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The shout woke everyone up and everyone ran down stairs to see who it was. Ginny and Hermione were the first down as they knew Willow was still awake and thought it might have been her.

"Willow why you screaming?" Ginny shouted thinking Willow had screamed to wake her up on purpose for something.

"It wasn't me!"
"Well who was it then?"
"I don't know it came from downstairs."

"I think wed better check it out."
"Isn't that dangerous?"
"Oh Willow you can tell it's your first night." Hermione laughed.

"Come on lets go see."
"Are the others coming?"
"We'll leave them asleep but they can come if they want to."
Ginny hadn't realised at that point that the scream had literally woken up the whole common room. So when she said that, all of the others wanted to follow her. Great remark Ginny! As everyone scared they made the girls go first as both Hermione and Ginny had faced danger before. Willow also wanted to go last but she was pushed forward by the other students.


The staircases were normally moving everywhere but tonight they seemed to have come to a standstill like the scream had scared them too. Hermione and Ginny became more concerened because they had never seen the staircases like this but knew to continue on if they wanted to quench their thirst for the knowledge of who screamed. As both of them were the most curious out of the whole common room, nothing but where the sound was coming from would do this. As they went down two staircases the scream came again but with no words just a prolonged scream instead. The other students hid behind the other stairs and each other whilst pushing Hermione, Ginny and Willow forward towards its direction. Ginny took the lead as she could see the other two dragging behind. Ginny found...

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