was always there for her.


"Ouch, watch where you're putting those pins woman" Draco complained."Draco, don't be so rude" Olivia says, with a smirk on her face. "Ok little sis" he teased. His smile meeting her eyes. Just then a boy came into the shop, looking a little lost. Malkin showed him to the stool beside Draco and Olivia. "Hogwarts too?" Draco asked. The boy nodded, looking like everything he was seeing was a dream. "Are you.. our kind, I don't think they should let the other kind in don't you?". "If you mean my parents were witch and wizard, then yes". The boy's face had hatred all over it. "I'm Draco by the way, and this is my errr sister, Olivia". " Ok you 2, you're finished, you can go now". "Bye," I said kindly to the boy. He smiled back revealing a deep lightning scar. Then it hit me, the boy that Draco was so rude to, was Harry Potter...



After they had finished with robes at Madame Malkins, they went straight to Ollivander's to get their wands. Olivia did not tell Draco about the boy in the shop being Harry Potter, as she knew he would start boasting to father about it. But the feeling of guilt stabbed her and for some reason brang her back to her childhood that she missed so surely.



When they got to the wand store Olivia was filled with the most mysterious feeling. She could feel magic around her. It was like a tingling feeling had overcome her body took over her sadness and made herself new. Her hands started to glow. Then she saw an old man, quite frail in fact, staring at her with curiosity. He kinda creeped her out.


"Aaaah, a new Malfoy I see, and Draco, I've been waiting for you, both of you" he gasped. He gave off a kind of dark feeling, making you want to start the wand picking process sooner. "Master Malfoy you first"



After Draco got his, the anticipation started to build up in Olivia's gut. Finally, it was her turn. "Let's see, how about willow and unicorn hair" He gave her the wand and she gave it wave. Almost immediately he took the wand and gave her another. "Tut tut tut, not this wand, how about this, oak and dragon heartstring" But this wand did not stratify him either. As soon as the girl touched the wand he snatched it back! "Not this one either" he stated, shoving the wand back on the shelf. "Hmmm, interesting, interesting indeed" "um sir, Mr Olivander, what's so interesting?". "Ohh it's just..." Olivander stuttered. "How peculiar, try this wand, elder and Phoenix feather" It was magical, as soon as she touched it she felt a warm glow traveled through her spine into her fingertips which were glowing mysteriously." ah yes, I think you will find that wand will do powerful things for you, young lady. Yes, you and Mr Potter are going to do well indeed". 



Lucious led them down to knock turn alley to return some dark object that he doesn't want in the house and then they went to the last stop of the day, quality quidditch supplies. On the way, they saw a family of redheads. The lady, mother perhaps, was busying herself with 5 kids. "Weasleys" Lucious grimaced. "The filthiest blood traitor family there is, I hope both of you make their life hell" "but.," Olivia argued. "You've got to make people's life hell, get used to honey" explained Narcissa. As they walked into the book store.

Sorry, guys another short chapter. Some of the drama starting to poke through In this chapter but not much. I'll make sure I update again. Keep those reviews coming in. It will help me make the books better. ENJOY:)

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