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Sixth Year


Rose could hardly wait to get her new schedule.  Professor Longbottom was passing them out and Rose was waiting anxiously at the dinner table with her friends. By the time Neville got to them, Rose nearly jumped out of her seat to intercept the schedule. 


James made a quip about how no one should be that excited for school.  Rose wasn’t just excited for school however, she was also excited to get her prefect schedule and get back to normal.  As long as she wasn’t forced to patrol with Malfoy she would be okay. Last year hadn’t been as bad as she expected, especially since in the beginning they hardly said anything to each other.  But she was excited to be paired with someone she could actually talk to. 


Nonetheless, Rose was proud of herself for upholding her personal goal of being civil to Malfoy.  The year hadn’t been perfect, but no interactions that drew attention from McGonagall of the Heads. 


“Rose,” Penny said, pulling Rose from her musings. “Can you believe we’re starting N.E.W.T.s this year?” Penny whispered excitedly.  


“I’m so nervous.” Rose admitted. “I mean, I’m only taking six—” 


“You realize most students take three or four? I’m only taking four.” 


“That’s because you know what you want to do! I can’t narrow my opportunities when I have no idea where I want to work,” Rose exclaimed.  It gave her so much anxiety that she didn’t have a career path planned out. There was just nothing that stood out to her.

She listened to Uncle Harry talk about being an Auror or about how Penny knew she wanted to work with Magical Creatures and she didn’t have that.  There was nothing that called to her.  


“Rose, Penny,” Professor Longbottom had finally reached them.  


Rose stood in excitement and practically ripped her schedule from Longbottom’s hand. 


Penny took hers and forced Rose to sit down, but before she could get a look at her schedule, Longbottom said, “Rose, Professor McGonagall needs to see you in her office after dinner.” Rose shrunk into her seat a little.  She sincerely hoped that this wasn’t more punishment for last year’s fight. Hadn’t they done enough? They had suffered through four detentions and hours of patrol where it was just the two of them. Sure, they hadn’t killed each other, they had remained civil, but that didn’t mean they liked each other now. 


“Which classes are you taking?” Penny asked Rose, not seeing the possible threat. 


“Defense, Potions, Charms, Ancient Runes, Herbology, and Transfiguration.  Ugh, three classes with the Slytherins.” Rose said dreadfully. She could only hope that Scorpius wasn’t taking the same classes that she was. 




“Well, Ancient Runes is with all houses and then Charms and Transfiguration are with Slytherin.” 


Penny looked at Rose’s schedule, “At least you’ll have a class with Al.  He’s probably taking Charms at least.” 


“I think he’s taking Charms, Potions, Defense, and Transfiguration if I’m remembering correctly.” Rose was almost positive that’s what Albus had told her over the summer.  She had been excited to take Charms and Transfiguration with Al, but then she remembered that she would probably have those same classes with Malfoy. She then remembered what Professor Longbottom had told her.  “I have to go see McGonagall, I’ll see you in the dorms later.” 


When she arrived in front of the eagle statue, she wasn’t surprised to see Malfoy there.  He didn't bother to look at her, he just stood there looking annoyingly perfect. His robes we new and tailored, his hair pushed back with a little bit of gel.  He wasn't as bulky as Al had become, but there was muscle definition in his body that her roommates frequently pointed out. 


Rose sighed as she stopped next to him.  She had known this would be about their feud. 


“Weasley.” He nodded to her curtly. “Did you get a password?” 


Rose hadn’t even thought of that. “Uh… no, suppose you didn’t either?” 


Malfoy shook his head and at the moment the staircase started turning and behind the stone eagle McGonagall was revealed. “Ms. Weasley, Mr. Malfoy, please follow me.” She said monotonously before turning around and going right back the way she came.  Rose and Scorpius followed dutifully, Rose clutching her prefect badge absently and Scorpius’s jaw clenched nervously.  


Once they were in the Headmaster’s office, seated in intimidating chairs, Professor McGonagall gave them long, measured looks.  Rose wasn’t sure if she was waiting for them to say anything or if McGonagall was just trying to make them sweat. Whatever she was doing,

it was certainly making Rose more anxious. 


“How were your summers?” McGonagall asked. 


Scorpius’s brows shot up. Rose made a startled noise. 






“Excellent, now before I send you off to attend to your prefect duties, there are some things we need to discuss.” McGonagall said and continued before Rose or Scorpius could reply, “You both completed your punishment for last year’s events, however there are steps that need to be taken to ensure they are not repeated.  You will both patrol together one night per month. If I hear any word of fighting you will both lose your prefect badges.” 


Both students held their breath as they waited for more. 


Rose blinked, “Is that all?” she asked hesitantly. 


McGonagall looked her way, “Do you think there needs to be more?” 


“No,” Rose said quickly, “patrol together once a month… sounds good.” In fact, Rose thought that it wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

Patrolling together once a month would show McGonagall and Albus that they were capable of getting on without actually having to much in too much work. 


“Yeah, once a month is fine,” Scorpius agreed and gave Rose a look that told her to shut up. “Is there anything else you needed from us?” 


“You have your prefect schedules and lesson schedules?” 


“Yes, Professor.” Rose nodded. 


“Then you may rejoin your fellow students,” McGonagall dismissed them. 


On the way out of her office Scorpius muttered to Rose, “I thought that would be far worse.” 


“Me too,” Rose whispered back as the staircase spun around. “We’ll probably have time to go back to the feast.” She hadn’t expected that. 


Scorpius nodded.  He could hardly wait to get back to Al and Xavier and share the good news.  All his friends had expected more punishment and honestly, so had he. Without noticing, they both headed in the direction of the Great Hall.  Scorpius had totally forgotten that he would have to ferry first years to the dormitory, so of course McGonagall would give them enough time to get back. 

Rose and Scorpius awkwardly walked together until they reached the arches that led into the Great Hall.  Scorpius quickly headed towards the Slytherin table, not bothering to look at Rose or say goodbye. 


Albus looked towards him, “Did you get in trouble?” 


“What would I have gotten in trouble for?” Scorpius sat down with his legs facing away from the table. 


“I dunno.  Maybe you blew up Rose’s bag or something?” Al raised his eyebrows knowingly.  Back in third year, that very thing had happened and Scorpius had never been caught. But of course, Al had guessed.  


Scorpius snorted, “I did no such thing.” 


“So what happened,” Xavier Zabini asked. 


“McGonagall gave us a chat about not killing each other.” Scorpius responded casually.  He lazily picked at some food before tossing a sweetie in his mouth. “Still have my prefect’s badge and everything.” 


“I’m amazed you were made prefect to begin with,” Glover shook his head. 


“Why? I’m top of our class, on the Quidditch team—”


“And an attempted murderer,” Xavier inserted. Scorpius scoffed.  Sure, he and Rose had had their squabbles, but calling it attempted murder was a bit much.  Neither one of them had really tried to kill each other. Where would be the fun in ending their game? Scorpius smirked to himself.


“I was impressed last year,” Al said, referring to the fact that Rose and Scorpius had been forced to play nice.  


The truth was that Scorpius had been bored out of his mind last year.  


“Yes, well I’m very impressive.” Scorpius drawled. As he leaned back against the table, with his elbows propped up, he saw a couple of younger Slytherin girls giggling at him. Once the girls recognized they had been spotted ogling, they looked at their plates quickly, their cheeks turning pink. 


Scorpius’s smirk deepened. 


“So you and Rose have agreed to keep your truce?” Albus asked, like he wanted to make extra sure. 


Scorpius sighed. “Yes,” he said grudgingly.  It was boring, but McGonagall was serious about expelling them or worse, kicking him off the Quidditch team.  Scorpius knew he wasn’t as great of a Quidditch player as Albus, but he loved flying and he loved the competition. 

Not to mention, it helped him with the girls. 


Albus looked satisfied, “It’ll be nice to be able to hang out with my best mate and my cousin.” Scorpius rolled his eyes discreetly as he picked at his mash.  He and Rose had always been a subject of gossip around Hogwarts. Most of the time he could deal with it and ignore how nosy everyone was, but now was not one of those times.  


“Al, what about Quidditch tryouts?” Scorpius said abruptly. “And you’ll have to schedule practice around prefect rounds.” He had been slightly put off by the fact that Al had been chosen as Slytherin team captain, but he supposed that handling prefect duties and Quidditch would be a lot for any student.  


“I know, but our first game isn’t until the end of October.  Seeing as it’s only September 2nd, I thought we could hold tryouts next week.  Besides, you lot don’t even have the schedule for rounds yet, do you?” 


“Not yet, but we should have them by the end of the week.  Do we have the Quidditch schedule yet?” Scorpius asked. It was going to be difficult to plan anything with so many moving pieces. There were game schedules, prefect schedules, class schedules, practice schedules… and on and on it went. 


“Molly is Head Girl, you should just ask her.” Xavier suggested to Al. “And ask her when Hogsmeade weekends will be! I know exactly who I want to ask.” 


Alex Porter decided to speak up, “What happened to the girl from over summer holidays? She goes to Hogwarts, right?” 


“Yeah,” Xavier shrugged, “but the spark is gone. We ended it right before coming back to school.” Scorpius thought that a Ravenclaw girl had been staring at them angrily and now he knew why. He dared a glance towards the Ravenclaw table and found that a scary looking blonde was giving Xavier the death glare. As he turned to look back at his friends, his eyes passed over the Gryffindor’s table.  


Scorpius may have had a long standing feud with Rose, but just as his eyes looked towards her, she flipped her long red hair over her shoulder and laughed at something Penny Jacobsen had said, and he had to admit she was beautiful.  In fourth year, it was subtle, but now that she was sixteen and had grown into her face, Rose really was pretty.  


He hated to admit it, but he would’ve been more foolish to try to deny it. 


“Mate, why are you giving Weasley the death glare?” Xavier asked around a mouth full of pudding.  Scorpius looked away from Rose, unaware that he had been giving her the so-called death glare. 


“I wasn’t.” Scor said defensively. 


“It’s true,” Al nodded, “he just has a very intense gaze.” Well, Scorpius thought, the way Albus phrased it made it sounds far more romantic than it really was.  Before Scor could correct Albus, Tanzy and some other sixth year Slytherin girls sat down close to Scorpius and his friends. Tanzy saw him looking at her and waved, then turned back to her friends and kept chatting.  One of Tanzy’s friends,

Hope, was keeper for the Slytherin Quidditch team and Scorpius had gotten on rather well with her when she joined last year. Because of that, he and Tanzy had a tangential friendship where they spoke to each other and often partnered up in potions and DADA.  


One time last year, he had found her in a state on his way back from rounds.  Technically he should’ve given her a detention for being out of the Slytherin dormitory after curfew, but she confided in him about her problems at home and he couldn’t bare to report her.  So they chatted for a bit and she explained that he father had recently come back into her life… anyways, he gave her a pass and they had become even closer. 


He was determined that this would be the year that he asked her to attend a Hogsmeade day with him.  She was pretty and smart and easy to be around. Scorpius made a promise to himself that whenever the next Hogsmeade weekend was announced, he would ask Tanzy to go with him, at the very least as friends.  Maybe that would get his foot in the door. 


“Scor, you’re staring.” Al muttered into his ear. Scorpius casually looked away from Tanzy and back to his friends. 


“What classes are you taking?” Xavier asked Scorpius. 


“DADA with Hufflepuff, Potions with Ravenclaw, Transfiguration with Gryffindor, Charms with Gryffindor, Ancient Runes with all houses, and History of Magic with all houses.” Scorpius read off of his schedule. He tried not to make too much of a face at the fact that he had two classes with Gryffindor.  


Scor knew that Albus would be watching. Besides, he and Rose had done much better last year and he planned on continuing that streak.  Albus had been much easier to be around when he wasn’t on his high horse. 


“Three classes with Weasley? That should be interesting,” Xavier snorted. 


Alex rolled his eyes, “They did perfectly fine last year.” 


Scorpius was in no mood to relive how boring last year was.  He folded his schedule and shoved it in his bag before standing. “I’m heading back to the dorm.  Have to finish unpacking,” he offered as a lazy excuse. As he was standing up, a couple of younger students approached and looked eagerly at Albus. 


They stood there for a moment until Albus looked up. 


He coughed, “Urm, can I help you?” 


“When are Quidditch tryouts going to be held?” One asked excitedly.  


“Um ... sometime next week, I think. It’ll be posted in the common room.” Al said awkwardly.  The younger students were always so eager, Scorpius thought as he made his way to exit the Great Hall.  All the older students who were planning on trying out knew that the team captain couldn’t set a time until he or she had the schedule for the pitch so that it wouldn’t be double booked with another house.  


Scor examined his schedule as he waited for the staircase to reach its destination.  It took a flight on the moving stairs and another walk down a winding stone staircase to arrive in the dungeons,  and a few turns before he reached the entrance to the Slytherin common room. He muttered, “Acromantula,” and the barren stone wall rearranged itself leading to the Slytherin common room.  


All the other houses looked down on the placement of the Slytherin common room, but Scorpius found it rather beautiful.  Yes, they were underground, but it was like walking through a muggle Aquarium building. One side of the common room was wall to wall a view of the Black Lake.  When the sun was shining from above, the reflection of the water looked beautiful dancing around the common room and it made all the green leather shine more brightly.  There was something serene about watching the fish and grindylow move peacefully back and forth. The merpeople hardly ever ventured up to the enchanted glass that separated the Slytherins from the sea. 


Scorpius slumped down in front of the fireplace.  This year would be the most difficult yet. They were N.E.W.T. students now and although exams weren’t until seventh year, sixth year could make or break careers and opportunities. Yes, they had more “free periods,” but Scorpius knew that just meant hours and hours of self study. And on top of all that, he had Quidditch and prefect rounds, which once a month would be served with Weasley. 


Scorpius let out a big sigh and settled deeper into the couch before opening his Transfiguration book. 



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