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Hermione and Ginny had helped Willow unpack her massive bags. They were now waiting for her in the lower bit fo the common room. They were suppose to be going to dinner but Willow was taking forever. They might have to leave without her if they wanted any food before Ron ate it all and he would just to spite them all for being late.

"Willow come on!" Ginny shouted up the stairs.

"Just a second." Willow shouted back.

Ginny sighed. She looked at Hermione but Hermione just smiled at her. Ginny knew that she would get that response from her but still looked for some sort of redemption.

Willow then ran down the stairs after what seemed like an hour.

"Ginny leave her alone."
"What if Ron has eaten everything then Hermione?!"
"He won't have. Stop being so dramatic."

"Let's go then."

Ginny led the three of them out of the common room. Ginny wanted to get the most food she could before Quidditch starts and it was winter. Hermione also wanted food but not as much as Ginny and Willow just wanted to meet some more people.



They got down to the Great Hall which they had been to earlier and sat down at their table. Luckily the food hadn't turned up yet so Ron was going to be mad. They sat down across from Ron, Harry, Fred and George. Fred and George were playing with some fireworks that they had found. Harry was sitting with a very stern look on his face, what's new? And Ron of course had his elbows on the table waiting for the food. The teachers hadn't got there yet so that's probably why the food wasn't out yet. The teachers maybe sometimes annoying but even they needed to eat. Let's hope that Snape and Lupin could join them this time. Then the teachers walked in and took their seats. Great Lupin and Snape were back.

"Hey Hermione look. What's the matter with Lupin?"
Hermione looked up at one of her favourite teachers. Lupin looked even more injured than usual. Another scar for another year. Not surprising to be honest.

"Let the feast begin." Dumbldore waved his hands and feasts appeared on the tables.

As per usual Ron was the first one to tuck in. Willow followed his lead and also tucked in. Hermione and Ginny took a more laid back approach to eating and Harry as per usual took ages to tuck in. The room was filled with chatter and laughter as the students tried to make each other laugh with their eating. Their table was the loudest as per usual. The students carried on eating until some of the boys on their table took out a newspaper and went silent. Willow was the one to notice this first.

"What's the matter?"
They didn't answer. Willow nugged the others.

"Why didn't they answer me?"
"I don't know. Might be because you're new."

"Can you ask them then Hermione?"

She turned towards Dean and Seamus.

"Hey guys what's up? You're normally the loudest on this table."

"It's this newstory." Seamus answered still looking at the newspaper.

Hermione looked at Ginny. What hasn't Dumbledore told them now?

"Let's have a look then."
"Give me that." Ginny reaches over the table and grabs Seamus' newspaper which they shouldn't even be reading at dinner anyway but who cares. What was so interesting?


The headline read:

"Two aurors lie in hospital tonight as members of the Order of the Phoneix are attacked."

The group huddled around the paper as the paper carried on moving with pictures. Everyone gasped as they read the headline and saw the pictures linked to the attack.

"So that's why Lupin looks so bad." Hermione said with a gulp.

This made the year even that more interesting and if a little scary.

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