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Draco was so nervous to work with Harry. He arrived at the library 45 minutes early, at 9:15, to think about what he would say to him, but Harry was already there as well. "You're early." Draco said awkwardly. "Did I mix up time, I'm so sorry! I thought you said 10." he started to panic. Harry would start to think he was irresponsible.


"No, I did. I was just thinking about... the project." Harry said. Draco sensed the lie, but didn't want to push Harry.


"OK, I guess I was coming to do the same thing." Draco said.


"Aren't you going to sit down?" Harry laughed at Draco's Awkward posture.


"Right." Draco sat across from Harry. "So, we should start by reading the chapter in the potions book."


"Alright. I just think you should know, I am NOT good at potions."


"What do you mean? I know you weren't very good the first 5 years, but you were great in sixth year."


"Yeah, I was kind of cheating then. I had Snape's old book with all his notes." Harry explained.


"I knew something was off when you just suddenly became good at potions." Draco teased. "I may be better at potions, but you're way better in defense against the dark arts."


"Only because I've had more experience in real life." Harry got a grim expression on his face. Draco knew he was remembering the war and every time he's lost someone due to the Dark Arts.


"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up! You don't need to be reminded what happened!" Draco felt awful. He hated the sad look that took over Harry's face. His eyes got darker, his shoulder slouched, and his face just fell. Draco never wanted to see him like that.


"No, it's OK. Some things are just going to remind me of the war. I just have to get used to it." 


"No it's not, I shouldn't have said anything! I'm horrible! Please accept my apology."


"Draco, I promise you, there's nothing to apologize for. You did nothing wrong." Harry assured.


"OK, if you say so. I just don't like seeing you so sad." Draco admitted.


"Th- thanks." Harry stuttered. His face was slowly getting red.


"R-right, we should start reading." Draco said. They read for half an hour, but most of the time, Draco spent staring at harry. He couldn't help it. Harry had beautiful emerald green eyes,and  his hair was a mess, but it was cute on him. Draco longed to be with Harry. he had a couple of dreams about cuddling and kissing Harry. Draco's heart was racing while he was thinking about being with Harry. 


"Draco?" Harry asked. "Are you OK?"


"Yeah," Draco snapped out of his daydream. "I'm fine."


"Are you ready to start brewing the potion?" He asked.


"Yeah sure, you want to do it here or the ROR?"


"Why the ROR?" 


"It's going to be way more spacious and comfortable."


"OK, I guess we'll do it in The ROR. It sounds much better than here."


They suddenly heard a Book scream from the restricted section.  "Lets go." Without thinking, Draco grabbed Harry's hand and started to pull him to the ROR. 'Oh my god! What am I doing?' he thought to himself. 'I just grabbed his hand with out asking. I can't let go now, it would be to weird. But oh my god, I'm holding Harry's hand!' Draco only let go when they reached the ROR. He paced in front of the wall three time and a door appeared. 


They entered a room with a large table with a cauldron on it, and a couple of beanbags sitting around the room. They headed over to the table, where all of the ingredients they needed were. "So, first we turn on the burner and boil the liquid in the cauldron." Harry read the instructions over again. "Incendio." harry lit a fire under the cauldron. "And now we wait." he went and sat on one of the beanbags and sat down. He patted the beanbag next to him for Draco to sit down. 


They sat close together, just talking. "What's your Patronus?" Harry had asked.


"I don't know." Draco answered. "I've never been able to summon one. I just don't have many happy memories."


"I'm sure you can do it, I believe in you. In fact, I'll help you."


"Thanks. What's your patronus?"


"Mine is a stag." Harry said.


"You defeated hundreds of dementors at once, once right?"


"You make it sound so great, but really it was just luck." Harry looked embarrassed. "I'm really not that good."


"You are too, don't put yourself down like that. You're Amazing."


They kept talking, but after about 20 minutes of waiting, Harry was worried they already did something wrong. "Maybe I didn't put a hot enough fire under it." Harry was about to get up and check, but Draco stopped him.


He liked their closeness. "Don't worry, when I was a kid I made this potion, it takes a while to boil. I've never used it myself, but it worked, so I must have done it right. I used it on my father."


"You used it on your dad?! What did you ask him?"


"I asked him if he loved me, and if he was proud of me."


"If you don't mind, what'd he say?" Harry asked, trying not to push.


"He said that he loved me, but he didn't think he would ever be proud of me. He thought I was a failure because all I had done before, I wasn't very good at."


"How old were you?"




"You were only 7 and your father called you a Failure?! I officially hate him. He's such an ass. Besides that, you brewed an advanced potion when you were 7, how could he possibly think you were a failure."


"He is an ass, But I love him. I kinda have to, he's still my father after all."


They talked for an hour and the liquid still wasn't boiling. "Are you sure this is right?"  Harry asked


"Relax, it's fine. It takes a couple of hours to boil."


"Hours! I just want to add the ingredients and leave. I'm so tired." Harry complained.


"Go on and go to sleep, I'll wake you when it's ready." Draco said. Harry fell asleep fast and his head fell onto Draco's chest. Draco wrapped his arms around the small sleeping boy. He felt so relaxed against Harry's calm, gentle breathing. Draco's eye lids felt Heavy.

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