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I woke up screaming as I felt something burning on my back. Draco was smart enough to place spells up last night before bed so no one but the both of us heard me scream.


"What was it a nightmare?"


"No. It felt like I was burning somewhere on my back."


"Turn and let me see."


I did as he said and waited to hear his answer. "I see a small light pink mark but no burn. Do you remember what the dream you had could have been about?"


I shook my head as I could not remember what the dream had been about. I guess I'll never know so I went to move away from him to get ready for today's classes. As today we would be learning how to duel each other. Once I was dressed I met up with Draco in the Great Hall for breakfast I could see Harry and his friends talking about what they have always been talking about. I just can't believe that they would think it's my brother controlling what is in the Chamber Of Secrets. 


When it was time for our DADA class started we had to meet in the great hall where there was only table out in the center and we were told to stand around it.


"Gather around everyone," said Professor Lockheart.


He continued to explain why we were here in the Great Hall. He dueled my Uncle and failed which lead to making both Draco and I smirk. But upon asking calling for students to duel I was surprised when he called my brother to duel Harry. I was even more surprised when Harry began to speak to the snake and I'm not sure he fully understood what he was doing. But I think I knew who I was to attack next.


I meet with Hermione in the library to ask about Harry.


"So how is he?"


"You heard him you know that everyone is going to start thinking that he is the heir of Slytherin."


"We need to find that book I told you about."


"How can you be so sure."


I looked at Hermione with a sad smile. "After today with Harry it just got me thinking I checked on the potion it'll be ready soon."


"Thanks for checking on it I didn't think that I would make it in time to stir it."


"So is there any girl that you need me to get for you?"


"No, I've got one."


I looked at the time and I knew that I had to go soon. I had to release that damn beast and send it to its next prey.  I was walking away from the hallway that I sent it down to attack Sir Nicholas and Justin Finch-Fletchley. But as I reach the end of the hall to send it back I heard someone coming. I quickly sent it away and walked towards the person that was walking my way. 


"Where have you been?" said Draco.


I rolled my eyes at him and tried to walk away from him. It was then that we heard Flich talking to someone. I went to see but Draco stopped me from leaving his side. 


"Will you let me go, you fool."


"No, we are going to our godfathers' office. Something is wrong with you, so he and I are going to get this settled."


I let him take me but I knew there was nothing they could do for me. Nor would Snape, what I started could not be undone. When we entered the room Snape looked at the both of us. 




"Look at her and tell me you don't see that something is wrong with her. I can feel something is wrong."


"Is that your bond talking or just something that you think is wrong with her."


"Both, it is both."


Finally having enough of this I decided to speak. "I am fine. Stop talking as if I am not in the room."


Both Draco and Snape turn to you in silence.


"Promise me, that no matter what happens to me this year. You won't be angry with me. Trust me when I say that I am fine."


I could tell by the look in their eyes it was going to be a hard choice to just leave it be. 


"It's my job this year by our father's order." 


"If you were chosen by him to do what you are doing, so be it," said Snape.


"Look at her! You can not agree with this. She even had a dream that she not remember that hurt her." Draco said then turned me around to show our godfather my scar from this morning.


I pulled away from his hold and push him, "Do not ever try that again. I am still myself. I don't need you manhandling." I turned to Snape, "I did feel the pain this morning after a dream. Only Draco is the one that saw it. I fear that there is nothing there now."


"You are sure of this how?" asked Snape.


"I was getting ready for class in my shared room with Pansy. I asked her to look for me and she told me there was nothing there."


"Do you mind if I look?"


I didn't want him to look but I hoped that the spell Pansy showed me worked at hiding it. So I nodded and removed my cloak and allowed him to lift up my shirt and sweater. 


"She is right there is nothing there. Do you remember what it looked like?"


"Why does that matter?"I asked before Draco could answer him.


Snape gave me a look like he could tell that I was hiding something as he replied, "Depending on what he saw it could be a spell or it could nothing at all."


I knew what it was and it was a spell to drain my life slowly so that I would kill everyone as ordered by Tom Riddle.


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