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The next day in potions class Harry's back started to hurt, his back hurted already when he woke up. But he guessed it was normal. Around lunchtime Luna and Hermione were eating in the library. Then Ginny walked in with her new girlfriend. "So you already moved on? I didn't know you liked my brothers ex girlfriend. Two rats together, what cute." Said Ginny sarcastically. "Get lost Ginny" Luna said. "Don't tell me what to do!!" Ginny yelled. Luna stood up and slapped Ginny right on her nose, and it started to bleed. "Get lost prat!!" Hermione screamed." And if you hope we ever will be together or friends again, only in your dreams!!" Yelled Luna after Ginny, who was walking away, crying. Draco also walked in with Pansy an Blasie to tall about the plan. After they spoke about what to gossip about they left and went to gossip with some people about Ginny. Hermione and Luna went to see the Room of Requirement. "I need an room where I can have some fun with Hermione" Luna said while opening the door. There were some big bookshelves and an big bed. They choose an book and started to read it. It was about all sorts of special animals.l and how to care for them. Luna grabbed Hermione's hand and kissed her in her neck. "Hermione, will you be my girlfriend for real?" "Sure" the 2 kissed. Hermione took off her socks and shirt, and you probably know where it went. A few hours later Luna felt sick and went to the bathroom. She took an pregnancy test and used it. She was in shook and started to cry. She was pregnant  by Hermione!!!

For the next nine months she kept it an secret, untill May 1st..

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