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The last week of the potion making process had finally come, and in only an hour, Harry would finally be able to ask what he had wanted to for two weeks. "So we just add this and then, after an hour, it'll be ready?"


"Correct. There is no way we can mess this up now." Draco said.


"What do we do for an hour?" Harry asked. "Do you need help with DADA?"


"No, not at the moment. What about you? Anything with that new potions assignment?"


"No, the Amortentia was pretty easy. We could just sit and talk?"


"OK." Draco said. "What do you want to talk about."


"I don't know anything."


"How are you doing with your newly found popularity?" Draco asked.


"Anything but that." Harry groaned. "What's new in your life?"


"Nothing much, it's pretty much the same."


"Do you, I don't know, like anybody?" Harry leaned in. 


"No!" Draco answered to quickly. "No, not really."


"Yes you do, you're lying. Who is it?" Harry pressed.


"Fine, I do, but I don't want to tell you." Draco argued.


"Come on, I promise I won't tell them."


"No." Harry said.


"Fine, could you at least tell me if it's a girl or a boy." Harry begged.


"I suppose, it's a... boy." Draco said


"Really!" Harry said hopefully. "Who is it?"


"Not telling." Draco laughed. "Who do you like?"

"A boy whom I won't mention because you won't tell me who you like." Harry complained.


"It's my secret to tell. I'm allowed to keep it." Draco said. 


"You're right, i'm sorry. It's none of my business." Harry agreed. If it wasn't him, then it really wasn't any of Harry's business who Draco liked. He would just rephrase his question. 


They talked for a little bit longer until the potion was ready. "Only one of us needs to take the potion, do you want to ask a question or do you want me to ask the question?" Draco asked.


"I want to ask the question!" Harry said eagerly. "I want to ask you a question."


"Not who I like, right? 'Cause that would be completely inappropriate and none of your business."


"Not exactly." Harry answered he wasn't technically asking who Draco liked.


"Harry, Promise you won't ask something like that!" Draco said. He knew if the potion worked he wouldn't be able to resist it's effects, and he'd tell Harry everything.


"I swear I won't, this is more about me. Just trust me. Remember if you don't answer truthfully, then you'll be in pain, so just answer OK?" (don't know if that part is true)


"OK." Draco agreed.  They emptied the potion into a vial and let it cool for a minute. Then Draco took a quick drink. Once he felt the potion start to take effect, he said, "OK, go ahead and ask."


"OK, Do you... Like me?" Harry asked hopefully.


"Harry! You promised!" Draco said wincing in pain.


"No, I promised not to ask who you like because it's none of my business unless it's me." Harry argued. 


Draco fell to his knees holding his stomach. "I.. don't... want.. to"


"I'm sorry I should've done an easier question. It shouldn't be this strong, should it?" Harry said dropping down to Draco and holding him. 


Draco pulled away and started crying, but not because of the pain. He felt so embarrassed. "Yes! OK! I Like you and I have ever since first year!" He yelled. He walked over to a beanbag and plopped down, facing away from Harry.


After a minute or two Harry said, "Draco, why are you crying?"


"Why do you think?" He was embarrassed and afraid he would be rejected.


Draco felt Harry behind him. Harry reached out and tried to turn his head, but Draco resisted. He knew if the rejection came while he was looking at Harry, He would cry even harder, and Harry didn't need to see him cry anymore.


"Look at me." Harry said gently. Draco slowly moved his head to face Harry. He didn't see hate or disgust or rejection in the boy's eye's, but happiness and hope. "Since I now know who you like, it's only fair that you know, the guy I like, he's you. It's only been since 6th year. " Draco leaned in and kissed the Gryffindor. Harry leaned into the kiss and they both relaxed at the touch. 


Harry pulled away and smiled at Draco. "I can't believe this is actually happening."


"I know," Draco grinned, "I've wanted this for so long!"


"So, Draco, will you officially be my boyfriend?" Harry asked.


"Of Course!" Draco squealed pulling Harry into a hug. Throughout the rest of the year, Pansy and Hermione finally got together as well, and eventually, Ron and Blaise admitted their feelings for each other as well. 

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