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What happend after all of that? I'll tell you.


After that, they ruined Ginny's reputation so bad, that everyone hated her, even Dumbledore!! She dropped out of school and no one ever heard of her again, but rumours said she committed suicide or moves to anathor country. Harry and Draco got married after they graduated from Hogwarts and the same for Hermione and Luna. Sadly, it didn't work out for Ron and Blaise but they did stay good friends. Ron married Cho and had one daughter: Raeleigh Chang. Blaise and Pansy got married and also had an son of their own: Tobias (Tobi) Zabini and an adopted son: Caiden Zabini. (his father is Celdric Diggory but his mum is unknown)


Thank you for reading this story!

Should I make an part 2? 

Let me know!

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