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The Great Hall was erupting into a full blown Halloween extravaganza as I bounced around the dance floor. I felt like the girls were lost to their own desires of the evening as I socialized solo for most of the beginning of the party. Krissy was probably expecting me to follow in her wake for the night, but I had no interest in her party politics nor did I feel like I was contributing to her gossiping conversations. Ally had been wrapped around Ace’s finger since we arrived and they were practically inseparable. I’ve felt like Hollie and I had been together for most of the night but every now and again I guess I would venture off alone and find myself away from everyone. Ronald Weasley managed to slip me a few of his “magical berries” that he and Seamus concocted and I felt like time was moving much faster than I anticipated. Also the overwhelming feeling that I had towards a certain someone tonight was starting to frustrate me when normally I can’t stand even being in his presence. I tried my best to avoid him at all costs and not panic as my heart raced when I looked at him. It was almost like I could sense when he was near me, but I did my best pushing it deep down within me.


“Come on, it’s time.” Ally’s voice shouted at me spinning me around abruptly as I forced myself to be present again.


“Where have you been?” Krissy said loudly in my ear and I flinched from the screeching sound of her voice. I didn’t react as quickly as she would have liked me too as I watched her face twist in confusion as I pulled myself out of my mindful state. “You’ve been disappearing all night!”


“I haven’t been disappearing as much as the two of you have!” I argued as Krissy pursed her lips out at me in annoyance.


“Oi, are we doing this or what?” Ally pushed quickly as she handed us a few glasses with orange liquid in them.


“What is it-” I said reluctantly examining the shot glass as Ally pushed it towards my mouth.


“Just bloody drink it already Charlie.” Ally said with a chuckle as she downed hers quickly. I held my nose and then tilted my head back to let the liquid slide down easily. I usually can’t stand bloody shots without a chaser of some kind. I felt it burn down my throat as I breathed out steam roughly.


“Bloody disgusting!” I said with a terrible face as I felt my stomach churn unpleasantly. I stuck my tongue out and hacked like I had a hairball caught in the back of my throat as they both laughed at me. That’s when I felt my mind go fuzzy and in a split second I realized that I was alone again, searching for my friends through the dance floor. The crowd was hot as everyone danced madly to the raving music. The orange and white blurs in front of me laughed and shouted, but it was muted by the blaring music. My gaze was hazy and glitter was getting into my eyes and made me see stars. My long, wild hair was sticking to my neck and face as I ran my hands through my hair, pulling it off of my sweating shoulders. Everyone was dancing, everyone was smiling, and everyone was having a wonderful time. I felt the whole room spin around me as I tried my hardest to blend in.


“Charlie.” A voice sounded as a red blur focused into Ronald Weasley. He grabbed me by my shoulders and I met his hazy green stare. I smiled at him relieved that I had found a familiar face during my panicked state. “Take some berries with me love.”


“I couldn’t.” I admitted as his white smile widened. He pulled my waist to his and tried to dance against me as I fell weakly into him.


“Please.” His voice whispered as I felt the temptation radiating off of him. “Just one.”


“Ron please, I’ve already had-” I felt dizzy as he grazed his nose against my neck. He then squeezed my hips lustfully as I felt powerless to his desires.


“A yes love?” He breathed letting his lips caress my ears as I felt his grin form.


“Yes.” I said quickly pulling away from him as he took my hand in his slyly. I felt him give me a handful of berries before I quickly shoved them into my mouth and ate them. He chuckled at me before raising his eyebrows flirtatiously at me. I felt my cheeks blush as his lustful gaze examined me once more. I almost felt violated before he danced away from me, but I know Ron all too well when he gets too drunk. The music changed suddenly and the lights went to black and the crowd started cheering more. It sounded like I was standing in the middle of a thousand waterfalls. I shut my eyes and I ran my hand over my forehead trying to push everything away. The glitter I had on my eyelids was getting into my eyes even more and made my gaze muddled. I then made my way out of the Great Hall and into the paddock before I shivered slightly, feeling the cool air chilling the hot sweat dripping down my exposed skin. I breathed heavily trying to calm myself but then I heard a distinct voice emerge from behind me.


“Goodwin?” His voice startled me as I turned to face him abruptly.


“Potter…” I felt my heart race into my throat as my mind slammed into a brick wall. “Why-what are-I-erm.” I stuttered as I attempted to escape him quickly. He was blocking my only path as my hazy state began to take full form. I stumbled drunkenly into him when I tried to break away but he caught me easily before he guided me to stand. I immediately became frustrated with myself as I felt him lead me to the cobble stone railing.


“Are you alright?” He asked charmingly as his grip lingered. Truth is that this was not the particular moment that I could handle myself around him. He caught my gaze more than a few times tonight and I was embarrassed to admit that I found him rather irresistible. Especially because of everything that’s happened between qudditch and the other night in the common room.


“Normally this is when you would accuse me of some-somethin’ along the lines of causing chaos or injury to a degree.” I flailed my arms almost immediately pushing away from him in attempts to distance us.


“Yes but then you would just say…‘alas Halloween happens to fall on my off day’ or something to that degree of ridiculousness.” He mocked me childishly before his chuckle radiated off of him handsomely. It sent shivers down my spine and it was disgusting how much I allowed him to charm me.


“The constant teasing that I so gladly received from you on the field has been missed this last week.” I spat sarcastically, trying not to be deterred by his fowl play tonight. He turned to me and raised an eyebrow at me as I gripped the edge of the railing for balance.


“An’ you think you’re so wonderful…or pleasant to be around?” He teased again as his tricky grin started to form around the corners of his mouth. I could hear his drunken drawl as he hiccupped quietly to himself.


“And you think you are?” I retaliated pathetically as he began to laugh at me again. I realized that my thoughts were racing as I ran my fingers through my hair habitually. You’re bloody drunk and desperate Charlotte, pull yourself together. He’s testing you, this is some sick game of his own doing and you’re completely falling for it…


A few students echoed past us as they ran amongst the paddock. It caused us to become distracted momentarily and we fell silent as the air around us grew thick and soupy. A fog started to creep in and the light from the moon suddenly grew dimmer. The warmth emitting off of his body was so tempting that I felt myself leaning towards him, enjoying his attention. What’s wrong with me?


“Honestly I was rather hopin’ that we’d skip our usual dialogue with one ‘nother.” His voice was haughty and confident as I felt his emerald gaze examining me.


“I’m not…” I started but I felt my senses overwhelm me momentarily. “I’m not familiar with ‘nother form of communication with you.” He then came to me suddenly as I breathed in excitedly.


“Why do you always have to talk back?” He joked attractively sticking his tongue into his cheek in a very playful way as he rolled his eyes.


“Old habits are hard to break I guess...” I spit out stupidly as his seductive scent hypnotized me. I then felt his finger hush me before I watched his charming smirk form again.


“Shhhh…” His voice silenced me as I felt his finger lingering on my lips. “Happy Halloween Charlie.” My heart raced suddenly as my eyes widened at him. He was smirking as his fingers cupped my chin bringing me even closer to him. I breathed enthusiastically again as my lips parted against his thumb which was now smoothly rushing over my bottom lip. His eyes then met mine and I felt a shock-wave pulsate through me. At that moment I did the only thing I could think of and I kissed him. It was quick, like a split second reaction kiss, but it happened. It overwhelmed me when I realized what was happening and I pulled away almost instantly. My fingers rushed up to my lips and I breathed out nervously onto them before I let my gaze meet his again.


“I’m sorry-I-” But at that moment I felt his hands take hold of my wrists and he pulled me to him hungrily. I felt his eager breath on my lips as they met again but this time more determined and purposefully. His fingers impatiently rushed down my arms and to my waist before I felt him pull me into him. I sighed out passionately between our kiss as my fingers pushed gently against his hunky chest, feeling his hips grind into me dominantly. I felt his sexy smile emerge as our lips met again and then I felt his tongue glid over my bottom lip, asking for permission to enter. “Harry-”


“Harry?” Cho’s voice suddenly invaded us as everything immediately stopped. I quickly tried to escape from him as my mind started to go full tunnel vision mode on me. Cho’s face was twisted in confusion as I sensed the sudden jealously exploding from her. “…and *ahem* Goodwin.” Her voice was distasteful towards me as my body trembled even more from the temptation expelling from me.


“Happy Halloween Potter.” I said stupidly defusing myself from the two of them. I avoided Potter at all costs as I ducked out of the darkness and back into the corridors of the Great Hall. My heart was pounding as my blood rushed through my veins. I was breathing heavily and my feet dragged like I was wading through concrete. I tried with every ounce of my sober fiber to process the encounter I had with Potter just now but my robotic brain couldn’t compute. I blinked rapidly trying to force my betraying thoughts back to reality but I kept hearing his breaths echoing in my ear. I could still feel his hands grabbing me and his lips on mine.




I immediately ran into the lavatory and rushed into the nearest open stall before locking the door behind me and pressing my back to it. I ran my hand through my hair and over my face as I tried to calm myself. I heard a few girls enter the bathroom after me and their chattering made me feel embarrassed as I tried to hide myself pathetically. Not like that would help any, I’m positive they saw me run in and I was almost certain they saw my feet through the bottom gap of the stall. Not like any of this mattered…they probably don’t even know who I am and they definitely didn’t witness anything that just happened. Or did they…did anyone really see us?


“What was she even supposed to be?” One of the voices asked as I felt my fingers shaking violently.


“I’m not even sure.” Another student laughed as they giggled together in unison.


“Ugh! I wish I was a 7th year!” One of the girls said rather desperately as I wiped my lips knowing that my lipstick had smeared. “I literally acted like a bumbling school girl!” The other voices laughed at this girl’s statement as I worked up the courage to come through the stall.


“I’m sure he doesn’t even remember you…”


“What if I try to-” I came out of my stall as casually as I could and they quieted themselves as I made my way to the sink. They were silent as I gazed at myself in the mirror, making sure that my appearance wasn’t horrid. I was surprised to find myself in a somewhat okay appearance despite the sweating and abrupt encounter with Potter just a moment ago. The girls were still and didn’t break their gaze from me as I washed my hands and dried them. I could almost hear them whisper my name as I passed them to toss the paper towel into the waste bin near the door.


“That was Goodwin!” One of their whispers echoed as I made my way out of the lavatory and noticed Krissy coming towards me.


“There you are!” She said abruptly. “Where have you been now?”


“Krissy I-”


“Wait, hold that thought…” She interrupted me as I felt my vision blur again.


“Krissy…please-I want to go back to the dorm-”




Everything immediately stopped as Charlotte pulled away from me so abruptly. I couldn’t put together my next thought as she walked past me, so quickly that I couldn’t even stop her. But my eyes followed her until Cho interrupted me again.


“Harry!! What are you doing skulking around with Charlotte Goodwin? In the dark…? I thought you hated her?” She questioned as I continued to stare in the direction Goodwin left. I could still feel her in my arms and her smell lingered as my heart pounded in my ears. Her lips were soft and luscious as I licked my lips tasting her sweet lipstick again. My fingers rushed to my mouth as I tried to hold on to that last moment. “Harry?”


“I’m sorry are you talking to me?” I said in a dreamy state as I felt my vision focus back to Cho’s distasteful scowl.


“Unbelievable!” She scoffed while rolling her eyes at me.


“Excuse me-” I began as I tried to escape past her, but she pushed me back roughly.


“Are you just going to ignore me?” She said stunned as I blinked rapidly. My thoughts were racing as my temper began to boil uncontrollably.


“Are we really about to have this conversation right now?” I asked seriously as she reacted vilely.


“Goodwin?” She reiterated pushing my shoulder rudely as I ignored her second outburst towards me.


“Yes…that was Goodwin.” I admitted running my hand through my hair in frustration as she crossed her arms. I was still trying to process that myself but I forced my focus onto Cho for the time being since she would not let me pass.


“What was she saying to you?” Her voice sounded worried. She didn’t see us snogging just now? I cleared my throat nervously realizing this as her voice echoed back. “You know that she beat me up-”


“Honestly…” I scoffed at her as I tried to walk past her again.


“Harry she’s the worst.” She warned. “Are you seriously considering letting her back onto the team after everything she’s done to you…to us?”


“You sound delusional right now Cho.” I stated candidly before gently pushing her to the side. “I only benched her…I told you that.”


“Harry please-I…can you just stop for one second and listen to me!” She begged as I passed her easily.


“I’d rather not.” I chucked lightly at her before ignoring her mumbling curses at me. I ran both of my hands through my hair and adjusted my glasses before I reached into my pocket for the last bit of berries that I had. She shouted behind me a few times before I went through the breezeway back into the castle. My heart was heavy as I pulled open the door and entered the corridor leading to the Great Hall. Muffled sounds of music were echoing up and down the hall as a few students emerged from the staircases. I was half hoping to see Charlotte but I knew it was a long shot. I heavily pulled open the Great Hall doors and the sounds of the party erupted into my face. It overwhelmed me to the point that I felt sick to my stomach. I scanned the room quickly to find Ron’s alarmed face enter my view. He noticed me instantly, almost as if we both had the sense to find one another at that moment and he casually made his way towards me.


“Oy, there he is!” I heard him shout through the crowd. I noticed Dean quickly come to his side as they both approached me apprehensively. “We’ve been looking for you mate.”


“What’s wrong?” I asked feeling their worriment surround me as Ron ran his hand through his sweaty red hair.


“Finnegan.” Ron said coldly as Dean held back laughter.


“Alderton knocked him on his arse!” Dean roared as Ron shoved him roughly.


“Enough, we are in loads of trouble if I don’t get rid of the rest of these…” He emptied his pockets to reveal a little over half of a bag left of berries. “Seamus can’t finish his bag, he’s already off to the hospital wing-”


“Holy shi-” I breathed in finally realizing that Seamus could possibly get us all in trouble at this point.


“Yeah, she really clobbered him and it’s only a matter of time before the professor’s find out-I mean-I don’t want them to go to waste…or throw them out.” Ron said nervously as I began to shake my head.


“No…I-I’ve had my fill for the night.” I said quickly as Ron gave me a skeptical look. “I literally just finished my 2nd bag. I’m fucked up mate.”


“Fine then, sorry for trying to have a fun night with-”


“Ron please don’t guilt trip me.” I begged as he began to sulk and pout.

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