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Lily’s POV


I almost had a heart attack when the door to our room opened and Jocelyn walked in. She hadn’t been in here in three months, at least not while I was there. I imagined she’d come get clothes and things at one point or another, but she’d practically been living in the Room of Requirements. It was Friday morning. James tensed next to me in bed when he saw her.


I watched her as she walked over to her trunk and started pulling out some clothes. A pair of jeans, her running shoes, some more running gear and her black cloak. She bundled it all together in a backpack and swung it over her shoulder. She headed to the door and was about to leave when she turned to look at me.


“Alice would be happy for you. I know she would,” then, she looked at James who was now gaping like she had turned green and said “Take care of her. You have no idea how fucking lucky you are”


She was gone before we could say anything.


“What the hell was that?” James asked me.


“I… I don’t know. It’s the first time she speaks to me in two weeks, after she told me we were done,” I said.


“Why now? It was very nice what she said” I nodded, James was right. It was almost like…


“James, I have a very, very bad feeling” I said.


“Like what?”


“Like Jocelyn is about to do something stupid or dangerous. Possibly stupid and dangerous” I scrambled out of bed and he followed me.


“What do you mean?”


“That sounded strangely like she was saying goodbye” I told him, putting my clothes on quickly.


“Are you sure?”


“I just have a horrible feeling, James. Trust me, please”


We ran all the way to the boys’ dormitory. I had to levitate James to our room when there was a risk someone might see him transform, but going down the stairs was much easier. We could just slide to the common room, which saved time. We barged into the boys’ room, rudely awakening Sirius, Peter and Remus.


“What’s up? What time is it?” Remus asked from his bed.


“Are we late for class?” Sirius mumbled sleepily from under his covers.


“The map! Where is the map?” the feeling of foreboding in my gut grew stronger by the minute.


“What?” Peter yawned.

“The map! Padfoot, where is the map?” James asked him.


“Ah, I think…” he put a hand down to the side of the bed and moved around a pile of clothes. “Here” Sirius tossed it over to me. James caught it. Chaser reflexes, I guess.


“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” he said. We looked at it, trying to locate Jo.


“Not in Slytherin… Ah, there she is… what is she doing in Dumbledore’s office?” James asked.




“Jo” at that, Sirius sprang out of bed and joined us. We watched as McGonagall joined them in the office and then they were gone.


“Merlin’s beard! How is that even possible? One can’t apparate in and out of Hogwarts” I said.


“What is going on?” now Remus and Peter were also curious.


“Jocelyn came to our room this morning. She packed some clothes and then… well, she was very nice to us” I explained.


“Lily had a bad feeling about it, so we decided to check the map just in case” James added.


“Where’s Rosier?” Sirius asked. We found him in the Slytherin common room with his friends. They didn’t seem to be doing anything suspicious. “I am beyond confused”


“Do you think she’s doing some work with McGonagall again?” Peter suggested.


“But why would they disappear, and why would Dumbledore go with them?”


“I’ve got no idea”


I sighed and sat on Sirius’ bed, as it was closest. “I really hope I am wrong. But I really don’t like the feeling I have about this” I said.


Jocelyn’s POV


I hoped that my impromptu goodbye to Lily and James had caught them enough by surprise that Lily wouldn’t figure out something was off before I made it to Dumbledore’s office. Luck was on my side, and I made it without issue. McGonagall joined us a few minutes later. I was nervous, and scared, but also ready and determined. This was it. I only wished I could have said something to Sirius, but I couldn’t afford to think like that.


“Ready?” Dumbledore asked. Both McGonagall and I nodded, and we left together. Dumbledore was the only one who could apparate in and out of Hogwarts, which was handy.


We made it to the London headquarters and joined preparations without delay. The house was buzzing. Everyone knew what they were doing and, despite the risk to our lives, nobody was acting emotional. I felt a strange kind of pride to be amongst these brave people. We were soldiers, and we all had each other’s backs. It occurred to me that it was a huge honour to be going to battle with some of the best witches and wizards of my time. I would not fail them.


The plan was a complicated one. We had split up Hyde park into sections and a platoon of 6 members of the Order was in charge of each section. They had been tasked with putting up undetectable shield charms around the crowds. They were the first line of defense. I didn’t belong to any platoon, I was to run around, in and out of sections keeping an eye on everything and reporting anything suspicious. We didn’t know what curse they were going to use or how many Death Eaters we were going to be facing so any information I could find out could be crucial. Dumbledore would be waiting nearby with reinforcements ready to join the battle when it started. McGonagall was leading a group in charge of evacuations.


“Everyone knows what they’re doing?” Moody said. We all nodded. I saw people start to get a bit nervous and I wondered how they overcame their fear.


“This is going to be a massacre” someone said. I remembered Alice’s death, and how I felt, and my determination to kill Voldemort after that.


“We are outnumbered by a ratio of 20:1 by the Death Eaters, but we have something they don’t” I said, overcome by a strange urge to share my passion. “We are the light in a world that’s being swallowed by darkness. We have each other in a way the Death Eaters never will. They don’t understand the bonds of friendship, the power of love. We can beat them; I know we can”


My words were met by stunned faces, and the smile of our leader. “Spoken like a true warrior” McGonagall said.


“I say we go teach these Death Eaters a lesson” said Moody.


“Aye” I said. Everyone answered. With one final solemn nod, we apparated in Hyde park.


The first hour went according to plan. I ran around, being petted by festival goers and keeping an eye on activities. Shields were put up and order members disguised in different ways took positions amongst the crowd. The first Death Eater I spotted was none other than Lucius Malfoy. I was grateful that Narcissa was so obsessed with him she overshared information. I recognized his long blond hair and the cane he’d taken to carrying around with him.


“They’re here, Alastor” I discreetly transformed back into human and whispered to Moody, who happened to be closer.


“Get ready Jocelyn. It’s showtime”


He wasn’t wrong. The blast, very similar to the one in Saint Paul’s, bounced between the shields with a deafening crack. We sprang into action. Our evacuation team quickly apparated in and out carrying crowd members away as fast as possible, starting from those further into the park. Fortunately for us, muggles were not unfamiliar with terrorism and they had already started running away facilitating evacuation tasks.


The rest of us plunged into battle with the Death Eaters. Enraged at the failure of their attack, they came at us with viciousness. I tried to keep tabs on the battle at first, but it quickly became impossible. All my focus was on my wand and my opponent, and nothing else. I had never fully understood how desperately we want to live, how strong our survival instinct is until that moment. I fought for my life, pouring ever bit of strength and anger I had into my spells. I fought for Alice. The knowledge that these people were directly responsible for her death fueled me. I had been craving revenge for eight months and I was finally getting it. Months of training with the Order were paying off and I dispatched two Death Eaters easily before moving on to help Alice Longbottom who was dueling three opponents at the same time. She was a formidable witch, and we made a good team.


I couldn’t have told how long the battle went on for. It could have been an hour, it could have been ten. All I knew was that every curse I sent flying that hit home made the past three months worth it. It didn’t matter that I had lost my friends. It didn’t matter that I would never get my epic. It didn’t matter that my heart was broken in a million pieces because I was saving lives and avenging Alice. I had a purpose, a mission, and I wasn’t going to stop until Lord Voldemort himself was wiped from the face of the Earth.


“They’re trying to retreat, cut them off!” I heard Arthur’s cry and turned towards him, ready to assist. He was right, a small group of Death Eaters was running away from the shields towards a clear area. If they made it, they’d be able to apparate. I took off after them without a second thought.


“Expelliarmus! Diffindo! Confringo!” I shouted aiming at them. I saw one wand fly towards me and I caught it with my free hand. ‘Sirius would be proud’ I thought. Another Death Eater fell and was left behind by his comrades, but there were still four of them dangerously close to getting away. I had to duck as they retaliated and quickly put up a shield.


I probably should have thought this through and realized that no matter how strong my shield was, it couldn’t hold four adult Death Eaters. But, consumed by my need for vengeance, I did not consider this until it was too late. As the four wands pointed at me and I faced them, standing my ground, I thought ‘if I’m going down, you’re coming with me’. I smiled wickedly at them and let the shield drop. No point in wasting magic on it, anyway.


Sirius’ POV


We hadn’t seen Jo all day. We kept glancing at the map every hour, but nothing. Lily was like a cat on hot bricks. No matter how many times James reassured her, she wouldn’t calm down. She was making me a bit anxious but if Jo was with Dumbledore there was no reason to worry, I kept telling myself. All in all, it was a very long day.


I started to think Red had reason to be so worried when midnight came and went and Jo was still nowhere to be found. We were all in our room, sat in a circle around the map and debating whether we should do something and, if so, what we could do (nobody had any ideas).


“Guys, McGonagall is back” Remus said all of a sudden. I jerked awake; I had been dozing off.


“And so is Dumbledore” said James. We watched their dots walk quickly around Dumbledore’s office. “What are they doing?”


“Guys, guys Jo’s back” Lily stood up and took off at a run. We scrambled up and followed her.


“Are you sure it’s a good idea to barge into Dumbledore’s office unannounced at one in the morning?” Peter was panting, trying to keep up with us. We ignored him.


“Professor Dumbledore!!” Lily shouted at the statue as soon as we arrived. “Professor Dumbledore please let me in, it’s Lily E…” the gargoyle moved and we ran up the stairs.


I was not prepared for the scene unfolding in front of us when we reached the office. McGonagall was waving her arms around in panic. Dumbledore was quietly and calmly standing by his window as if waiting for something. And Jocelyn… well, Jocelyn was lying on the floor of the office in a bloody mess. Her clothes were dirty and torn and stained with blood that I quickly realized was her own. She was injured all over, parts of her skin were charred black, others were covered in deep, ugly gashes.


“Jo” Lily fainted and James’ caught her mid-air. I heard someone throw up behind me but didn’t check if it was Remus or Peter.


I fell to my knees next to her and cradled her head. She was barely breathing.


“Jo, Jo what did you do? What did you do?” I whispered. As I rocked back and forth in agony, I remembered McGonagall and turned to her. “What did you do to her?” I shouted.


“Mr Black, you need to calm…”


“Do not tell me to calm down. Do not tell me to calm the fuck down! She’s dying and I want to know what for!”


Right that moment, a beautiful bird like nothing I had ever seen came flying through the window and landed on Dumbledore’s shoulder. Without a word, he quickly came over to where I was and took Jo from me. I was going to protest, but Remus put a hand of my shoulder and shook his head.


“Fawkes, please” Dumbledore said. I watched in amazement as the bird, Fawkes, bent his head and rested it on Jo’s worst wound. Thick, pearly tears fell from its eyes onto the wound. To my amazement and intense relief, it started to knit itself back together. We waited in solemn silence as the bird, a Phoenix I realized, cried all over Jo, erasing the burns and gashes and repairing her broken body.


Jocelyn’s POV


“Yes, she’s okay Alastor” was the first thing I heard. I opened my eyes slowly and was blinded by the light.


“I think she’s waking up” a girly voice that reminded me of Lily’s said.


“D…di…”  I tried to speak but my throat was dry. This was a bit frustrating.


“What? Jo, what’s wrong?” was that Sirius? It couldn’t be, he hadn’t come to London.


I tried again. My throat hurt so much all I got out was a strange gasp.


“Water, give her some water” a voice like James’ said.


A glass was brought to my lips and I swallowed a little bit. My eyes were still stuck closed together, but I didn’t care. I wanted to know.


“Did we get them? Did I take them down?” I managed in my third attempt. That took effort.


I heard a chuckle and a gasp. “Jocelyn Silverway, you are batshit crazy” it definitely sounded like James.


“Give her some space” the female voice said. I heard movement around me. I decided to try opening my eyes again.


This time, after a couple of blinks I managed. The first thing I realized was that I was not in London or the headquarters but in Dumbledore’s office. The second was that Sirius’ face was hovering over mine. I thought fleetingly that opening my eyes to see his silver ones was a wonderful thing, and there was nothing I wouldn’t give for them to be the first thing I saw every time.


“Hey” he said softly.


“Sirius, what are you doing here? Where’s Albus?”


“Oh, it’s Albus for you now, is it?” said my soul-sister.




“I’m here” I felt her take my hand.


“Help me up” I demanded.


“Are you sure you’re okay?”


“Help me up!” I insisted. They helped me sit up. I had been lying on the floor. Dumbledore and McGonagall were here and they both looked unscathed. That made me happy. “You didn’t answer my question. Did we get them?”


“Not all of them, but enough” Dumbledore said. I nodded.


“You were very brave but also incredibly stupid, Jocelyn” leave it to McGonagall to call me stupid in front of all my friends and the leader of our secret elite warrior unit.


“Thanks, Minerva. I shall like that to be engraved on my tombstone” I heard Sirius’ laugh next to me and smiled. McGonagall rolled her eyes. I thought she was probably spending too much time around me.


“She’s right, you know? You were in such a state poor Peter spilled his guts all over the office at the sight of you” said James.


“Hey, James. Hi, guys” I greeted them. I felt slightly awkward and looked to Dumbledore for assistance.


“They barged into the office a few minutes after we arrived” he said with a smile. “I believe it’s time you tell your friends”

“Absolutely not” I tried to stand up but found it hard with Sirius and Lily practically sat on top of me.


“You don’t have a choice, Jo. We’re not letting you leave here until you explain. Dumbledore and McGonagall wanted to wait for you to wake up, but no more” Lily said.


“And who’s Alastor? Another boyfriend we need to know about?” James added. That made me laugh. Even McGonagall had to suppress a chuckle at the thought.


“Yeah, no. Alastor is a friend of Albus and Minerva” I said. Then, I looked at our headmaster. “I really don’t want them to know, please”


“Why?” it was Sirius who interjected. I had avoided looking directly at him again this whole time, and still didn’t feel like I could face him so I looked at Lily instead.


“It is dangerous. I can’t put you in danger. I’m doing this so you are safe. So that what happened to Alice never happens again to any of us. I couldn’t bear it. Please, stay out of it” Lily’s face became very sad.


“And how do you think we felt when we walked in here and you had a foot in the tomb, Jo?”


“I’m being selfish. I’d rather die than endure the death of one of you” I replied simply. It was the truth.


“Jocelyn, you can’t protect everybody. Nor should you have to” said McGonagall. I glared at her.


“We are the light in a world that’s being swallowed by darkness. We have each other in a way the Death Eaters never will. They don’t understand the bonds of friendship, the power of love.”


“You are absolutely not allowed to use my own words against me, Albus. That’s just not cool” I protested.


“You were fighting Death Eaters?” James said at the same time Lily said: “You said that?”


“Jocelyn, if you don’t explain I will. After all, the Order could use more brave members and your friends are some of the finest wizards and witch of this age” Dumbledore said.


“Fine!” I shouted, feeling suddenly very angry and very tired. “I was fighting Death Eaters. I am with the Order of Phoenix. I’ve been training with them for months. There was a battle, I got injured. Happy?”


“I have so many questions” said Lily. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter nodded furiously.


I rolled my eyes. “Of course you do. You’re Lily Evans” but I half smiled so she started asking.


“What exactly happened today?” I was about to answer when Sirius cut in.


“That’s where you want to start?” Lily stared at him in confusion, he ignored her and continued. “Why on earth did you go off to fight Death Eaters on your own? Are you fucking insane? Do you have no regard for your life and safety? What if something had happened to you?”


I looked at the floor before I answered. “I didn’t go alone. It was a fully-fledged Order mission. I got some information that there was an attack on a big group of muggles and potentially muggle-borns attending some festival thing in London. We were prepared, and we were together”


“How did you, of all members, come across this information? You’re still in school” James added.


“I know I’m a very good actress, but I really thought it would take a lot more convincing for you lot to believe I fancied Christian Rosier, of all people” I whispered.


The silence that followed my statement and the realization dawning on their faces would remain one of my favourite memories forevermore.


“You should have told us” Lily said eventually.


“Nope. It wouldn’t have been believable. It took me ages to get him to make a move on me” I said. Sirius shuffled a bit uncomfortably.


“So that explains where you’ve been disappearing off to, too. You were training, not with him” Remus looked rather impressed.


“I was. I’ve been meeting with the Order regularly, they wouldn’t let me go on a field mission until I was ready. This was the first time. Spying on the children of known Death Eaters in school was my way of contributing until I could join the real fight”


“And you helped save hundreds of innocent people tonight” McGonagall chimed in. I had almost forgotten she was here.


“I want to help” said Sirius.


“No. Absolutely fucking not, this is exactly why…”


“I’m joining, too” said James.


“So am I”


“And I”


I started waving my arms around like a maniac whilst shaking my head vehemently.


“I said no. No way. Absolutely not. Albus, they are way too young. They haven’t even graduated!”


“What makes you think you can decide to join this war early and leave us all out?” Lily asked, raising her eyebrow at me.


“Look what happens when you go out there without someone to watch your back” Sirius added. “You clearly need reinforcements”


“Jocelyn, you said it yourself. The only way we’re going to win this war is by working together” Dumbledore reminded me. I scoffed. “They will, of course, undergo rigorous training before they are ready to go out on the field”


“Hey, we can do this. We’ll be fine as long as we stay together” Lily grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I knew I had lost this fight. Deep down I knew it made sense, and it made me proud my friends were so brave and wanted to join the fight. I was just terrified something would happen to them.


“You should know something” I said looking at her, then at Remus. “The guys we went after tonight were responsible for St. Pauls. And we got them”


They both looked stunned. Then, Remus kneeled in front of me on the floor. “Thank you” there was nothing else to say.


“Well then, I believe that is settled” McGonagall said.


“Welcome to the Order of Phoenix” Dumbledore added. “Jocelyn, we’ll have a meeting sometime next week. We’ll let you know through the usual methods. Bring your friends with you”


“I will” we all stood up from where we’d been sitting on the floor. “Albus, you didn’t answer me still. What happened at the end?”


“You got very lucky, that’s what happened” he said. “And Alastor may or may not have shouted something about saving his best shot at winning this war before plunging into the fray after you”


“I’ll buy him a present for next week” I grinned.


As we walked back to Gryffindor Tower my friends gave me a quick description of what they had seen and Fawkes healing me. It sounded quite gruesome. I proceeded to explain the raid to them with as much detail as I could, in the hopes that it would prepare them. If they were going to fight, they needed to know how bad it was.


“I am so happy you are back. I hated being alone in our room” Lily said as we walked in through the Fat Lady portrait.


“I don’t think you’ve been alone very much if yesterday morning was any indication” I teased her. She blushed furiously.


“At the risk of offending our very brave friend who turns out we should have never doubted, I’ll say this: Jo, wouldn’t you maybe like to take permanent residence in the Room of Requirement?” James joked. I laughed.


“I don’t mind if you want to stay with Lily, just don’t be gross” I said. “And remember silencing charms, please”


“I was joking. We’ll figure something out but I think tonight you ladies deserve some alone time” he gave Lily a quick kiss and hugged me.


“I missed you, you know?” I told him, still in his embrace.


“You, pocket rocket, are going to be death of me. And don’t think this Order business, noble as it may be, excuses you from causing us to lose against Hufflepuff” he said, messing up my hair.


“Worry not, cap. We’ll kick some Ravenclaw ass and bring the cup home again. I promise” he nodded and let me go.


Remus hugged me too, and so did Peter, albeit rather awkwardly. However, nothing was as bad as when it was Sirius’ turn. We both stood there, and I bit my lip furiously. I had still not dared to look at him. Thankfully, he decided to be the bigger person and before I knew he was hugging me too.


“We should talk, but I think we’ve had enough for one night” he whispered. “Sorry I was a dick” he added.


“Never, ever, miss beater practice again and I’ll forgive you” I joked. He laughed quietly.


“You said it, we’ve got some Ravenclaw ass to kick”


“That we do” I smiled at him, stepping out of the hug. “Good night guys”




Lily and I barely slept. I had a lot to talk to her about. I explained how my entire Christian operation had gone, and confided in her how awful I had felt the whole time. She gasped and said ‘oh my god’ in all the right moments. When I was done, I felt as if a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


“I get why you did it, but I still wish you’d told us” she said. “We were so confused and worried…”


“I know, I’m sorry. It was the only way”


“Well, it’s over now, things can go back to normal” she smiled at me. I sighed.


“I need to figure out if anyone recognized me. We are prepared for my cover to be blown but the raid went really well. There’s a small chance they don’t know what happened” I explained.


“You need to break up with Christian, no matter what” Lily said.


“But if they don’t know, I could still learn things”


“There’s no way the Death Eaters will be so careless again. Even if they don’t know it was you, they’ll think mail is being monitored or something. You won’t learn anything else and, to be brutally honest with you, the thought of that bastard even looking at you makes my skin crawl. I think you’ve done enough”


“I’m not sure…”


“Jocelyn, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you don’t want to break up with him. What is going on?”


“I’m afraid” I said.


“Everyone’s afraid”


“That’s not what I mean, Lily” I took a deep breath. Okay, here we go. “As long as I’m Christian I don’t have to… well… I don’t have to talk to Sirius”

“I’m not following”


“He didn’t tell James?”


“Tell James what?” oh shit. I thought she knew.


“Well… there, ehm… the day of the Hufflepuff game, remember? We lost” Lily nodded. “I waited for everyone to leave the changing room and then I was peacefully getting dressed minding my own business because, well, you know, I was upset…”


“Jocelyn! Stop beating around the bush!”


“Fine, fine. Sorry. The thing is, Sirius had forgotten his wand there, and he came to get it, and we had a massive fight” I said.


“Oh, I’m sure he’s over it now, Jo. It’s not like you guys haven’t had a fight before”


“Yeah, well, the fight got really heated, like we were proper going for it, yelling at each other and that…” I could literally feel my face heating and Lily’s eyes getting wider and wider. “We kissed”



“And then we had sex”




I was overwhelmed by a fit of hysterical giggles. Lily was staring at me excitedly.


“How was it?”




“What? Come on, spill the beans. Oh my God, Jocelyn! Sirius!” she beamed at me. “Finally!”


“What do you mean finally?”


“We’ll you obviously both fancy each other. A lot”


“I think it was more of a ‘got caught in the moment’ kind of thing”


“Do not bullshit me, young lady”


“I am not. I do not know what’s going on with me and Sirius. And I’m terrified of it. I don’t want to find out”


“Why? You guys are perfect for each other. You’re already best friends, you’re the best tag-team in the history of Hogwarts quidditch, what more do you want?”


“It’s not what more do I want. It’s what does he want. He’s not one to do the whole relationship thing, you know. He’s too busy being a rebel. And, he did something horrible to me a week after that game” I protested.


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t really want to talk about it, but he was really, really mean. I was humiliated. I am not sure how we can get past that. Friends? Sure. Beaters? No doubt. But anything more? I don’t know if I can trust him like that… and, well, he is a man-whore”


“You could be the one to change that” Lily said.


“What if I’m not?”


“Well, you’ll get over it and go back to being friends. You did it with James”


“It’s not the same thing. It’s not the same thing at all”


“Why not?”


“Because I don’t think I could ever get over a breakup with Sirius, Lily. Jax, James, even Hardin, they were good” I looked straight at her so she would know I wasn’t exaggerating when I said “Sirius isn’t good, Lily. Sirius is epic”




No matter how afraid I was, Lily had been right about the fact that I had to break up with Christian. I would simply have to find another excuse to avoid the awkward conversation with Sirius. We had, however, agreed that I couldn’t do it straight away or it would be very suspicious. So, sleep deprived and a bit cranky, I made my way to the Slytherin table the following morning. Lily had gone to warn the boys and explain that they had to pretend things were still frosty between us.


Christian and his friends were excitedly waiting for the Daily Prophet, which I took as a good sign. They still didn’t know the raid had been a failure.


“Hey babe” Christian said, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me to sit on his lap.


“Hi” I let him kiss me briefly on the lips and busied myself with piling some breakfast food onto my plate.


I glanced over at the Gryffindor table as my friends arrived and sat. Sirius looked positively murderous. That boy had some anger management issues. The arrival of the mail interrupted my thoughts. Narcissa’s owl dropped the Daily Prophet on her lap.


“What is this bullshit?” she whispered furiously.


“What’s up?” Regulus asked.


“What?” Christian took the paper from her. “Shit”


“What’s wrong babe?” I asked distractedly.


“The attack was busted. Some of our friends are in trouble”


“I am sorry” I said. I was seriously going to ask my friends to get me an Oscar replica. I so deserved one.


“Come on, let’s get out of here. I need a distraction” fuck. He took my hand and I stood up, letting him lead me towards the gates. I shot a panicked glance towards the Gryffindor table but my friends weren’t there. When had they left?


I resigned myself to my horrible fate and we walked out of the Great Hall. As soon as we were out on the Entrance Hall, however, Sirius, James and Remus appeared out of nowhere with their wands pointed at us.


“Oh, look, some Slytherin scum” James said casually.


“Piss off, Potter” Christian snarled taking out his wand, too. I quickly caught on, and played along.


“Don’t you have to be somewhere else? Like bothering Lily for example?” I said with as much indifference and boredom as I could muster.


“Ah, but hexing snakes is a lot more fun” he said. Christian didn’t reply. Instead, he hurled a curse towards James but he’d been prepared and blocked it, retaliating with a jinx.


I glanced towards Sirius but he was fixed on Christian. I rolled my eyes and looked at Remus instead. He nodded lightly and mouthed ‘sorry’ before hitting me with a petrifying curse. I fell on the floor as the duel ensued around me. Eventually, the ruckus they were causing attracted attention and some teachers came to break up the fight. It was only then that Christian thought to look for me and noticed I had been petrified on the floor the entire time. The spell was lifted off me and he took my hand.


“Come on, let’s get out of here” he pulled me up and, staring straight at James, kissed me deeply.


I had a strong sense of déjà vu as Sirius launched himself against Christian and they both rolled on the floor in a fist fight. The teachers started yelling at them to stop but they weren’t listening. Then, I had a brilliant idea. Acting as the concerned girlfriend I was supposed to be, I hurried over to them and ‘tried’ to get them to stop. I ducked to avoid a punch and saw my opening. Christian was going straight for Sirius’ face, but I knew there was no way he was going to land that blow. Sirius reflexes were just too good so, bracing for impact, I strategically positioned myself so that when Sirius dodged, Christian’s fist connected with my face instead.


The horrible noise of my nose cracking was enough to stop the fight.


“Shit, Jo, you okay?” Christian pushed Sirius away and tried to approach me.


“You are a brute! Why do you always have to get into fights!? What is your problem?” I was bleeding profusely, which I figured helped add to the drama I was building up.


“I am so sorry, I didn’t see you, I wouldn’t hurt you”


“I am not so sure! I was trying to break up the fight for ages! You care more about fighting with Black than me! What kind of shit boyfriend are you?” oh that felt good.


“Miss Silverway, we need to get you to the infirmary” McGonagall coming to my aid at the right time. Minerva for the win!


“Oh my god, Jocelyn are you okay?” Lily shrieked dramatically. Yes, yes, yes, anyone else want to join in?


“I would never forgive a boyfriend if they broke my nose like that” I was quite surprised to hear the same fourth year that had found the Jax photo chime in.


“You know what, I think you’re right!” I shouted, clutching my nose. “We are done! You are a brute, absolute animal! My nose!” I shrieked.


Christian didn’t like this one bit, obviously. “I can’t believe you of all people are breaking up with me calling me a brute”


“What is that supposed to mean?” oh this was going so brilliantly.


“You played an entire quidditch game with a broken hand and knocked two people unconscious with the bludger during another. Who’s the animal?”


“Is that what you really think of me?” I willed some tears to my eyes, which wasn’t difficult given the amount of pain I was in. Breaking a nose is excruciating, let me tell you. “Well then, you’ll be glad to not have to deal with me ever again!”


And with that, I dramatically turned on my heel and said, “I shall very much like to go to the infirmary now, professor. I think I’m going to faint”


McGonagall and Lily hurried to escort me away from the Entrance Hall and towards the infirmary. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sirius grinning manically. If my nose wasn’t hurting so much, I would be grinning too.


“That was some brilliant scheming” Lily whispered.


“I expect a red carpet and an Oscar statuette upon my return to the common room” I informed her. Both her and McGonagall laughed loudly at that. “I really hope Madame Pomfrey can fix my nose. I’ll be extremely upset if I’ve ruined my face to get out of a fake relationship”


Fortunately for me, Madame Pomfrey had zero trouble re-setting my nose to its natural state.


Sirius’ POV


I was over the moon. Jocelyn was a freaking genius. She had found a way to get rid of Rosier immediately without arising any suspicion whatsoever and I would never ever have to see him lay his hands on her again. I felt like I could run a million laps around the castle’s grounds. The bad news, however, were that we couldn’t just go back to normal that easily. We still had to keep up appearances, so we were forced to do it slowly. The first day after Jocelyn’s outstanding performance in the Entrance Hall (Sunday) she sat alone with Lily at the Gryffindor table away from us. On Monday, we worked together during transfiguration again but kept idle chat to a minimum. On Tuesday, Lily made a point of saying loudly she really wanted to sit next to James and begged Jocelyn to agree. She ‘reluctantly’ did so. So, Jocelyn sat close-ish to us but didn’t speak much during breakfast and lunch.


It was the most annoying thing in the whole world, and it made me appreciate how hard it had been for her to keep up her cover for almost three full months. But then, to my excitement, Tuesday afternoon was time for our team quidditch practice. Jocelyn arrived walking casually, carrying her broom over her shoulder and playing with her bat.


“Right. We have a lot of work to do if we’re going to win the cup after last game’s fiasco” James started. “I would like us to be civil to each other, especially now that nobody is being friendly with any snakes” he gave Jocelyn a pointed look and she rolled her eyes. I don’t think she was pretending.


“Aye, Cap” she said.


“Jocelyn and Sirius, you two have a lot of work to do. Get your Mad Beaters magic back on. I don’t care what you have to do but kiss and make up quickly. We need you”


Jocelyn’s eyes went very wide at James’ choice of words. I realized she probably thought I had told him about what had happened. She recovered her composure quickly and swaggered over to me. I absolutely hated it when she walked like that. It was hard enough to be around her without her swinging her hips at me.


“What do you say we practice a Black Diversion to put cap’s mind at ease?” she smiled wickedly.


“You sure know how to make Prongs all hot and bothered” I said. She laughed a beautiful, pure laugh that made me proud I had been the one to cause it.


“Let’s go, I don’t have all day” and she was off. I followed her. She soared way higher than was necessary and, without any preamble or warning, dove straight for me.


“THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Yeeeeeeeesss!!” James almost had a fit when Jocelyn grabbed my bat and twisted back up in the air, standing on her broom and ferociously swinging both arms. The rest of the team was cheering and clapping.


I hadn’t spent any time at all in the changing room since the Hufflepuff game. I had walked back to the Gryffindor Tower and showered in our bathroom every single time. I didn’t know if Jocelyn thought about our moment as much as I did. Hell, I didn’t even know if Jocelyn thought about our moment at all.


“We should celebrate, it’s good for morale” Cal was saying as we all walked into the room.


“I agree with Cal” said James.


“It’s a Tuesday” Matt protested.


“We have a Hogsmeade visit on Saturday, last one before Easter” Jo suggested. “We could grab a drink together in the Three Broomsticks”


“I like that. Let’s do it”




“We’ll meet around six, does that work for everyone?” James asked. People nodded. Some started getting changed and some walked out still in their kit, chatting excitedly. Jocelyn went with them.


“Padfoot, we’ve got to hurry”




“I know it’s been an exciting few days, but you didn’t forget it is full moon tonight, did you?” Prongs gave me a pointed look and I made a grimace.




“Come on, let’s go” I nodded.


We showered and got dressed in our bathroom. Moony had already left with Madame Pomfrey to go to the Shack. We hid ourselves safely under Prongs’ cloak and made our way to the grounds. Just as Wormtail was going to get the Willow to stop moving, a beautiful husky dog approached us timidly. I barked and wagged my tail, and she understood. We all ran through the passage to the Shack together, just like before. Life was good.

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