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Bellatrix Black knew that there could be a chance that her cousin Sirrus Black might not be able to raise Harry Potter if Lily and James Potter died. So, Sirrus black made her the back up godparent. Bellatrix was made Harry's godmother. She had remembered in her 7th year, she was about to become a death eater, but Sirrus stopped her. She was against the whole pureblood beliefs where they are more better then muggle-borns and muggles. She really did not understand why she almost decided to become one of Lord Voldemort's supporters if she was against those kinds of pureblood beliefs. Because she and her 2 other sisters and Sirrus were against these kinds of beliefs, they were treated cruelly. Bellatrix and her sisters were very sad when the didn't see Sirrus for a very long time after he ran away at the age of 16.  It was October 31st, 1981. Lily and James Potter had just been murdered by Lord Voldemort. He tried to kill Harry, but couldn't due to the ultimate protection that Lord Voldemort did understand that Harry's mother gave him: Love. Bellatrix was in Godrics Hollow on the night they had been murdered. Bellatrix didn't notice the first green flash. But the second one, she noticed. When she went to the Potter's house, she saw James dead body and after going to a couple of rooms, she found 2 people. She saw Lily's dead body. She was already devastated enough about the death of James. Now, tears were escaping her eyes. She then saw Harry. But, she saw something on Harry. She saw a lightning bolt-shaped cut. She knew she had to take him in right now. Sirrus was probably going to be charged falsely and put in Azkaban for life. Also, there could be a chance Harry could be sent to live with his muggle relatives. Them being muggles was not the problem. The problem was is that McGonagall had seen and told Bellatrix how they behave. Also, they both knew that they DISPISED magic. Sirrus was worried that because of this, they would probably neglect and abuse him. McGonagall was worried that Dumbledore could track Harry down with the trace that's on him until he is 17. So, Bellatrix created a spell that breaks the trace. And so Harry was able to get his letter for Hogwarts, she had a mail sending zone for her where her mail would be sent to a mail outpost. It was not muggle made as it had an owlery for owls to rest after hours of flying to deliver letters or packages. Bellatrix had just gotten out her wand pointed it at Harry and said "Untracio." The trace on Harry had just been broken. She then picked up Harry. She was not going to apparate with Harry as he was only a baby, his body probably wasn't ready for that. Or portkey or floo powder. "It's going to be a long walk home Little Harry." After 5 hours they had arrived at the Black Manor. Narcissa Malfoy along with he baby Draco Malfoy now lived with Bellatrix after she found out her husband Lucius Malfoy was a death eater. She took her son with her too because she didn't want Draco following into his father's footsteps. When Narcissa explained everything when she told Lucius was a death eater, Bellatrix knew for Narcissa's and her son's safety she needed to put the Fidelis charm around the house. She made sure that Harry, James, Lily, herself, Narcissa, Draco, Reamus, Andromeda Tonks, Ted Tonks, and Nymphadora Tonks were able to still go in the Lestrange Manor. When Narcissa saw Bellatrix with a baby, she said: "Hello Bellatrix!","Who's the baby?" "Well, he is the son of Lily and James Potter." "They have been" Bellatrix was now choking up a bit and had tears escaping her eyes. "... have been murdered by Lord Voldemort." "What?!", "No!", Narcissa said, also choking up a bit and had tears escaping her eyes. "Also, since many people will not believe that Peter was made secret keeper, instead will believe that Sirrus Black was secret keeper, he will probably be sent to Azkaban, so, he made me the godmother just in case." "It's a good thing that he did that.", Narcissa said., "Goodnight Bellatrix." "Goodnight Narcissa.", Bellatrix said. When Bellatrix took Baby Harry to his room before she put him in his crib, she kissed Harry on the forehead and said "Goodnight sweetheart.", "When your older, I will explain what happened on this night." Bellatrix then put Baby Harry in his crib.

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