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"What is it?" Hermione asked. "Well, Harry is pregnant with my baby" Draco pulled Harry's back against this chest and laid his hands on Harry's stomach. " Congratulations guys!! When is the baby expected to come?" The girls asked. "We're not fully sure but there is an big chance the baby will die, so don't be too happy" Harry said. "We are also going to tell the others, so cya around!" The boys left. They found the others sitting in the Griffindor common room, Ron sat there as Well. " Hey guy, we have to make an little announcement" Draco said. The others looked up. "Well, don't tell anyone else, but Draco and I are going to be parents in nine months, if the baby survives it.." Harry said. "Bloody hell mate!! That is amazing news!! Can I see the baby bump?" Ron asked happy. Harry pulled up his shirt to let the crew see his stomach, that has grown a little bit. "You can't see it yet but soon you'll be able to tell" Harty said, while he rubbed his stomach gently. "When will the baby be born?" Cho asked. "Next year, but not this school year" Draco said. "Will you still be able to drink butterbeer?" Ron asked. "No, it's not good for the baby" Harry responded. "So, you're pregnant And the chance is big that the baby won't survive? I'll help ya already" the one who said that was Ginny. She walked up to Harry and gave him a rather hard punch in his stomach. "The baby!!!" Harry screamed while he fell to the ground from pain. "You sick little f*ck!!" Cho punched Ginny so hard on her head that she passed out. Draco helped Harry up and rushed to the nurse, with Harry on his back. "Harry got an really hard punch on his stomach!!" Draco yelled. "Go lay down Harry with your shirt up. I'm going to make an scan for to see if the baby is alright" Harry started to sob. "Please let him or her alright!!" He sobbed. Draco held his hand. The nurse looked at the screen. "And?" Draco asked. "The baby is totally fine!! But, I see something strange, but I can't tell what it is... it's probably some dried up blood that will go away soon, that's nothing to worry about" the nurse said. "Thank goodness.." said Harry releaved. "But who gave you that punch?" "Ginny, Ginny weasley" Draco said while he goes trough Harry's messy hair with his silk, pale fingers. At that moment professor Snape walked in with Ginny in his arms. "I need to talk to Mr Potter for an little moment, alone" he said. Draco and the nurse left. The nurse went to take care of Ginny, who awakened. Draco was alone, waiting for Harry to come. 10 minutes passed, then 30, and now an hour passed. He went to see why it took so long. When he was about to open the door Harry walked out. "Draco, can you carry me? I'm so tired.." Draco picked Harry up and went back to the Slytherin dormitory. When he entered Blaise and Ron were kissing. "If you guys are going to do stuff, keep the noise down and keep the curtains closed!" Draco said. He laid Harry down and laid on his bed as Well. Blaise looked up. "Can youguys please leave?" Blaise asked nicely. " No, Harry wants to sleep. And don't worry, I don't mind you guys doing your buisness, but keep the noise down" "Ok then" Blaise said and they continued it. "Draco..." "Yes babyboy? What's wrong?" Draco asked. "My lower back hurts.." Draco helped Harry taking off his shirt and rubbed Harry's lower back. "Is that better?" Draco whispered.  "Yeah, a lot.. thanks.." Harry wispered back. They soon heard Ron's very soft moaning. Harry and Draco gave each other a look that meant: 'The ship sailed' . The next day Harry has Quidditch practise. He walked up to the coach. "Um, professor Hooch, after this month I can't practise Quidditch anymore for a few months atleast" Harry said. "And why is that?" The professor asked. "Because I'm pregnant" professor Hocch was silent for a few minutes. "Well, that's bad to hear, but congrats anyway, who is the mother or father?" She asked. " Draco Malfoy" "I didn't know you two were together! Since how long are you together?" "Since I became fourteen, professor" "you two kept it an long secret then. Well, today we are practicing with Malfoy's team" they went to their tower, ready to take off. When they entered their position the professor flew to the middle. "Before we start, we are going to keep it calm and easy for Harry!" Said professor Hooch. "Why? Whats wrong with Harry then?" Crabbe asked. "Because i have some problems with my stomach" Harry replied. "Ahhh, do you have an little bellyache? And what are you going to do now? Cry by your mommy like an little crybaby? Little r-" Draco slapped him in his chest. Harry started so feel really sad, he really missed his parents, and Crabbe knew that. "Stop talking sh*t about Harry!!" Draco yelled at him. "Woah Malfoy! Why do you care about him?" Draco ignored him and went to Harry, who went to sit down at an bench, and cried. "Well, it looks we are not practising today, tomorrow we will!" The professor said. "Lets see what Malfoy is hiding for us!" Crabbe and the others went to see what the Draco and Harry were doing. Draco sat down next to Harry and wrapped his arms around him. "I know you miss them, but know i always will be there for you and the baby" he said and the two kissed each other, also using their tongues. Draco pulles Harry on his lap, putted his hand under Harry's shirt and rubbed his stomach very gently. Nine months later...

It's January 17th. Today was the last contest for Draco's team. If they won, they would be champion. Harry was sitting on the Tribune and was watching. He started to have a lot of pain. Harry went to professor Snape. "Professor, I think the baby is coming! Please let Draco know he needs to come to the hospital!" Snape helped him to the hospital and he let professor Hooch know that Draco needed to come. "Draco!! You need to come here!!" She yelled. Draco flew to her. "Harry is in labour! You need to go there!" Draco went to the hospital. Harry laid down on an bed while Draco rushed to him. "Draco!!" Harry started to cry. "Shhh, don't cry, I'm here. We are going to this together, ok? Here, hold my hand" Harry squished Draco's hand. 1 hour later the nurse said that Harry could starting to push, and after 2 hours their baby was born. "Congratulations, it's an beautiful baby boy!" The nurse said, while she gave the baby to Draco. "I feel anathor one coming!!" Harry said. And he was right; 1 minutes later there was anathor baby born. "Its anathor beautiful baby boy!" The nurse said, this time handing the other baby to Harry. "And He has dark hair like you! And it's extremely rare for an omega male to give birth to twins!! This is the first time this happend!!" She said. Harry started to cry. "They are so beautiful both. I'm calling this one Albus Severus Malfoy-Potter" Harry said. "And this one looks like me! This little boy's name will be Scorpius Malfoy-Potter" Draco looked at Scorpius, he got platinum blonde hair, just like him. Draco sat down on the bed and looked at Albus. "He really looks like you, like exactly like you!" Draco said. Hermione, Luna, Cho, Pansy, Blaise and Ron came in running. "There is an baby that needs be be delivered!!" Ron yelled. "Well, they're already born" Harry said. "They?!" Cho asked shocked. "Is it an non-bionary child?!" Luna asked. "No, we had twins, Albus Severus and Scorpius Malfoy-Potter. And Harry's holding Albus and I'm holding Scorpius" Draco handed Scorpius to Harry. "I'm going to pee, I'll be right back". When Draco left the bathroom he saw his team captain. "Where the hell have you been?!" He asked really pissed. "Well, Harry was in labour so I had I be with him. Did we won?" Draco said. "Yeah, we did win, and congrats! What's the baby's gender?" "We had an twin, two boys. The first twin to be born from an omega male!" Draco said really proud. "Well, that's really special! Wish Harry well soon from me!!" "Ok! I will" Draco left. When he came back the crew stood outside, and Luna and Cho were crying. "What happend?!" Draco asked Ron. "Well, Harry started to shake uncontrollably. There is an doctor checking him up to see what's wrong" Ron replied. Draco started to cry. "Mister Malfoy? Can I speak to you?" The doctor asked. Draco walked back in. "Well, it seems that your boyfriend is in an very deep coma, and he might not survive... do you want to see him?" "Yes!! Where are my children?!" "They are with the nurse" the doctor walked with Draco to Harry. Draco sat down next to him. He wanted to talk, but he couldn't say anything. He just cried. Three weeks long he visited Harry every day. He also slept next to him. One night Draco was crying. The twin was sleeping in his arms. "Harry, please wake up.. I can't loose you.. I love you.. you're the person who understands me the most, likes me the most and loves me the most. I need you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.... but please don't die... please wake up.." someone laid his hands on Draco's shoulders and kissed him.

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