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Draco stopped in front of platform 93/4. He never planned on going back, but he had no choice. A couple of weeks after the war, the Malfoy family had been put on trial. Draco's parents had both been sent to Askaban automatically. He knew his father would be sent in, but he was shocked they sent his mom in. She had only done what Lucius told her to. Draco had been the last one to be put on trial. To his surprise, the Golden Trio argued in favor of Draco. They talked about haw Draco had changed and helped at the end of the war. It was just as big a shock to him as it was to the ministry. Finally they put Draco on probation, which unfortunately included finishing school. All this led to him awkwardly standing in front of the brick wall that led to the Hogwarts Express. 


Finally, as the muggles started to stare around him, he swiftly walked through the wall. As soon as he walked through the wall, he expected to have a bunch of people giving him disapproving looks and trying to get away from him, but everyone was rushing to one of the train compartments. Draco didn't even have to look to know that they were all trying to meet the Golden Trio. He used this to his advantage and rushed to the train. He found an empty compartment, sat down, and pulled out "To Kill A Mockingbird" and started to read. He never thought he'd like muggle stories, or anything from the muggle world really, but he picked up a random book while waiting for his trial, and when he found out it was written by a muggle, he started reading more muggle books. To Kill A Mockingbird was his new novel.


Draco Nearly jumped out of his seat when the door to his compartment opened. "Oh. Potter, it's you. Where's the rest of your trio?" he inquired.


"We got separated in all the hassle. Do you mind if I sit here for a bit until the drama outside settles down?" he asked fiddling with his wand. 


"Whatever, I can't stop you." he said nonchalantly. Harry sat down and stared out the window as the train started to move. Draco tried to continue reading, but he couldn't help staring at the boy sitting across from him. Harry was different somehow. It wasn't the way he looked, he still had messy hair and broken glasses because he never bothered to learn Oculus Repairo. He was still way shorter than Draco. Then harry looked at Draco and he saw a deep sadness in Harry's eyes. Draco remembered how many people Harry lost in the war, and how he was part of the reason they were gone. He felt so guilty.


"Why are you staring at me?" he said nervously. "Please tell me your not going to be all over me like everyone else around here. I thought you were safe." he put his head in his hands in defeat.


"I'm not." Draco said simply. Harry lifted his head and gave a sigh of relief. "What, not enjoying all your fame?" Draco teased.


"Are you kidding me? I thought it was bad when I was just 'the boy who lived,' but now I'm some sort of hero and they can't get enough of me. I just want everything to go back to the way it was."


"You seem overwhelmed." Draco said with a slight hint of worry in his tone.


"I haven't been able to let my guard down once since the war ended. It's like I have to be smiling all the time."


"Putting up a front can be tiring." Draco said knowingly. Harry looked like he was literally about to start crying. Sensing the need for a subject change, Draco said, "Harry, can I ask you a question?"


"Harry?!" he said in surprise. "You've never called me Harry. What is it?"


"Why did you stand up for me in my trial? I've literally bullied you since the moment we first met." Draco said regretfully.


"Everything I said was true. I know you're not evil. Mean sometimes, sure, but evil, no. You were just trying to do what every kid wants to do, impress your parents. You aren't a bad person." Draco was stunned. Harry didn't hate him! Hope that he lost long ago started to return: Harry might like back. He doubted it, but at least there was a possibility now!


"Speaking of the trial, how have you been? Living without your parents must be harsh." Harry said sympathetically. 


"I've been OK I guess. It hasn't been that different. My dad was always working, and the mansion's so big that I never saw my mom." In fact, Draco had been kind of relieved that his parents weren't home. He loved them of course, but sometimes they were a bit much. With them gone, he could finally relax and be himself, and he didn't have to hide the fact that he was gay. He wasn't gonna go around blabbing his secret, but he didn't have to hide it, and that felt good.


"Harry?" a familiar voice from the hall called. 


"You should go, Granger and Weasley are looking for you." he said, disappointed that their conversation ended so soon.


"You're probably right. Talk to you later?" Draco nodded eagerly. "Bye Draco." he smiled and walked out. After he left, Pansy and Blaise came and sat with him.


"Was that Harry?" Blaise asked shocked.


"Yep." he said distracted.


"What was he doing here?" Pansy questioned.


"We were talking." Draco sat in silence for the rest of the ride, just thinking about Harry.

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