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I stood in the girl's lavatory with Hermione while we checked on the potion that would be used soon during this holiday season with just a few of us staying here at Hogwarts.


"So, you and your brother are staying right?"


"Yes Mia, why can't you guys take my word for it that he's not the heir..."


"Oh, we do but we are hoping that maybe he just might have a clue as to who is."


I was biting my lip when Hermione finally looked up at me. I tried to ignore the feeling of her eyes upon me. As I walked back and forward gripping hard to the letter that I received that morning asking to meet them at the lake after lunch this weekend.


"Okay, what's with you?"


I looked at her unsure if I could tell her. Come on Hart, you know that she is the smartest witch of this time. Who else could you go too?


"Okay, so this morning I received a letter. I don't know who from but they want me to meet them at the lake this weekend before everyone leaves for the winter holiday. Here you read."


I handed her the letter.


Miss Malfoy,


I feel that there are things we must discuss. I would like to talk to you before we leave for the winter holiday. Would you please meet me at the lake after lunch alone.


C. D.


"Well, the way he writes seems to be innocent."




"The way the letter starts gives it away."


"How can you be so sure of your self that it is innocent?"


Hermione smiles at me, "The letter seems to be asking you if you want to be courted."


"What that can't be right? Give that back to me." I said taking the letter back and trying to read for myself how she could see that. When I hadn't thought of it.


"You might want to have your brother go with you or at least stay back far enough not to be seen in case I am wrong."


I nodded not really listening to her. So we both left to work together in the library with Harry and Ronald. When we arrived at the table Ronald and I greeted each other as nicely as possible. Harry just smiled at us and we all just silently worked together. With Hermione and I taking turns to help both Harry and Ronald to understand what they had to write about. When it came to grades Hermione and I were neck to neck with Draco just behind us. When it was now time for dinner we all went our separate ways I hugged Harry and kissed his cheek as if it was still normal for us. I nodded at Ronald and hugged Hermione whispering to her that I will let her know how this weekend went. Considering that it is now Friday.


I enjoyed dinner with Draco thinking if I should show him the letter and hear his take on it. When we got to the common room I pulled him to the corner and gave him the letter. He was silent for a while before he looked at me no emotions showing and it was driving me insane not knowing.


"You will go but not alone. I'll be right beside you. I'll inform our father of this request."


"Draco don't you think I should do as he asked and show up alone. What if you stay back a bit but close enough to protect me if needed."


He nodded and said, "Very well we will do it your way. I'll wait for fifteen minutes before I walk after you."


"Yes, that is fine with me. We are only twelve years old why would you think that father has to know about this."


"Do you truly believe that he is not asking to court you?"


"Draco, I am not even of age yet. Why would I think that is what this person is asking for that? Besides, maybe this is something he saw me do and wants to blackmail me. Did that thought ever accord to you?"


He nodded and we went our separate ways for the night. Tomorrow would be a new start to things and they could be good or bad. Who could this C. D. be? Two people think it's a boy so far. I opened the journal to see if it had anything for me to do. But it was quiet.


It's not a good thing. You belong to me.


I do what you say. You do not own me.


We will see.


I closed the journal and got ready for bed. As I laid in bed hoping for sleep to take me I couldn't stop thinking about the letter or the person that sent it to me. Could it be someone that wanted to blackmail me or court me? Why would anyone want to court me after this year? As I rolled to my side and closed my eyes sleep finally came.




I was sitting by a tree by the lake waiting for someone. Reading my book as I waited for them I began to smile when I felt them close by. I let them think that they could surprise me as I was still learning to control my Veela powers. He was always there for me since my second year.


He got close enough without a sound until he stepped on a small twig.




He laughed, "I am going to put my name in the cup."


I sighed knowing that he would, "Is there any way to convince you not do it."


"Do you think I will fail?" he said as he sat beside me.


"No, I believe that you will make it to the end."


I felt his hand under my chin to make me face him. Tears began to fall as I remember everything that was to come this year.


"What's wrong Elizabeth? Why do you cry?" he asked as he caught my tear with his thumb.


Shaking my head and closing my eyes I said, "Do not ask things that I can not answer. Please promise me that you will be safe."


He sighed and gently kissed my lips as he pulled away he whispered, "I promise."




I woke up the following morning smiling and wanting to touch my lips. I didn't understand why but I felt it had to be something that I dreamt about that must have had me this way. I got dressed in normal clothes as it was Saturday and after breakfast, I had plans to meet with Hermione and meet that mystery person after lunch.


Once I was dressed I fixed my hair to be half up and half down. I tied a silver bow around my hair and left to meet up with my brother for breakfast. Everything was going as planned I spent time with Hermione after breakfast in the bathroom to check the potion and stir it as it should be. After eating lunch with Harry and Hermione I left to meet the person I was supposed to meet. I was walking nervously back and forth looking at the ground when they arrived.


"I see that your brother is not that far away from you."


I looked up to see who it was and I smiled, "Well I didn't know who I was meeting and it's dangerous to be alone with a boy."


"Do you know who I am now?"


"Cedric Diggory."


He smiled at me and I felt butterflies in my stomach. So I looked away from and back at the ground.


"So why did you want to meet, Cedric?"


"Well for two reasons. One is that I have seen something that you did."


My eyes widen hoping he would stop talking about what he saw. Draco didn't know the details and I wanted to keep it that way. He stopped and smiled at me again making me blush and look towards the lake. He came closer to me and grabbed my hand in his.


"Two is that I would like to court you," he said bringing my hand to his lips placing a gentle kiss on it.


I watched him as he looked stared into my eyes the whole time. I was about to answer him when someone pulled me away. I turned to see that it was Draco.


"Let me go," I said with a growl.


Draco did what I asked and it was then that I realized I used our bond to control him. I turned back to Cedric to see a surprised look on his face.


"So it's true your a Veela? Your eyes changed when Draco pulled you away from me. I guess you agree to be courted then."


I smiled and nodded trying to control myself afraid that if I spoke again that this perfect moment would end. But it did and it was due to Draco speaking about how Cedric's father would have to take this matter to our father. So until then, Cedric would not be allowed alone with me or near me. What shocked me was that Cedric agreed but had this knowing look on his face. Draco pulled me away just as finished asking Cedric to write to me over the holiday.


As the days past Cedric had written to me and as I sat in the library with Hermione reading his letters with a smile on my face. Hermione got curious and asked what had me so happy and I avoided her question by asking her about the potion. In which reminded her that we had to go check on it.


"Don't think that I have forgotten what I asked you."


I smirked, "Let's just say you were right about the letter."


Hermione smiled up at me from where she sat and told me that from the looks of things the potion would be ready by Christmas. I told her that I would meet them here and that was when she asked me why I would do that. So I explained that if Harry and Ronald got hairs from Goyle and Crabbe and with me walking with them nobody would tell them anything. She thought it was a good idea and told me that she would let Harry and Ronald know.


"Oh, before I go here is the potion to put those two idiots to sleep so Harry and Ronald don't have to worry about them appearing. Don't put too much in those sweets you put them in it is a strong potion, Hermione."


"Don't worry I won't," she said still looking at the paper I had given to her.


"Hermione," I called.


She finally looked up at me and reassured me that she would follow it correctly and not to worry so much. I left her only when we had to go our separate ways to our common rooms. I walked towards my room only to be stopped by Draco who looked angry. I wanted to ask but I lefts it as is when he pulled me to one of the couches. I sat down and waited until he spoke.


"I got a letter from father today." I nodded for him to continue, "It is official."


I still didn't understand why he was upset. But I did not want or dare to ask as he just handed me the letter from father. I smiled at it because I guess a part of me had already known he would agree to it. But it slowly disappeared as I saw that he wanted Draco to stay close by make sure that Cedric didn't try with his hands. I rolled my eyes because I was still too young for that stuff and from the way Cedric had been writing to me he seemed to be a gentleman.


I sighed, "Draco, look at me please." as he did I continued, "I know that we are young. But my Veela likes him a lot, she already agreed before it was even asked by him. If father agreed, then it must mean that Cedric is one of the two marriage contracts that father has for me."


"You knew?"


"About my marriage contracts? Yes, I knew about them but no I didn't know he was one of them and I don't know who the second person is."


"I... how can you not be upset about this?"


"I had last year to be upset about this Draco. I'm simply just done being upset with it. It is the pureblood way of keeping our blood clean."


Draco just nodded and sat beside me pulling me closer to him in comfort, "You know you could have just told me last year."


"And miss moments like this never."


We both laughed and sat together for a while before going to our rooms. Where I saw packages on my bed. I walked over and saw that it was the things I had asked my mother to get for my friends. I smiled gratefully at her and I got busy wrapping every one of them. I read the letter saying not to worry about the gifts for Pansy and Blaise that she had it taken care of. She gave me her best wishes for the Weasely that she got gifts for.


Once I was done with the gift I smiled and knew that I would either get thanks or nothing at all this year. I got ready for bed and couldn't wait until morning to hear from Harry and Hermione.


I woke up to hear knocking on my door and yelling for me to come out. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed a robe to cover myself as I went down the stairs to see Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle waiting for me.


"Really Draco you couldn't let me stay asleep for just a bit longer."


He rolled his eyes and pointed to the tree where all the gifts had been placed for us that stayed behind. I sat beside him and we each opened our gift when I saw that I had two very small gifts that were for me I put them in my robe pocket to open them alone. One being from Harry and the other being from Cedric.


"What was that?" asked Draco.


I looked at him and smiled at him "I would assume a courting gift from Cedric."


Draco rolled his eyes again and called out for Crabbe and Goyle to follow him out since they were dressed to leave. I went to my room to get dressed and open my gifts. Harry's gift was a charm for my bracelet. Smiling because Hermione must have helped him get it for me. I looked inside the box to see a note.


I saw this during summer break and I remembered that you only had two charms on your bracelet. I thought you would like something to do with your favorite flower.


I smiled knowing that it was also something to represent his mother as well. I hooked the charm to my bracelet and wiped away the tear that had dared to fall. I opened the gift that was from Cedric and smiled, so that is why he asked about that I took it out of the box and it was connected to a chain. It was a silver ring with a blue sapphire in the center with a small diamond surrounding it on one side of the band of it was his family crest. I put it on and fixed my hair to show it off. I changed quickly before leaving I put all my gifts away in my trunk. But as I was walking out I spotted something on my desk it was a gift from Draco. I thought I would wait until I was getting ready for bed to open it.


The day went by fast here I was waiting with Hermione for the boys to arrive with their hair sample. I hadn't had the chance to see Harry so I didn't know if he liked the gift I sent him.


"Thank you for the book collection, Liz," said Hermione trying to get me to relax.


I stopped walking and looked at her smiling, "Your welcome, I wasn't sure if you had it yet."


"Are you kidding me even if I did you gave me a first edition do you know how hard those are to find?"


I smiled and nodded. I was about to ask her something when the boys came running in. Harry smiled at me and Ronald looked at confused.


"What is she doing here?"


"You guys didn't tell him."


Both Harry and Hermione shook their heads and looked everywhere but at us. I rolled my eyes and explained to Ronald why I was here. For the time being, he seemed to be okay with the idea. Hermione poured the potion into three separate cups each of them adding the hair to the cup. I stood back and watched in disgust as they drank the potion. Hermione ran to one of the stalls saying she felt sick. I knew what was happening to her and I said nothing I watched the boys change into Crabbe and Goyle. They still had to work on their voice but I smiled at Harry once he was done changing into Goyle.


"Hey, Harry. " He turned to me a surprised look on his face after looking at himself in the mirror.


Ronald went to check on Hermione as Harry and I just look at one another. I looked away and went to Hermione.


"Are you three ready to go?"


"Just go without me," said Hermione. "You don't have much time."


"Okay, boys follow me."


As we walked down the halls I told them that once the potion was about to wear off that they were on their own after that. Mainly because I would no longer have reason to leave my own common room. Harry said that I could use him as an excuse to leave after they did. I was about to reply when Percy noticed us. I was about to tell him that we were heading to our own common room. When Draco showed up telling Crabbe and Goyle a good job finding me.


I rolled my eyes at him for thinking that Harry and Ronald were really them. Draco tried to make himself sound like he was the better person than Percy.


"Draco, let's go. The boys found me we need to get back to our common room."


Draco nodded and had us all follow him to the common room. I complained about how his two idiots had stopped me from visiting Harry and that he owed me for this. I turned to Harry and Ronald and mouthed 'sorry' to them. It would be the only sorry that Ronald would ever get from me in a long time. 


Once in the common room, I excused myself from them telling Draco that I would be with our Godfathers' office. Leaving the boys to themselves to talk as I really went to check on Hermione.  I ran as quickly as I could back to girls lavatory where we left Hermione.

"Hermione!" I called out as I entered.


"What are you doing here?"


Breathing heavily I said, "Hermione it's just me open the stall door." I heard laughing and glared at the door and growled, "Myrtle, don't start. Please open the door and at least let me in."


"Promise you won't laugh."




She unlocked the door so I slowly opened it and walked in locking the door behind me. As I turned to face her she had her back to me but I could see that she had a tail.


"Oh, Hermione," I said hugging her from behind. "Don't worry we will get this fixed I promise."


"I thought I had..." she began to say as she turned to face me.


"I know," I said as I hugged her again and rubbed her upper back in comfort.


I held her in my arms until the boys came back and started calling out for us. Myrtle laughed and tease about Hermione. Causing the boys to be confused until we opened the stall we were in and Hermione telling them everything.  I told the boys that they needed to get to bed and that I would take Hermione to the hospital wing. Before we went our separate ways Harry asked me to meet with him tomorrow. I told him yes and left with Hermione making sure that she got to the hospital wing safely.


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